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I Married Joan (1952-1955)

I Married Joan

(1952 - 1955)

26 minutes per episode.


Joan Davis as Joan Stevens
Jim Backus as Bradley Stevens
Hope Emerson as Minerva Parker
Wally Brown as Wally
Sheila Bromley as Janet Tobin
Sandra Gould as Mildred Webster
Hal Smith as Charlie Henderson
Geraldine Carr as Mabel Henderson
Sally Kelly as Sally
Beverly Wills as Beverly Grossman
Dan Tobin as Kerwin Tobin

Television / Series / Comedy

I Married Joan is the epitome of the 1950's family sitcom. An upstanding, sensible husband, Judge Bradley Stevens, is married to a wacky, well-meaning wife, Joan Stevens, who causes problems with her hare-brained schemes. Joan Davis, a veteran of both vaudeville and the golden age of films, brings her comic timing and zany charm to the small screen for these wonderful misadventures. The brilliant Jim Backus as her husband is perfectly cast as Judge Stevens.

I Married Joan Intro

Brad's Class Reunion (11/19/1952)

Joan does everything she can to keep Brad from attending his class reunion after discovering an essay he wrote about a girl in high school.

Dreams (12/24/1952)

A reunion with three old school friends has Joan feeling like a failure. Their successful careers leads Joan to daydream about what she would have accomplished had she never married Brad.

Acrobats (12/31/1952)

Brad may be appointed to a federal judgeship if he makes a good impression on the decision maker, Mr. Gilmore. Before the important evening out, Joan goes to a shop to try on hats and gets into a slapstick fight with another woman, Mrs. Gilmore. Unable to squirm out of her wifely obligation, Joan meets them at a nightclub in disguise and gets pulled into an acrobatic floor show.

Bad Boy (01/07/1953)

Judge Stevens sends a criminal up the river and brings home the criminal's ten-year-old son. Tommy's a chip off the block, a little delinquent who reads talks like a gangster, reads racing forms, steals other kids' candy, and bounds and gags Joan to a chair. To scare the kid "straight", Joan recruits Tommy in her melodramatic plot to kill Bradley.

Neighbors (06/10/1953)

The Stevens' are delighted to learn that their neighbors, who regularly have parties til 4 A.M., are moving. Joan has friends find a quiet, peaceful couple to buy the house.

Talent Scout (06/17/1953)

A pair of phony talent scouts convince Joan she has "it" to be a movie star. All it will take is $500 for the screen test. Wanting to catch the con men, Brad gives Joan the cash in marked bills, not informing her the men are pulling a scam. Joan shows up on the movie set and, dressed as a jungle woman, performs scenes with the movie's star, Bonzo the chimp.

Honeymoon (06/24/1953)

The judge plays marriage counselor by telling a couple about the horrible honeymoon he spent locked in a hotel room's closet. He also brags to the husband that he's tricked Joan into doing housework by promising her a diamond bracelet. When Joan learns it was just a scam, she turns the place into a pig's sty when Brad brings the important Andersons over for coffee.

Brad's Broken Toe (07/08/1953)

Joan thinks Brad's exaggerating the pain when he slips on a banana peel at the zoo. When he's actually hospitalized with three broken toes, she feels horrible and is determined to apologize. To get past the night nurse, Joan pretends to be incredibly sick, and her acting almost costs her a gall bladder.

Sister Pat (11/04/1953)

Joanie invites her younger sister, Beverly, to stay at her house while she goes to college . In revenge, Judge Stevens invites four cousins to join the merry throng, much to Beverly's delight and Joan's distress.

Bev's Boyfriend (12/02/1953)

Joan's little sister Beverly is smitten with a young man who's more interested in his hot rod than her. Attempting to play Cupid, Joan misfires and gets the young man interested in her. Hoping to scare him off, Joan goes with Tom to a fancy restaurant where she drops an eyelash, then beats it to death with a knife, blacks out a front tooth, and takes off her wig to scratch her head.

