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Green Acres (1965-1971)

Green Acres
(1965 - 1971)
Comedy / Family / Sitcom
Executive Producer: Paul Henning
Producer: Jay Sommers
Directed By Richard L. Bare


Oliver Wendell Douglas - Eddie Albert
Lisa Douglas - Eva Gabor
Eb Dawson, their handyman - Tom Lester
Fred Ziffel - Hank Patterson
Doris Ziffel, his wife - Fran Ryan, Barbara Pepper
Arnold Ziffel
Hank Kimball, the agricultural representative - Alvy Moore
Sam Drucker, the general store manager - Frank Cady
Mother Eunice Douglas - Eleanor Audley
Ralph Monroe - Mary Grace Canfield
Alf Monroe, a carpenter hired by Oliver to repair their house - Sid Melton
Newt Kiley, a farmer - Kay E. Kuter
Ben Miller - Tom Fadden
Roy Trendell - Robert Foulk
Mr. (Eustace) Haney, a conniving salesman - Pat Buttram
Darlene, Eb’s girlfriend - Judy McConnell
Joe Carson, the Shady Rest Hotel Manager - Edgar Buchanan
Also: Arnold the Pig, Fred Ziffel’s intelligent pet pig, the animal considered to be his son

Green Acres was an American television series that was produced by Filmways.  It aired on CBS from 1965-1971.  Producer Paul Henning and his friend Jay Sommers created the series together, modeling it after Sommers' 1950's radio series called 'Granby's Green Acres' .  
Green Acres was about Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York City attorney, acting on his dream to be a farmer, and Lisa Douglas, his Hungarian wife, who was forced to leave the upscale lifestyle she was accustomed to and adjust to living on a farm. 

Douglas purchases, sight unseen, the 160-acre Haney farm in Hooterville.  Much to the objections of his glamorous and sophisticated wife, Lisa, they relinquish their life of luxury in New York City , and retreat to a shabby, broken-down, unfurnished nightmare—Oliver’s Green Acres dream.

Agreeing only to try farm life for six months, Lisa has a change of heart after discovering that their cow, Elinor, and chicken, Alice, will be destroyed when they leave.  Stories relate the struggles of two city slickers as they attempt to cope with the numerous trials and tribulations of farming and country living.

Much of the show 's humor was about Oliver making odd choices in how he wanted to live his life.  The show was more of a satire and appealed to audiences of all ages.  One of the comedic characters is the neighbor's pet pig, Arnold, who, besides being a pig, is actually pampered as the neighbor's child.  He understands English, attends school and lives indoors.  

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