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Buffalo Bill Jr. (1955-1956)

Buffalo Bill Jr.

(1955 - 1956)

25 minutes per show.

Television / Series / Western

Cast: Dickie Jones, Nancy Gilbert and Harry Cheshire

It's the 1890's and Buffalo Bill Jr. is the marshal in the town of Wileyville, Texas.

Buffalo Bill Jr. - Intro

Fight for Geronimo (03/01/1955)

First show in the series. Buffalo Bill Jr. and Calamity uncover a plot to release Geronimo from U.S. Army custody, so the outlaws can pretend to recapture him and collect the reward.

Runaway Renegade (03/01/1955)

Buffalo Bill Jr. helps a former member of Jesse James' gang clear himself of a false murder charge.

Empire Pass (03/03/1955)

An honest railroad man is having a tough time with a crooked rival over a right of way pass. Bill and Calamity try to help out.

Trail of the Killer (03/04/1955)

Attempting to elude a posse led by Sheriff Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid and his henchman ride into Wileyville and charm Buffalo Bill Jr. and his friends.

The Black Ghost (03/12/1955)

Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to capture the Black Ghost , a masked outlaw trying to grab the land of a prosperous rancher. Bill falls for the rancher's pretty niece who is in cahoots with the villain. Fortunately, Calamity's feminine instincts cause her to distrust the woman and she follows her to the outlaws ' hideout.

The Death of Johnny Ringo (03/22/1955)

Johnny Ringo comes to town and kidnaps Calamity and the Judge. Buffalo Bill Jr. is out of town helping the Cavalry track down a missing messenger. Guest Starring: Angie Dickinson.

Boomer's Blunders (04/01/1955)

Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to discover why Caleb Boomer is so desperate to buy back 80 acres of land he sold to Judge Wiley. Guest Starring: Lee Van Cleef.

The Rain Wagon (04/08/1955)

Tough Tenderfoot (04/14/1955)

Pawnee Stampede (05/19/1955)

Grave of the Monsters (05/24/1955)

Guest Starring: Glenn Strange.

Red Hawk (05/28/1955)

A crooked businessman is intent on getting the lucrative contract with the local mining companies. His plans to drive his competition out of business hit a snag when his rival's adopted son returns from college but, discovering the young man is an Indian, he tries to use racial prejudice as a tool to accomplish his scheme.

Legacy of Jesse James (06/23/1955)

Survivors of Jesse James' old outlaw gang try to recover his hidden loot with pieces of a torn treasure map. Guest Starring: House Peters.

The Fight for Texas (07/27/1955)

A crooked rancher forces Calamity to send a telegraph to the commander of a company of Texas Rangers authorizing an incursion into Mexico to round up a gang of rustlers. He hopes that the Mexican authorities will force the Texas state government to shut down the only law enforcement organization in West Texas, which will enable him to run all his illegal activities without interference from the authorities. Guest Starring: Tom Keene.

Rails Westward (07/30/1955)

Bill falls for a pretty girl when she and her father arrive in Wileyville. He and Judge Wiley convince the newcomers to buy the stagecoach line from its shifty owner. The man is happy to sell since he knows that the railroad is building a spur to Wileyville, and his company will soon be worthless. When the pretty blonde blames Buffalo Bill for encouraging the bad business deal, the youngster determines to get her family's money back.

Fugitive from Injustice (08/13/1955)

Actors: Dickie Jones
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Matinee Classics - Buffalo Bill Jr. starring Dick Jones, Nancy Gilbert and Harry Cheshire
Matinee Classics - Buffalo Bill Jr. starring Dick Jones, Nancy Gilbert and Harry Cheshire

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