Mabel's Dress (01/27/1954)

Joan and her scissors destroy a gown she believes is a gift from Brad; it was actually Mabel's birthday present from Charlie. Furious, the Hendersons un-invite the Stevenes from the party. As a peace offering, Joan bakes and delivers one of her delicious orange cakes. No one is unaware that a can of flammable cleaning fluid had spilled on the cake as the birthday candles burn down.

Mountain Lodge (03/10/1954)

An overdrawn checking account leads to trouble when Brad tries to write a $1000 check for a charming mountain cabin. It seems Joan already spent the $1000 for a boat.

Home of the Week (03/17/1954)

Dared by the snotty Helen Cavanaugh, Joan calls the paper to have the Stevens' house displayed in their "Home of the Week" feature. She borrows several expensive works of art from friends and puts them on display. When a gossip columnist writes a local judge must be taking bribes to afford the pricey art in his home, Brad leads the charge to uncover the scoundrel. He has no idea he's the offending jurist.

Changing Houses (03/31/1954)

Mabel raves about the Stevens's early American home and Joan loves the Hendersons' modern decor. Before they redecorate, the couples trade houses for a week to give the designs a test drive. The Stevenses have nothing but trouble with the modern gadgets, including disappearing beds, and Joan stains the white rug in their living room.

Jealousy (04/07/1954)

Joan wants to see how strong Brad's love for her is so he pretends to be attracted to another man.

Joan's Haircut (07/07/1954)

A mix-up at the salon leaves Joan with a new hairdo called the "panda cut." She finds it so gruesome she refuses to leave the house until it grows out. Brad, meanwhile, gets used the buzzed butch cut he got while snoozing in the barber's chair. To keep from showing her hideous hair at their college reunion, Joan wraps Brad's head in bandages and tells him they had a great time at the reunion, three weeks ago before he went into a coma.

New House (09/29/1954)

The Stevenses finally buy their dream house, but it turns out the realtor also sold the house to another couple.

Alienation of Affections (10/20/1954)

Giving an old boyfriend an innocent kiss lands Joan in hot water at home and the third party in a love triangle. The man's jealous wife includes Joan in her divorce suit.

Clothes Budget (11/03/1954)

Joan claims she spends much less than the average American woman on her yearly wardrobe. Brad is sure she spends more, so he writes her a check for $600 and says that's all she gets for the whole year. Her whole budget is blown after one encounter with an intimidating saleswoman.

Wall Safe (10/13/1954)

Joan is so sure the wall safe she discovered in their living room is full of loot, she hires a safe-cracker to break into it. What she finds is an old map of their property with clues to a hidden treasure in their garden. Brad is entertained when Joan and Mabel go berserk digging up the back yard because he's the one who drew up the phony map. Joan gets the last laugh when she catches on to Brad's practical joke.

Home Movies (12/08/1954)

Arriving home from two weeks in Hawaii, Brad discovers a legal opinion Joan failed to mail. Claiming she deliberately "forgot" because she disagreed with his decision, he storms out. Learning he could be promoted to the Domestic Relations Court if he can show he's happily married, he and Joan put on a lovey-dovey act for Judge Palmer and the gal friends Joan's invites over to see their Hawaiian home movies.

The Allergy (02/02/1955)

Brad's running for Superior Court and needs Joan with him to show how happily married they are. Unfortunately, she's allergic to something about him and can't stop sneezing when he's anywhere near. The two of them are forced together for a TV interview where his opponent points out how miserable Joan looks to be by his side.

The Lady and the Prizefighter (03/02/1955)

After losing a bet on a boxing match, Joan decides to stage a charity fight for her women's club. She pits her big-talking neighbor Wally against a professional boxer who Wally had accidentally knocked out. When the re-match is over, Joan is the only one left standing and she's crowned the winner.

The Jail Bird (03/23/1955)

Joan fears she's become a sleepwalking kleptomaniac. The culprit turns out to a raven that she befriended. The sticky-clawed bird is owned by a jewel thief.

Actors: Jim Backus, Joan Davis
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Matinee Classics - I Married Joan starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus
Matinee Classics - I Married Joan starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus
Matinee Classics - I Married Joan starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus
Matinee Classics - I Married Joan starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus

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