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Dragnet (1952-1959)



26 minutes

Television / Series / Crime / Drama


Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday
Harry Morgan as Officer Bill Gannon
Herb Ellis as Officer Frank Smith (1952)
Ben Alexander as Officer Frank Smith (1953-1959)
Barton Yarbough as Sergeant Ben Romero
Barney Phillips as Sergeant Ed Jacobs
Marjie Millar as Sharon Maxwell
Dorothy Abbott as Ann Baker
Byron Morrow as Captain Mack
Art Gilmore as Captain Didion
Art Balinger as Captain Brown

Police Sergeant Joe Friday and his partners methodically investigate crimes in Los Angeles. Not only did Jack Webb star as the iconic Friday, but he also created the series and wrote the majority of the episodes. 361 episodes aired on NBC from December 16, 1951 to September 6, 1959

Dragnet Intro

The Big Cast (2/14/1952)

Friday is investigating the disappearance of a man that he thinks is probably a murder victim.  His main suspect is Henry Ross.

The Big September Man (05/08/1952)

A secretary is beaten to death and the search for the killer leads police to a religious fanatic.

The Big Phone Call (5/22/1952)

Friday and Jacobs are on the case of a jeweler who they believe robbed another jeweler, a friend of his.

The Big Casing (6/5/1952)

Friday and Jacobs answer a call about the suicide of a woman , but are suspicious of the husband who reported it.

The Big Seventeen (11/6/1952)

Friday and Smith investigate a group of teenagers who are using and selling drugs.

The Big .22 Rifle for Christmas (12/18/1952)

Friday and Smith search for a young boy who is missing – and so is the .22 rifle his parents bought him for a Christmas present.

The Big Grandma (1/8/1953)

Friday and Jacobs are working the forgery detail and looking for a woman who has been passing bad checks for ten years.

The Big Show (1/22/1953)

A seven-week-old baby is found abandoned in a bus station.

The Big Hands (05/21/1953)

Friday and Smith suspect a psycho killer when they find a woman with a broken neck in a hotel room.

The Big Betty (09/24/1953)

Friday and Smith track down a confidence ring who are selling defective watches.

The Big Thief (12/17/1953)

Friday and Smith must stop a gang of thieves who are luring doctors in L.A. to hotels and them robbing them.

The Big Little Jesus (12/24/1953)

Friday and Smith have only 24 hours to find a stolen statue of the baby Jesus and return it to the church before mass on Christmas Day.

The Big Trunk (01/07/1954)

Friday and Smith investigate a woman found dead in her hotel room.

The Big Boys (01/21/1954)

The cops must stake out a hotel lobby and deal with a drunken desk clerk as they wait for four juvenile armed robbers to show up.

The Big Shoplift (3/11/1954)

The cops are investigating thefts of products from stores in the city.  During the investigation they talk to a witness who saw a woman throwing away new items in boxes in a vacant lot.

The Big Hit-and-Run Killer (3/18/1954)

Friday and Smith are investigating a hit and run where an elderly woman and her grandson were killed.  The owner of the truck claims he had loaned his truck to someone else, but only knows the man’s first name.

The Big Girl (4/1/1954)

Friday and his partner are tracking a beautiful woman who is robbing and beating up men, sometimes even shooting them.

The Big Frame (4/22/1954)

Friday and Smith’s suspicions are aroused when every witness to an apparent hit and run tells the exact same story.

The Big Producer (8/26/1954)

Friday must find whoever is distributing obscene pictures at a school in Los Angeles.

The Big Crime (9/9/1954)

Friday and Smith are searching for missing four year old twins.  The girls are found, but have been molested and the detectives intensify their investigation to catch the scumbag who harmed the children.

The Big Pair (9/16/1954)

Friday and Smith set a trap to capture a man and woman masquerading as movers with a moving van who are robbing the homes of vacationing families.

The Big Bar (10/14/1954)

Friday is investigating a series of robberies at bars, where the thief also murders his victims.

The Big New Year (11/11/1954)

A busy night on the holiday detail.  Will the boys make it to the big party?

The Big Gap (10/6/1955)

Friday and Smith learn the story of an elderly man who has been swindled, and begin their investigation to track down the scam artists who took advantage of him.

The Big War (4/10/1958)

Friday and Smith have to stop a major gang war before it starts.

The Big Oskar (10/14/1958)

Friday and Smith are on the hunt for a man that has stolen useless junk from a woman

Actors: Jack Webb
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Matinee Classics - Dragnet starring Jack Webb
Matinee Classics - Dragnet starring Jack Webb
Matinee Classics - Dragnet starring Jack Webb

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