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The Bob Cummings Show (1955-1959)

The Bob Cummings Show

aka Love That Bob

(1955 - 1959)


30 minutes


Robert Cummings as Bob Collins
Ann B. Davis as Charmaine 'Schultzy' Schultz
Rosemary DeCamp as Margaret MacDonald
Dwayne Hickman as Chuck MacDonald

1940's film star Bob Cummings squeezed the last bit of career out his fame with this network -hopping sitcom. Cummings plays Bob Collins, a hot photographer and freewheeling playboy, living in Hollywood. Bob's business consists almost exclusively of shooting glamor girls, who Bob pursues with a singleness of purpose. However, Bob rarely gets further than a peck on the cheek, thanks to his his home life, where he lives and is outwitted by his sister, Margaret, who is determined to get Bob paired off. Also at home is Bob's nephew and surrogate son Chuck, with matinee idol looks. Chuck often gets involved in Bob's schemes, doing his best to land a model for himself.

The Bob Cummings Show Intro


Grandpa's Christmas Visit (12/22/1955)

Bob's grandfather Josh Collins pays a visit and proves to be more of a wolf than his grandson. Bob tries to set Grandpa up with a sweet old lady on Christmas Eve, but he steals Bob's date instead.

Bob Gets Harvey a Raise (03/11/1958)

Bob poses as Harvey to secure a big business deal with an out of town buyer.

Bob Saves Harvey (03/18/1958)

Bob tries again to land the same buyer.

Bob Goes to the Moon (04/01/1958)

Bob's attempts at romancing Miss Sweden land him in the space program.

Bob Retrenches (04/08/1958)

Bob lavishes everyone with gifts when he thinks he's getting a big tax refund.

Grandpa Attends a Convention (05/06/1958)

Grandpa Collins returns to attend a convention of military buddies.

Grandpa's Old Buddy (05/13/1958)

Grandpa Collins and his old buddy make plans to ride off with two of Bob's models.

Bob Goes Birdwatching (05/20/1958)

Pamela Livingstone tries to get Bob to accompany her to Griffith Park.

Bob Digs Rock 'n Roll (05/27/1958)

Chuck asks Bob to help him get his girlfriend to forget about the rock & roll singer she has a crush on.

Bob's Forgotten Fiance (06/17/1958)

Bob's friend tries to convince him that he has proposed to a girl, but somehow forgot until she just arrived, ready for the wedding!

Bob and Schultzy Reunite (09/23/1958)

Both Bob and Schultzy are miserable when she quits to take a job in a rocket factory, and Bob hires a ditzy new secretary.

Bob and the Dumb Blonde (09/30/1958)

Shultzy attempts to sway Bob's interest in his " Marilyn Monroe-ish" temporary secretary.

Bob and the Ravishing Realtor (10/14/1958)

Bob falls for a beautiful real estate agent that Margaret has hired to sell their home.

Bob in Orbit (11/18/1958)

Wacky Grandpa flys his plane and bombs the base which causes a big mess for Bob.

Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle (11/25/1958)

Bob's had it with nephew Chuck's constant singing, so Margaret gets guest star Ozzie Nelson to tell him Chuck can be a star.

Bob Butters Beck, Beck Butters Better (12/02/1958)

Bob tries to help Chuck's recording career by convincing his models to "influence" a disc jockey's personality.

Collins the Crooner (12/09/1958)

A newspaper columnist prints that Bob is going to record an album, prompting everyone to want to get into his act.

Bob Judges a Beauty Contest (12/16/1958)

When Bob learns that the U.S. Air Force is hosting a beauty contest with lovely contestants from all their air bases, he campaigns to be assigned to judge the event.

Bob Plays Margaret's Game (12/23/1958)

Margaret gets upset at Bob for teaching Chuck about women, so she sets out to teach him a lesson.

Grandpa Moves West (12/30/1958)

Everyone thinks that Grandpa has taken up with a young girl acrobat, but it turns out that it is just a chimpanzee.

Actors: Robert Cummings, Rosemary DeCamp, Dwayne Hickman
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