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Medic (1955-1956)


(1954 - 1956)

30 minutes



Richard Boone as Dr. Konrad Styner
Mary Stewart as Nurse Marie
Jean Engstrom as Blakeney
Robert Bray as Dr. Konrad
Robert Stevenson as George Dunbar
Scott Forbes as Dr. Lawrence
Barry Atwater as James Martin
Denver Pyle as Dr. Carthage

Highlights the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors and surgeons headed by Dr. Konrad Styner.  One of the first medical shows on TV that paid strict attention to detail, and heralded at the time for its sometimes unflinching look at the operations and medical procedures performed by doctors.  To try and maintain as much realism as possible, many episodes were filmed in real hospitals and used real doctors and nurses as part of the cast.  Actual case histories from the Los Angeles County Medical Association were used.

NBC - September 13, 1954 - August 27, 1956

I Climb the Stairs (09/27/1954) 

Dr. Styner must perform complex surgery on a nineteen-year-old girl who has suffered a heart attack.

My Very Good Friend Albert (11/29/1954)

A musician has lost his job after losing one-third of his hearing to atherosclerosis. Then he learns that an operation may restore his hearing.

Red Christmas (12/20/1954)

Heavy drinking at a Christmas party leads to an automobile accident which endangers a young girl's vision.

Breath of Life (01/24/1955)

Dr. Robert Parker, thirty-seven, married with two children, has struggled to develop a lucrative practice. His drive for success has put a strain on his marriage. Everything he has worked for, however, has to be set aside when he succumbs to an acute case of polio and must be confined in an iron lung.

Time to Be Alive (01/31/1955)

A young hemophiliac takes a dangerous fall.

Mercy Wears an Apron (02/21/1955)

A public health nurse works to rehabilitate a former movie star who's now a paraplegic after a hunting accident.

Death is a Red Balloon (03/21/1955)

Agnes Frazier, a twenty-seven-year-old mother of two, abruptly suffers a terrible headache which causes her to collapse. Tests indicate that she has had a brain hemorrhage. Agnes and her husband agree that she must risk the complicated, dangerous surgery.

All My Mothers, All My Fathers (03/28/1955)

A six year old girl has spent practically all of her life at the hospital. Doctors and nurses have raised her since she was brought there as abandoned baby.

Physician, Heal Thyself (04/11/1955) 

Two young medical residents are both told that they are in the early stages of tuberculosis. One accepts the diagnosis and begins medical treatment. The other denies it and continues with his strenuous lifestyle.

My Child's Keeper (04/25/1955)

Two young children find a cigarette lighter and accidentally set fire to the kitchen curtains. The younger child dies in the fire and the mother blames the playmate.

Lifeline (05/16/1955)

The only survivor of an explosion aboard a cruiser, a young seaman's life is saved by a Navy Hospital Ship Surgeon.

Never Comes Sunday (05/23/1955)

As a young child, Laurie Ramsey fell from a swing , struck her head, and suffered permanent brain damage as a result. In the years since, her mother has refused to accept the fact that her child is mentally retarded. Dr. Styner and the rest of her family finally persuade to her accept her daughter's condition and allow her to get proper treatment.

Walk With Lions (09/12/1955)

Daniel Ortega is an eighteen-year-old orphan living with his married sister. He wants to be a commercial artist. To raise money for his schooling, he works at two jobs: ushering at an all-night movie theater, and being a professional prize fighter. After struggling with a loss of stamina, excessive thirst, and vomiting, he falls into a coma, and is diagnosed as being severely diabetic.

And Then There Was Darkness part 1 (09/26/1955)

Dr. Styner attempts to help a young woman, who, after her fourth child, is fighting a compulsion to kill the infant.

And Then There Was Darkness part 2 (10/03/1955)

Dr. Styner persuades the depressed young mother to enter a mental institution for treatment.

The World So High (12/26/1955)

In order to test the effects of high altitude on the human body, an Army doctor parachutes from a plane at an altitude of eight miles.

If Tomorrow Be Sad (02/06/1956)

A man decides to divorce his wife, a top photographic model, after she is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The Homecoming (02/13/1956)

After a long stay in a hospital, a man who has been cured of leprosy returns home and tries to adjust to normal living. But many people still see him as a leper and treat him as such.

Don't Count the Stars (04/09/1956)

An up and coming young singer is told he has cancer of the larynx and must have surgery.

The Good Samaritan (05/21/1956)

A man whose wife was left partially paralyzed after a car accident sues Dr. Styner for malpractice. When a woman is injured in an automobile accident and suffers partial paralysis, her husband believes it is Dr. Styner’s fault and brings a malpractice suit against him. The story depicts the hospital board hearing

Awake Unto Spring

Break Through the Bars

Dr. Impossible

Flash of Darkness

General Practitioner

My Brother Joe

The Wild Intruder

Til the Song is Done

To Search for Truth

White is the Color

She Walks in Beauty

Actors: Richard Boone, Scott Forbes, Denver Pyle
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Matinee Classics - Medic starring Richard Boone, Mary Stewart, Jean Engstrom, Robert Bray, Robert Stevenson, Scott Forbes, Barry Atwater and Denver Pyle
Matinee Classics - Medic starring Richard Boone, Mary Stewart, Jean Engstrom, Robert Bray, Robert Stevenson, Scott Forbes, Barry Atwater and Denver Pyle
Matinee Classics - Medic starring Richard Boone, Mary Stewart, Jean Engstrom, Robert Bray, Robert Stevenson, Scott Forbes, Barry Atwater and Denver Pyle

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