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Annie Oakley (1954-1957)

Annie Oakley

(1954 - 1957)


26 minutes


Gail Davis as Annie Oakley
Brad Johnson as Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig
Jimmy Hawkins as Tagg Oakley
Kenneth MacDonald as Sheriff Luke MacTavish (Annie's Uncle)

Dozens of actors popular at the time also appeared on the program, including Slim Pickens, William Fawcett, Fess Parker, Alan Hale Jr., Denver Pyle, and Lee Van Cleef.

This program presents a fictionalized account of the life of legendary Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley, set in the quiet western town of Diablo.

Annie and her little brother, Tagg, made sure that outlaws who moseyed into town kept on going. Often at her side was friend and suitor, Deputy Sheriff Lofty Craig, with whom she often showed off her shooting prowess.

Many of the plotlines involve Annie being forced into the role of sheriff while her uncle was away.  Bandits and outlaws, believing the town to be defenseless, would try to make trouble, but they didn't count on facing Annie and her trusty rifle.

Annie Oakley - Intro

Annie and the Brass Collar (01/09/1954)

Stationmaster Dan Haywood is being blamed for a series of train robberies. Annie and Sheriff Craig try to find the real culprits.

Annie Trusts a Convict (01/16/1954)

Annie and Tagg find a young escaped prisoner and help him prove that he is innocent.

Gunplay (01/23/1954)

An outlaw poses as a marshal in order to break his brother out of jail.

The Dude Stagecoach (01/30/1954)

A spoiled heiress seems powerless to prevent a villainous rancher from taking over Diablo's troubled stagecoach line.

Ambush Canyon (02/06/1954)

When a mine owner is murdered, Annie tries to help his adopted daughter, a young Indian girl.

Annie Calls Her Shots (02/13/1954)

An man gets out of prison and returns to Diablo, blaming the town for convicting him for a crime he didn't commit.

Annie Finds Strange Treasure (03/06/1954)

When Annie tries to save an old prospector from an attack by outlaws, they think she has learned the secret location of his cache of gold.

Annie and the Lily Maid (03/27/1954)

Annie is suspicious of the young woman who comes to town to claim her recently killed uncle's ranch.

The Hardrock Trail (04/03/1954)

When a gunfighter comes to Diablo to get revenge on the sheriff for sending him to prison, Annie sneaks the aging sheriff out of town.

Justice Guns (04/17/1954)

Annie's mentor, a proud but aging marshal, is provoked into a hopeless shootout with a young gunman.

Annie's Desert Adventure (04/24/1954)

Annie thinks that an ex-con suspected of the recent robbery of a gold shipment has been framed .

Annie and the Texas Sandman (05/08/1954)

A retired gunman trying to live a peaceful life in Diablo is threatened by the brothers of a man he killed, starring Fess Parker, Virginia Lee, Dick Reeves, Pat O'Malley, Edward Clark and Isa Ashdown 

Outlaw Mesa (06/26/1954)

When a young driver refuses to testify against his outlaw brother, Annie and Tagg use ventriloquism to trick him into doing the right thing.

Annie and the Six o' Spades (07/31/1954)

When a young sharpshooter challenges Annie to a shootout, Tagg decides to take a hand with his slingshot.

Escape from Diablo (08/07/1954)

While trying to solve a robbery, Tagg is captured by the bandits.

The Iron Smoke-Wagon (08/14/1954)

The arrival of a new fire engine is spoiled by a bank robbery.

Annie and the Chinese Puzzle (02/13/1955)

Annie befriends a Chinese laundryman whose difficulties are compounded when he is framed for murder by a man anxious to acquire his property.

Dead Man's Bluff (03/20/1955)

When the citizens make a run on the town 's failing bank, the banker tries to cover up his counterfeiting by faking his death.

Powder Rock Stampede (05/22/1955)

When the government opens up the Powder Rock territory, a land rush by potential homsteaders ensues.   

Joker on Horseback (06/10/1956)

A recent rash of robberies have been accompanied by practical jokes. 

Annie and the Twisted Trails (06/24/1956)

Annie tries to help a girl whose father is overly protective, since his wife left him years earlier to be with a rodeo cowboy .

Annie and the Bicycle Riders (07/08/1956)

Bank robbers are foiled by a clerk who manages to send off their descriptions by telegraph before he dies from his wounds.

Annie and the First Phone (07/22/1956)

Annie tries to organize support for local settlers who have become discouraged by crop failures and Indian raids. 

Annie and the Leprechauns (09/02/1956)

When a man discovers gold on his property, his greedy neighbor hires a gunfighter to get rid of him.

Outlaw Brand (09/16/1956)

A young orphan friend of Tagg's thinks that his guardian, a former outlaw, is planning to return to a life of crime.

Shadow at Sonoma (09/23/1956)

Lofty masquerades as a gunman to expose an outlaw plot, but then finds he has to challenge Annie in a shooting match.

Flint and Steel (10/14/1956)

Settlers are being threatened if they refuse to sell their land for half of what it's worth.

Annie Rides the Navajo Trail (11/18/1956)

Annie disguises herself as an Indian so that she can attend a tribal meeting and prevent the wronged Navajos from declaring war.

Annie Rings the Bell (11/25/1956)

Annie becomes a boxing promoter to raise money for a new school, but then outlaws break out of jail and try to steal the funds that have been collected.

Santa Claus Wears a Gun (12/2/1956)

An elderly sharpshooter, Snowy Kringle, arrives in town for a show where he will demonstrate his skill with a flintlock rifle and cap-and-ball pistol.  The man who is charged with delivering the Army payroll warns the Deputy Sheriff that the old sharpshooter is really a crook and is probably after the payroll. When the express office is robbed, all the evidence points to the old man, but Annie suspects he's been framed for the crime. 

Amateur Outlaw (12/09/1956)

Some of the county's more bigoted citizens are up in arms when an Indian inherits the stage line with the mail franchise from his former patron.

Dude's Decision (02/10/1957)

The Grangers are unaware that the charming young man from Boston, who has come to look over their ranch, is an outlaw planning to purchase it with the money from his first holdup.

The Dutch Gunmaker (02/17/1957)

A Dutch gunsmith shows Annie the revolutionary new rifle he has developed for the army of his adopted country, but word of it spreads and outlaws become interested.

Actors: Gail Davis, Jimmy Hawkins
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Matinee Classics - Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins and Bob Woodward
Matinee Classics - Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins and Bob Woodward
Matinee Classics - Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins and Bob Woodward
Matinee Classics - Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins and Bob Woodward
Matinee Classics - Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis, Brad Johnson, Jimmy Hawkins and Bob Woodward

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