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Lights Out (1949-1952)

Lights Out

(1949 - 1952)

Television / Series / Anthology / Horror / Mystery / Suspense / Thriller

Lights Out was a pioneering television effort, with Fred Coe producing four episodes on WNBT-TV in New York during 1946. Once network television began in earnest in the late 1940's the series was an early success, airing on NBC from 1949 to 1952.

Just What Happened (10/09/1950)

When attending a psychic demonstration by a yogi, Harry Maddox meets and odd fellow with vivid dreams of flying. Carlos Melius is convinced he can employ the power of his mind to break the bonds of gravity. When he's found dead on the street below his studio window it's Harry that is charged with pushing him to his death. Harry, however, tells a very different story.

Beware This Woman (12/4/1950)

When a woman experiences ghostly activity in her home she asks for help from a scientist who does not believe in paranormal happenings.

Curtain Call (02/12/1951)

Off-his-rocker- Kruger, a famous actor coming out of retirement for a new play with his daughter, suddenly is tormented by the ghost of his late, thought-to-be-a-suicide wife. His daughter is a triumph in her first big stage role, but...can Kruger take the adulation she receives?  

Strange Legacy (02/19/1951)

With Robert Stack. After a car accident near the Chester Bay Lighthouse, Steve is taken to rest at a cottage owned by an elderly man and his lovely daughter. The daughter, Allison, informs him that it was a year ago that night that her talented husband had died, leaving behind an unfinished piano score, an airplane model, a sculpture, and his will. Years later, after becoming an award-winning sculptor, Steve meets two other men who also had car wrecks at the same spot, had met Allison, and achieved greatness as a composer and an airplane designer.

The Mad Dullaghan (04/02/1951)

With Glen Iangan. A man finds his missing fiance in a mental hospital. She believes she's possessed a Dullaghan, a spirit of Irish folklore, that jumped to her from her late father when she kissed him farewell at his funeral. The finance investigates and learns that her parent had been a famous ventriloquist and his dummy was named Mr. Dullagham.

Gray Reminder (04/30/1951)

When an attorney starts receiving letters at home, his wife becomes suspicious. She should be, they're from his late first wife who's vowing to return!

Dead Man's Coat (05/14/1951)

With Basil Rathbone. By opening the grave of a recently deceased man and putting on his coat, you will supposedly be granted invisibility. A bitter man with scores to settle decides to put the superstition to the test . He forces his reluctant butler to join him in his scheme of grave-robbing and murder.

The Pattern (05/28/1951)

Al March is tortured by his failure to have stopped the bombing of an Army barracks in 1945 Germany. Awaiting surgery, he tells his sister that the two men and a woman he killed the night before were the same ones who had planted the explosives. Even though they had died in the blast, they had been chasing him for the past six years because he lived and they didn't. 

The Passage Beyond (06/25/1951)

The ghost of Lady Ann continues to walk down the stairs, knife in hand, and into the secret passage where she murdered her domineering husband. She vividly demonstrates he disapproval of Rodney's attempt to conduct an affair with a visiting friend of his wife.

And Adam Begat (07/02/1951)

The car carrying cultured Geoffrey, brutish Claude and eligible Kay swerves off a cliff and into a mysterious valley. Surprised by the weird vegetation and climate, they come to believe they've traveled back in time 50,000 years. An encounter with an unfriendly caveman results in all three being held captive in the wild man's cave.

The Devil in Glencairn (07/16/1951)

With Richard Carlson. Steenie, the best piper in all of Scotland, is about to be evicted if he doesn't pay his owed rent. After selling his pipes to raise the money, a mysterious stranger appears, ready with a deal: it involves Steenie's money, bagpipes, and his immortal soul.

The Faceless Man (08/06/1951)

With Robert Sterling. Francis Carvel visits a plastic surgeon to erase a lifetime of ugliness from his face. Now handsome, he returns to the French inn where, a year earlier, an lovely woman had spurned his affection. Complicating Carvel's plans is a new traveling companion, a disfigured man in bandages who knows everything about him.

The Man with the Watch (08/13/1951)

A New York City detective is investigating the disappearance of over 200 people. Before vanishing into thing air each person has reported a dream involving a fat man with a bizarre watch who convinces them to join him on his planet of Aleria.

Dark Image (10/08/1951)

With Donald Woods. On their honeymoon , a new husband brings his bride to the ranch he grew up on. The wife is soon traumatized by the antique bedroom mirror once owned by the husband's deceased former love. The dead girlfriend appears in the reflection, wanting to trade places with the newly-married woman.

I Spy (10/15/1951)

Mr. and Mrs. Potts are an eccentric elderly couple. The rooms of their house are filled with husband Henry's collections of practically everything: including caskets. There's even one in the living room, containing the body of a survey taker from the newspaper who came by last week. Today, a new survey taker arrives asking questions about the missing man whom she replaced.

The Veil (10/29/1951)

With Lee J. Cobb. Ambitious defense attorney David Stevenson has high political aspirations. His affair with a scandalous woman will only hold him back. Calling in a favor, he has his bride-to-be removed from the picture. The woman, however, is not silenced so easily; she demands justice from the great attorney.

The Silent Supper (12/03/1951)

Dede attends the silent supper, a ritual the single Bayou women conduct to foresee their future husbands. Old voodoo woman Miss Watkins had told Dede that she'd meet her husband at the supper that night. Miss Watkins has the misfortune of meeting up with troublemaker Jean Duval, who stabs her and steals her silver. Then, uninvited, he crashes the silent supper.

Perchance to Dream (12/17/1951)

A man is spooked by deja vu when he encounters the people and the places that he's only seen in his odd dreams.

The Upstairs Floor (3/10/1952)

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