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Man With a Camera (1958-1960)

Man With a Camera


Crime / Drama


Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac
James Flavin as Lieutenant Donovan

Background: New York City . An American crime drama TV series that aired on ABC from October 10, 1958 to January 29, 1960 and involves the investigations of Mike Kovac, a former combat and free-lance photojournalist who acquires material by assisting police and solving crimes perpetrated against insurance companies, specializing in difficult and dangerous assignments where he can get the kinds of pictures that other photographers can't, or won't, take.  He sometimes gets help, often reluctantly, from his contact in the police department, Lt. Donovan, and advice from his immigrant father Anton.

Blind Spot (10/05/1958)

When Kovac's war buddy is murder in Portugal he flies to Lisbon to investigate.

Second Avenue Assassin (10/10/1958)

Kovac prepares to film a championship boxing match, then learns a crooked fight promoter is involved.

The Warning (10/17/1958)

Kovac endangers his own life when he films a brutal murder.

Profile of a Killer (10/24/1958

While filming a bank in a small town the bank is robbed and the strange killer takes Kovac hostage.

Close-Up on Violence (10/31/1958)

After Kovac films a pretty girl thugs steal his camera and film.

Turntable (11/07/1958)

Kovac is accused of faking a picture with a crusading senator and two gambling kingpins.

Another Barrier (11/14/1958)

While covering a story on a test pilot both the pilot and plane disappear.

Double Negative (11/21/1958)

Kovac takes a picture of a woman who is later reported murdered.

Two Strings of Pearls (12/12/1958)

Kovac comes across a con man who attempts to swindle a dealer out of a rare pearl necklace. Mike agrees to cover a garden party in Rome and meets a woman who is using a different name than when first encountered each other on a trans- Atlantic flight four years earlier. Mike learns she is connected with a notorious American con artist who is trying to steal an expensive string of yellow pearls.

Six Faces of Satan (12/19/1958)

While on a police patrol looking for a good pictures Kovac gets involved in a girl's beating.

Lady on the Loose (12/26/1958)

A rich, young woman asks Kovac to help her escape her chaperones.

The Last Portrait (01/02/1959)

Kovac Goes to film a visiting Arab leader in his hotel room, but finds him dead and himself framed for murder.

The Face of Murder (01/09/1959)

While interviewing a condemned killer Kovac is caught in the middle of a prison break .

Mute Evidence (01/16/1959)

When a doctor disappears only his deaf-mute ward has a clue.

The Big Squeeze (01/23/1959)

Kovac tries to film a secret meeting of mobsters, and makes friends with a gangster's girlfriend.

The Killer (10/19/1959)

Someone tries to kill Kovac in a small town airport, and the police think it is a publicity stunt.

Eyewitness (10/26/1959)

Kovac is asked his opinion whether photographic evidence on a suspect is authentic.

The Man Below (11/02/1959)

An insurance company hires Kovac to film a supposedly dead man.

Black Light (11/09/1959)

The police ask Kovac to film alleged payoffs to officers in a certain area.

The Positive Negative (11/16/1959)

Underworld characters are after Kovac's negative of a photo of a wealthy Texan.

Missing (11/23/1959)

While looking for a missing wife in San Diego Kovac uncovers a smuggling ring.

Live Target (12/07/1959)

The D.A. hires Kovac to protect a witness in a racketeering case.

Girl in the Dark (12/14/1959)

A rich man hires Kovac to take pictures of a blackmailer.

The Bride (12/21/1959)

Kovac uses his camera to break up a marriage racket that victimizes recent arrivals in the U.S.

The Picture War (01/04/1960)

Several murder witnesses meet deadly accidents.  Kovac steps in to catch the killer.

Touch Off (01/11/1960)

Kovac poses as an arsonist to catch a gang.

Hot Ice Cream (01/25/1960)

Kovac investigates a murder in an amusement park.

Fragment of a Murder (02/01/1960)

A reformed burglar is framed and murdered at the same time.  Kovac helps the daughter.

Kangaroo Court (02/08/1960)

Kovac helps protect a movie star from a gang of kidnappers.  Last show in the series.


Actors: Charles Bronson
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Matinee Classics - Man With a Camera starring Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac, Ludwig Stossel and James Flavin
Matinee Classics - Man With a Camera starring Charles Bronson as Mike Kovac, Ludwig Stossel and James Flavin

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