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Tales of Tomorrow (1951-1953)

Tales of Tomorrow

(1951 - 1953)

Anthology / Horror / Science Fiction

26 minutes per episode

This anthology series features both classic and modern science fiction and horror themes.

Verdict From Space (08/03/1951)

Gordon Kent is put on trial for theft and murder. He is accused of robbing and murdering Professor Sykes in order to get money to build a blowtorch capable of cutting through anything. Gordon claims that he is innocent. He says that Sykes came to him looking for a blowtorch to cut open a metal door hidden in a secret cavern. Guest Starring Lon McCallister. Written by Theodore Sturgeon.

Blunder (08/10/1951)

A scientist named Carl Eversons decides to continue a series of experiments with nuclear fission. His wife Jane and a group of scientist try to convince him that he needs to stop because there is a risk that he could ignite the world's oxygen and bring about the end of the world. Guest Starring Robert Allen and Ann Loring. Directed by Leonard Valenta and adapted by Charles O'Neil from a Philip Wylie story.

The Crystal Egg (10/12/1951)

The owner of a London curiosity shop delivers a mysterious crystal egg to a university professor for the scientist's opinion on its worth and its properties. The 'egg' proves to be a window to Mars. When the professor loses the egg, he tries to convince people that he is not crazy. Guest Starring Edgar Stehli and Josephine Brown. Directed by Charles Dubin and adapted by Mel Goldberg from an H. G. Wells story.

The Dark Angel (09/28/1951)

Johanna is the first of an advanced race of human beings: an "angel" who apparently is immortal and will never die. 

Test Flight (10/26/1951)

A wealthy industrialist hires a rocket scientist to design and build an engine that will get a ship, and the CEO, to another planet. Directed by Charles Dubin and adapted by Mel Goldberg from an Nelson Bond story.

Search for the Flying Saucer (11/09/1951)

Military pilot Vic Russo travels to Las Palma, New Mexico , to investigate reports of flying saucers. Vic hopes to find evidence to prove the UFO he once saw was real. He falls for the attractive young manager of the local boarding house who contends there's nothing to the stories. 

Sneak Attack (12/02/1951)

An American secret agent during the cold war is the only hope of stopping a multiple warhead detonation in the United States. Guest Starring Zachary Scott and Barbara Joyce. Adapted by Mel Goldberg from the Russell Ritchie story.

The Invader (12/21/1951)

A scientist and others witness the crash of an alien space craft in the ocean. His son dives down to investigate and comes up a different person.

The Dune Roller (01/04/1952)

On an island a strange rock begins to grow and move. Scientists that observe the phenomena speculate that an ancient meteor that once hit the island is attempting to reassemble itself. 

Frankenstein (01/18/1952)

Dr. Frankenstein brings to life a lumbering undead monster who he must then find someway to destroy. Guest Starring Lon Chaney Jr. Adapted by Henry Myers from the Mary Shelley story.

What You Need (02/08/1952)

A writer desires a machine so much he'll even steal to get it, only to have the owner of the machine feel great regret for having to kill that writer. Guest Starring Edgar Stehli and William Redford. Adapted by Mel Goldberg from a Henry Kuttner story.

Age of Peril (02/15/1952)

Criminals are getting a helping hand defeating polygraph machines from a brilliant scientist. An intelligence agent is assigned to discover how national secrets are being stolen from a high security plant. Guest Starring Donald Briggs, Dennis Patrick, John McGovern, and Phyllis Kirk. Directed by Don Medford and adapted by Mel Goldberg from a Raymond Jones story.

Flight Overdue (03/28/1952)

An internationally acclaimed aviatrix is recruited ostensibly for a flight over the Pacific over her husband's misgivings. Years after she disappears, her angry husband is informed of the true nature of her mission and her ultimate fate. 

Time to Go (04/18/1952)

A middle-aged woman gets sucked into “banking time” by an emissary from another planet, who ends up double-crossing her. Guest Starring Sylvia Sydney.

The Golden Ingot (05/09/1952)

A scientist strives to make gold from a base metal, but continually fails. His daughter concocts a scheme to fulfill his dreams. Guest Starring Gene Lockhart and Monica Lovett. Adapted by Max Ehrlich from a James O'Brien story.

World of Water (05/23/1952)

A disgruntled refugee scientist, frustrated in both his professional and personal lives, develops a universal solvent, which threatens to turn all solid material into water.

The Little Black Bag (05/30/1952)

A struggling doctor takes his instruments to a pawnshop because his wife complains about their lack of money. Once in the shop, he makes a deal with the pawnbroker for $20.00 and a mysterious medical bag. Later, it is discovered that the instruments in the bag can perform "miracle cures". 

All the Time in the World (06/13/1952)

A visitor from the future has a time machine on his wrist.

