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26 Men (1957-1959)

26 Men

(1957 - 1959)


30 minutes


Tristram Coffin as Captain Tom Rynning
Kelo Henderson as Ranger Clint Travis

This half-hour western television program aired in syndication from 1957 to 1959 in 78 episodes.

The program is about the early days of the Arizona Rangers, established in 1901 by the Governor, and their adventures in trying to rid the territory of criminals and make it safe for settlers.  The stories are based on real incidents in the history of Arizona .

The main character of the television program, Captain Tom Rynning, a former Eighty Cavalryman and Rough Rider, was the second captain of the Arizona Rangers, serving from 1902 to 1907.

The program name reflects the fact that the budget allotted for the rangers only allowed for a total of 26 men - a captain, a lieutenant, four sergeants, and twenty privates.  Reportedly one of the original members said, "The reason there was only twenty-six of us was because the Territory couldn't afford no more”.

The list of guest stars appearing on the program includes Robert Blake, Edgar Buchanan, Lash La Rue, Doug McClure, Leonard Nimoy, Denver Pyle, and Dub Taylor, among others.

The Recruit (10/15/1957)

Two Rangers answer a call for help from a newspaper editor in the town of Wilcox. When they arrive, they find the editor hanging from a tree.

Trouble at Pinnacle Peak (10/22/1957)

Pursuing a group of vicious outlaws , Rynning and Travis enlist the help of an Indian tracker.

The Wild Bunch (10/29/1957)

When a member of the Wild Bunch escapes from Ranger Clint Travis, he is fired. In order to redeem himself, he takes on the entire gang.

Border Incident (11/05/1957)

Clint Travis disguises himself as a gunrunner to try to stop Juan Morales from overthrowing the Mexican government.

Incident at Yuma (11/19/1957)

A group of convicts has escaped from prison but Captain Rynning can't get any men to help recapture them.

The Slater Brothers (11/26/1957)

When Ranger Clint Travis is falsely accused of murder , he is sent by Captain Tom Rynning into the Galioro Mountains of Arizona to prove his innocence and find a group of cattle rustlers.

Dead Man in Tucson (12/03/1957)

Travis goes after escaped convict Cain Devers, a bank robber and counterfeiter who is using his counterfeit plates as part of a plot to destroy his father and younger brother.

Man on the Run (12/10/1957)

When an Arizona Ranger resigns with no explanation, Captain Rynning tries to find out why and discovers he is hiding a terrible secret.

The Big Rope (12/17/1957)

Two Apaches and a minister are hung by a drunken mob and Sheriff Clyde Trevor watches and initially tries to cover the crimes up. Clint Travis is sent to investigate and with the help of the Sheriff locates the bodies of the murder victims. A shoot-out ensues.

Trail of Darkness (01/07/1958)

Rynning and Travis ride into a town the is enraged over the murders of two women.

Trade Me Deadly (01/14/1958)

The Texas Rangers join with the Arizona Rangers in an attempt to save the Governor of Texas.

The Bells of St. Thomas (05/13/1958)

Three outlaws elude their pursuers after robbing a bank and killing a guard, and take refuge in an Indian school.

Actors: Tristram Coffin
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