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The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca (1958-1960)

The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca

(a mini-series for Walt Disney Presents …)

(1958 – 1960)

Family / Western

1 hour

Produced by Walt Disney

Hosted by Walt Disney


Robert Loggia as Elfego Baca
Robert F. Simon as Deputy Sheriff Ed Morgan
Rico Alaniz as El Sinverguenza
Valerie Allen as Lucita Miranda
Herbert Anderson as Charles Lowell Smith
R.G. Armstrong as Jack O'Neal
Raymond Bailey as Mr. Bixby
Roy Barcroft as Sheriff Bodie Hampton
Lynn Bari as Mrs. Simmons 
Paul Birch as Sheriff Jim Wilson
Lillian Bronson as Mrs. O'Brien
James Coburn as Jack, gang leader
Edward Colmans as Fernando Bernal
Brian Corcoran as Ross Minters
Patricia Crowley as Patricia Kettrick
Audrey Dalton as Mrs. Cunningham
James Drury as deputy sheriff
James Dunn as J. Henry Newman
Skip Farrell as Josh Jordan 
Jay C. Flippen as Pops Griswald
Linc Foster as Jim Spears 
Byron Foulger as Mr. Sibley, newspaper editor
Annette Funicello as Chiquita
Beverly Garland as Suzanna O'Brien
Richard Garland as Ben Palmer
Coleen Gray as Peggy Minters
Raymond Greenleaf as Judge Thomas Raine 
Alan Hale Jr. as Bill Minters aka Gus Tomlin
Skip Homeier as Ross Mantee
Robert F. Hoy as Sam Carter
Clegg Hoyt as Bruiser 
Arthur Hunnicutt as Elias O'Brien
I. Stanford Jolley as Sheriff Adams
Brian Keith as Shadrach O'Reilly
Barry Kelley as Sawyer
John Kerr as Marter Didler
Robert Kline as Lonny Griswold 
Patric Knowles as Cyril Cunningham
Robert Lowery as Wade Carter
Barton MacLane as Rawls Kettrick
Joe Maross as Horace Towne
John Maxwell as Pappy Sawyer 
Lisa Montell as Anita Chavez
Nestor Paiva as Justice of the Peace
Roger Perry as Luke Sawyer 
Carl Benton Reid as Judge Hargraves 
William Schallert as Deputy Sheriff Denbigh
Mickey Simpson as Ken Bullock
Leonard Strong as Zangano
Ray Teal as Frank Oxford
Phillip Terry as Steve Shannon 
Kenneth Tobey as Shorty 
Eddy Waller as Linc
Grant Withers as Sheriff Wharton 

This western themed series was produced by Walt Disney as part of the Walt Disney Presents … television program.  The series aired from 1958 to 1960 in ten hour-long episodes.  Episodes of the series were edited into a movie in 1962 titled Elfego Baca: Six Gun Law.

The program was based on the life and adventures of Elfego Baca (February 10, 1865 – August 27, 1945), a real-life legend who was a gunman, a lawman , a lawyer, and a politician.  Born in Socorro, New Mexico , his family moved to Kansas, but he and his father returned to New Mexico when his mother died in 1880.  His father became a marshal, and in 1884 Elfego stole some guns, bought a sheriff’s badge, and decided he would be the deputy sheriff for Socorro County.  His ambition was to bring law and order to the area.

His further exploits included a famous shootout in Lower San Francisco Plaza, New Mexico in 1884 (known as the Frisco Shootout), where he was surrounded a large crowd of men as he hid in a house.  Baca survived the siege, but six men were killed and several others wounded during the fray.  When the door to the house was presented as evidence at Baca’s trial in 1885 with more than 400 bullet holes in it, Baca was acquitted of the killings.

When Elfego Baca officially became the sheriff of Socorro County he would write letters to wanted lawbreakers urging them to turn themselves in.  His letters allegedly said, “I have a warrant here for your arrest.  Please come in by March 15 and give yourself up.  If you don’t, I’ll know you intend to resist arrest, and I will feel justified in shooting you on sight when I come after you."

After serving as a U.S. Marshal for two years he began studying law and joined a Socorro law firm in 1894.  He then went on to serve in various public offices such as county clerk, mayor, and school superintendent, and was the district attorney for Socorro and Sierra Counties.  He would later run for Congress, but fail to be elected, and served as a political investigator for Senator Bronson Cutting of New Mexico .

In his biography he is quoted as saying, “I never wanted to kill anybody, but if a man had it in his mind to kill me, I made it my business to get him first.”


The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca – pilot (10/3/1958)
Four Down and Five Lives to Go (10/17/1958)
Elfego: Lawman or Gunman (11/28/1958)
Law and Order , Incorporated (12/12/1958)
Elfego Baca, Attorney at Law (2/6/1959)
The Griswold Murder (2/20/1959)
Move Along, Mustangers (11/13/1959)
Mustang Man, Mustang Maid (11/20/1959)
Friendly Enemies at Law (3/18/1960)
Gus Tomlin is Dead (3/25/1960)

Actors: R.G. Armstrong, Roy Barcroft, James Coburn, James Drury, James Dunn, Jay C. Flippen, Annette Funicello, Beverly Garland, Alan Hale Sr., Skip Homeier, Arthur Hunnicutt, I. Stanford Jolley, Brian Keith, Robert Loggia, Robert Lowery, Barton Maclane, William Schallert, Kenneth Tobey, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Grant Withers
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