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Topper (1953-1955)



Television / Series / Comedy / Fantasy

Directed By Richard L. Bare, Leslie Goodwins, James V. Kern, Lew Landers, Paul Landres, Leslie H. Martinson and Philip Rapp


Leo G. Carroll as Cosmo Topper
Lee Patrick as Henrietta Topper
Robert Sterling as George Kerby
Anne Jeffreys as Marion Kerby
Kathleen Freeman as Katie (Season 1)
Thurston Hall as Mr. Schuyler
Edna Skinner as Maggie (Season 2)

Topper was a American fantasy sitcom based on a film called “Topper” (1937).  It aired on CBS for a total of 2 seasons from October 9, 1953 to July 15, 1955 and seventy eight episodes.  All episodes were thirty minutes in length and aired in black and white.

The main character was Leo G. Carroll, known as Cosmo Topper, who worked as the vice president of a bank.  He was married to Henrietta, played by Lee Patrick.  The couple lived in Los Angeles and they discover the estate they live in is haunted, but only he can hear and see the former resident ghosts.  The ghosts cause strange events to occur which Topper then has to try and explain to guests in his home.

This series was about a somewhat grumpy and uptight banker, Cosmo Topper, and the ghosts which only he could see or hear, George and Marion Kerby. The Kerbys would often try to get Cosmo to loosen up and enjoy life, but more often they would complicate it.

Second Honeymoon (01/08/1954)

Mr. & Mrs. Topper spend their anniversary in a haunted inn.

Trip to Lisbon (02/12/1954)

Topper and Mrs. Topper get to go to Spain.

The Proposal (02/19/1954)

George must court Marion all over again after she accuses him of not being very romantic.

Henrietta Sells the House (04/09/1954)

Henrietta decides she is going to sell the house without informing Cosmo first. She gets a buyer and has the house sold before Cosmo can stop her. George and Marion are very upset with Topper because they feel he wants to leave.

Topper Goes to Las Vegas (04/23/1954)

Topper is to go on a short sailing trip with Henrietta. The trip gets stopped because, for business reasons, he needs to go make a bid for a client on a hotel in Las Vegas. He takes Henrietta, George & Marion with him to Las Vegas. Marion and George teach Topper to gamble.

Topper Goes West (04/30/1954)

Topper, Henrieta and the Kerby's all travel to New Mexico . Topper has been given the assignment to research a dude ranch and see if the property is worth the investment for one of his clients.

A Ghostly Joke (05/07/1954)

The Kerby's are concerned that Cosmo cannot stand up to his boss. The man does not stop demanding all of Cosmo's time. George and Marion try their hardest but cannot get Topper to confront the man.

George's Old Flame (07/02/1954)

George finds out that an old flame is engaged to a Hollywood star. The Kerby's try and find out if the man is worthy of her love.

Actors: Leo G. Carroll, Anne Jeffreys
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