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The Adventures of Champion (1955-1956)

The Adventures of Champion


Adventure / Family / Western

30 minutes


Champion as Champion , the Wonder Horse
Barry Curtis as Ricky North
Jim Bannon as Sandy North
Blaze as Rebel, the dog

This American children's Western series aired on CBS from September 23, 1955 to March 3, 1956 for 26 episodes. Set in the Old West , the series stars Barry Curtis as 12-year-old Ricky North, who lives on his uncle's ranch in the American Southwest. Ricky's companions are Champion and Rebel, a wild stallion and a German Shepherd. Ricky's uncle, Sandy North, was played by Jim Bannon. The TV show was based on the 1949-50 radio serial, The Adventures of Champion .

This is about the exploits of Champion , a wild stallion who befriends 12-year-old Ricky in the American Southwest in the 1880’s.  Although Ricky, who lived on his Uncle Sandy’s ranch, had a magnetic attraction for trouble, he was always getting help from his horse.


The Saddle Tramp (9/23/1955)

A down-on-his-luck prospector and teller of tall tales helps Ricky capture a gang of rustlers.
Crossroad Trail (9/30/1955)

A young ranch hand nearly falls in with bad companions until Ricky is blinded from a fall sustained when fleeing the two men and needs his assistance.
Salted Ground (10/7/1955)

Ricky and Sandy try to prevent a gullible general store owner from being fleeced by a couple of con men trying to sell a salted mine.
The Medicine Man Mystery (10/15/1955)

Sandy investigates Ricky's wild tale of a medicine show owner that he saw put a small boy into a box.
Lost River (10/22/1955)
Renegade Stallion (10/29/1955)
Canyon of Wanted Men (11/5/1955)
The Deer Hunters (12/20/1955)

Ricky tries to rescue a fawn from a snare and incurs the trappers' wrath.
Black Kachina (1/10/1956)

An evil medicine man holds the tribe's chief captive while plotting a new Indian war against the territory's ranchers.
Andrew and the Deadly Double (2/13/1956)

Mary Jane, Ricky's young neighbor, is upset when she learns that Uncle Andrew, her newly appointed guardian, plans to sell the ranch she lives on and force her to move East with him.
Bad Men of the Valley (2/14/1956)

An ex-convict trying to go straight and his pretty wife buy the ranch next to the North's.
Brand of the Lawless (2/27/1956)

An outlaw who has escaped from custody joins his old gang and plans his next robbery - a rich bank that's not too far away.

Actors: Jim Bannon
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