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The Master (1984)

The Master


60 minutes.

Cast: Lee Van Cleef, Sho Kosugi and Timothy Van Patten

Television / Series / Martial Arts / Action

John Peter McAllister, an American who remained in Japan after the War and became a Ninja, has just discovered he has a daughter after many years and decides to go to America to find her. On his way out he is wounded by a former protege who vows to track him down to stop him from breaking the Ninja code. Meanwhile in America in the town of Ellerston a drifter and wannabe hero Max Keller runs into a girl who flags him down on the road. Apparently the girl was being attacked or come on to be a corrupt Sheriff. Max saves her and learns that the girl, Holly Trumbull and her father own an airport which is trying to be closed and bought out by a scheming land developer. The Master meanwhile arrives and runs in to trouble with the sheriff at the bar. The Master demonstrates his amazing skill to Max during a fight in the bar with the Sheriff and other hoodlums. Max decides he wants to become a ninja. Arson to the Trumbull's Airport causes even more problems for the heroes as the team up to stop the evil land developer and his cohorts. Max tags along with the Master in hopes of becoming a Ninja and to also help him find his daughter.

Max (1/20/1984)

Max Keller meets up with John Peter McAllister, an American who having remained in Japan after World War II, became the only occidental American ever to achieve the status of the Ninja. Having returned to America to locate his newly discovered daughter, he agrees to tutor Max in the ninjutsu arts, while helping a father and daughter fend off an unscrupulous land developer who is trying to get a hold of their airport.

Out of Time Step (1/27/1984)

On the trail of his daughter in San Francisco, McAllister and Max aid a nightclub owner against a ruthless Chinese syndicate.

Juggernaut (3/16/1984)

Max and McAllister go to this town where McAllister makes Max promise he won't get into anymore bar fights.

Rogues (8/10/1984)

The Master takes on a squad of rogue cops using their training and positions to commit a series of robberies.

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