The Miraculous Serum (06/20/1952)

A serum makes it possible for a person to live forever.

Appointment on Mars (06/27/1952)

Three astronauts arrive on Mars, sponsored by a mining company who will share the profits with them. Illness, paranoia, and other problems develop until all three are dead, but what caused it? Guest Starring Leslie Nielsen and Ryan Keith. Directed by Don Medford and written by S. A. Lombino.

The Duplicates (07/04/1952)

Bruce Calvin, an engineer, has been let go from his place of employment and considers an unusual want ad in the newspaper. 

Ahead of His Time (07/18/1952)

The world in 2052 is a pretty wonderful place: no wars, no poverty, no famines. But all of humankind is about to be destroyed because of a small miscalculation in a scientific experiment a century earlier set off a chain reaction that will contaminate the Earth with a lethal amount of radiation. With only hours before the end of the world, a 21st century scientist attempts to send a message to colleagues a hundred years in the past to prevent the mistake using a 20th century man's new time machine. Guest Starring Paul Tripp, who also wrote the episode.

Ice From Space (08/08/1952)

An Air Force rocket comes crashing back to Earth containing a huge block of ice. In no time, it has turned 300 miles of summer desert into frozen tundra. Unable to destroy the ice, Major Dozier takes matters into his own hands. Guest Starring Leslie Nielsen and Gaby Rodgers. Directed by Don Medford and written by E. H. Frank.

Seeing-Eye Surgeon (09/05/1952)

A bizarre pair of spectacles gives a surgeon the power to predict how and when his patients will die.

Youth on Tap (09/26/1952)

A strange doctor offers a man a chance for fast cash, but the man loses much more. Guest Starring Robert Alda and Harry Townes. Directed by Don Medford and written by Mann Rubin.

The Horn (10/10/1952)

A scientist invents a horn that calls sinister forces. 

Many Happy Returns (10/24/1952)

A man begins to communicate with an alien on his birthday. Guest Starring Gene Raymond and Flora Cooper. Directed by Don Medford. Adapted by David Karp from a Raymond Z Gallun story.

The Lost Planet (11/07/1952)

This live telecast of Tales of Tomorrow keeps being broken into by a phantom broadcast of a cheating couple preparing to launch her soused husband out a window. The show 's crew scramble to investigate if the danger is real, and if so, how can they interrupt the murder already in progress? Guest Starring Rod Steiger and Virginia Vincent. Directed by Don Medford. Adapted by Frank de Felitta from a Enid Maud Denis story.

The Fatal Flower (12/12/1952)

Scientists in the Amazon find a man-eating flower.

The Bitter Storm (12/26/1952)

An embittered scientist secretly invents a receiver which picks up sounds from anytime in the past. As a savage hurricane closes in on the island where he lives, his family press him to demonstrate the instrument, and overcome the hatred which paralyzes him into staying in isolation on the otherwise abandoned island. Guest Starring Arnold Moss, Phillip Pine, and Ethel Remey. Directed by Don Medford and written by Armand Aulicino.

Another Chance (02/13/1953)

A jewel thief's memory is erased so he can start his life over as an honest man.

The Great Silence   (02/20/1953)

A mysterious phenomenon that causes people to lose the use of their vocal cords appears in a remote corner of the northwestern United States and begins spreading.

The Fury of the Cocoon (03/06/1953)

An expedition into the tropics is plagued by dissent, desertion, and an invisible blood sucking leech that has arrived from outer space.

Read to Me, Herr Doktor (03/27/1953)

An old professor with failing eyesight builds a robot named Herr Doktor to read him books that he had never had a chance to read when he was younger. The relationship between the professor and the robot is very close. The books the robot makes give him the desire to be a complete person. Guest Starring Everett Sloane. Directed by Don Medford and written by Alvin Sapinsley.

Ghost Writer (03/27/1953)

An out of work writer accepts a well-paying offer from a mysterious man to help ease the burden on his wife. Soon, however, he becomes increasingly disturbed as the incidents he writes about begin to occur in real life. Guest Starring Edmon Ryan, Raymond Bailey, and Paul Newman. Directed by Don Medford and written by Mann Rubin.

Past Tense (04/03/1953)

Dr. Harry Marco is neglecting his practice in order to build a time machine in his basement. Once he succeeds, he travels to the past to sell the secret of penicillin to the highest bidder. Guest Starring Allen Nurse, Boris Karloff, and John McGovern. Directed by Don Medford. Written by Willie Gilbert and Jack Weinstock.

The Evil Within (05/01/1953)

A scientist invents a solution that unlocks the evil within humans. He stores the potion in his home fridge at the house and some of it drips on leftovers. His wife unknowingly eats some and changes into a different woman with evil thoughts. Guest Starring Rod Steiger and James Dean. Directed by Don Medford. Written by Manya Starr.

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