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The Trouble With Father (1950-1955)

The Trouble With Father

(1950 - 1955)

26 minutes per episode

Television / Series / Comedy / Sitcom

Cast: Stuart Irwin, June Collyer, Ann E. Todd and Willie Best

Stu Erwin played a high school principal who balanced his job and his family , his wife June and their two daughters, Joyce and Jackie.

Dr. IQ Erwin (11/11/1950)

Stu is talked into taking an I.Q. test with his students, only to come out with a 20 grade, compared to the students’ average of 74.

Thank You, Mr. Jarvis (12/09/1950)

The Erwins win an English butler named Mr. Jarvis in a contest and quickly decide he isn't for them.

Father Gets Into the Act (12/16/1950)

The Erwin family all catch the acting bug when a movie is being filmed in town. There's also a phony talent agent in town who signs up Joyce and June. Stu steps in to put an end to the deal and ends up the hit of the film. 

Problem Party (12/23/1950)

Jackie's upset over not being allowed to attend Joyce's party, so she borrows the school's skeleton to scare the "big girls". That night, everyone in the house thinks they're seeing a walking, talking skeleton when Percy crashes the party in a skeleton costume. 

Black Saturday (03/24/1951)

June is envious of a neighbor's new dishwasher. Stu and Willie come to her rescue with a do-it-yourself dishwasher assembly kit.

Many Happy Returns (06/16/1951)

June takes a job with a florist to afford the shotgun Stu's been coveting for his birthday. She finds herself in a tight spot when her boss turns out to be a bookie.

Springtime for Father (07/14/1951)

After years of talk, Stu and Harry make up their minds to go on a camping trip. This is the last way their wives want to spend their vacations, so they make the guys get acclimated to the outdoors by roughing it in a tent in the back yard. 

Barbeque (07/28/1951)

Joyce is stewing because dreamy Drexel is always next door with Nancy barbecuing. Stu's idea is to lure the boy over to their house by inviting him to their next cook out. The truth is that Drexel is interested in whoever is feeding him at the moment.

Roughing It (9/1/1951)

Stu and Fred decide to rough it on a camping trip, but are surprised when the female Erwins and Betty accidentally stumble on the outdoor camp.

Hate the Love Seat (10/19/1951)

Stu jumps to conclusions and thinks June has spent their vacation money on an second-hand love seat. Not knowing she simply accepted its delivery for a neighbor, he calls a junkman to haul it away. It's off to the auction to buy it back.

In a Pickle (11/30/1951)

Stu and Harry find they have eaten their wives’ dill pickles which were to be entered in a pickle contest.

The Big Game (12/14/1951)

With the big football game coming up, Stu wants to make sure his Hamilton High students don't vandalize Central's campus. He declares that any trouble from his student body will result in forfeiture of the game. Stu finds himself in an embarrassing situation when Central's wrestling statue turns up in his basement.

Business (02/01/1952)

Without consulting their wives, Stu and Harry each invest $1000 bucks to buy a business in foreclosure. When the tenant leaves town, the two men suddenly are running an enterprise they know nothing about: A women's dress shop. Meanwhile, their wives think they're each having an affair.

Father Takes a Pet (11/28/1952)

Stu gets pressured into getting a pet during "Be Kind to Animals Week". He choose that he thinks is the easiest to care for: guppies. Soon he's overrun by baby guppies in bowls all over the house. Jackie gets Willie a pet goat. 

Leave it to Stu (1/1/1953)

The rising cost of eggs causes Stu to cut food costs, and in short order he has six hens and a cow on his property.

Fair Exchange (02/06/1953)

Stu and June fail to check with each other before spending the last $50 in their checking account. June buys a prom formal for Joyce and Stu buys a painting titled "Catastrophe".

Youth, It's Wonderful (04/03/1953)

A few offhand comments has June feeling old, so she and Adele consult a beauty expert. Hoping to put a stop to their sudden vanity, Stu and Harry takes their wives out on a date to the amusement park and dancing at the malt shop. No one's willing to admit they're too old for this kind of business.

The French Influence (03/02/1955)

June becomes a client of a Frenchman who exposes her to French cooking and films. Harry gets Stu worked into a lather, convincing him that June is carrying on an affair with the foreigner. Not about to give her up without a fight, Stu becomes even more romantic and worldly than a hundred Frenchmen.

Pearl Necklace (04/06/1955)

While at the jewelry store buying fake pearls for June's anniversary gift, Stu agrees to pick up a $1500 set of real ones for George Selkirk's mother-in-law. After June opens the wrong package, Stu spends the rest of the evening trying to switch the two strings.

Teacher's Pet

The Kids Win

Actors: Stu Erwin
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