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The Adventures of Jim Bowie (1956-1958)

The Adventures of Jim Bowie

(1956 -1958)

Adventure / Western

30 minutes


Scott Forbes as Jim Bowie

Set in the Louisiana Territory of the 1830s, Scott Forbes stars as Jim Bowie, a wealthy young planter and adventurer who encounters many famous people and dangerous situations.

The Adventures of Jim Bowie Intro


The Birth of the Blade (09/07/1956)

First show in the series which explains how Jim Bowie came to invent his famous Bowie knife.

The Squatter (09/14/1956)

Jim tries to talk a neighbor out of throwing penniless German squatters off of her land.

An Adventure with Audobon (09/21/1956)

Bowie assists the legendary painter/naturalist escape French forces that are hunting him.

Deputy Sheriff (09/28/1956)

Volunteering as a temporary deputy to guard a prisoner, Bowie comes to believe that the young man may be innocent.

Trapline (10/05/1956)

A fur company is trying to keep the Cajun fur trappers from selling to Jim Bowie.

Broomstick Wedding (10/12/1956)

A trade of horses leads to an angry father mistaking Bowie for his neighbor, the potential object of a shotgun wedding.

Natchez Trace (10/19/1956)

A group of travelers ask Bowie for help against a rumored highwayman on the trail to Natchez.

Jim Bowie Comes Home (10/26/1956)

Returning from a trip Jim discovers the town near his home has been taken over by hoodlums.

Ghost of Jean Battoo (11/02/1956)

Bowie encounters a group of farmers who are being duped into paying protection money to an old woman against the ghost of a famous Louisiana pirate.

The Secessionists (11/09/1956)

A friend of Jim's tries to talk a group of French planters out of seceding from the Union.

The Land Jumper (11/16/1956)

When Jim and his brother try to sell land a Frenchman shows up claiming to have the title.

The Select Females (11/23/1956)

The head mistress of a school for young ladies tells Jim one has been kidnapped.

Jim Bowie's Slave (11/30/1956)

Bowie comes to the aid of a former slave he had freed, but who is being sold again.

The Outlaw Kingdom (12/07/1956)

Bowie goes after a gang of river pirates who have stolen his cargo.

The Swordsman (12/14/1956)

Bowie runs into trouble when an attractive woman in New Orleans , where he has gone to purchase an estate, turns his head. 

Return to the Alciblade (12/21/1956)

Bowie goes after the thief who stole an expensive Christmas gift he bought for his mother.

Monsieur Francois (12/28/1956)

Jim comes to the aid of a French boy and his aunty, who are the victims of confidence men.

Osceola (01/18/1957)

Bowie aids native Seminoles, who the army is trying to move to a bad tract of land.

Jackson's Assassination (03/15/1957)

Bowie is duped into helping a group that is plotting to kill the President.

Gone to Texas (05/24/1957)

When Bowie crosses the border into Texas he finds someone is trying to kill him.

Actors: Scott Forbes
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Matinee Classics - The Adventures of Jim Bowie starring Scott Forbes
Matinee Classics - The Adventures of Jim Bowie starring Scott Forbes

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