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Westinghouse Studio One (1948-1958)

Westinghouse Studio One


Anthology / Drama

Studio One” was one of the many excellent anthology series from the golden age of television.  It usually featured original hour-long dramas, occasionally adapting famous works or biographical material.  Many big-name actors of the period guested on this prestigious series.  The live TV performances were filmed in Kinescope.

The Medium (12/12/1948)

Madame Flora conducts bogus seances to bilk grieving parents, but during one seance she feels hands around her neck and panics.

Julius Caesar (03/06/1949)

A modern dress adaptation of the Shakespeare play starring William Post Jr., Philip Bourneuf and Ruth Ford.

The Storm (10/17/1949)

During a storm night, a woman alone in a country house discovers a dead body in her basement and is terrorized by an intruder.

With Marsha Hunt, John Rodney and Dean Harens

Directed by Yul Brynner

The Trial of John Peter Zenger (01/22/1951)

60 minutes. Starring Judson Laire, Henry Stephenson and Frank Sundstrom. Based on a true story.

Pontius Pilate (11/12/1951)

60 minutes. Directed by Paul Nickell. Starring Geraldine Fitzgerald, Cyril Richard and Francis Sullivan. This storyline centered on the tale of Pontius Pilate, the Roman administrator of Judea and the man charged with trying and sentencing Jesus to death, in spite of his reservations with this responsibility. 

1984 (09/21/1953)

Eddie Albert stars in an adaptation of George Orwell’s dystopic novel concerning one man’s rebellion against a totalitarian society.

With Norma Crane and Lorne Greene

The Hospital (12/08/1952)

Victor Jory , Leslie Nielson, Nancy Marchand in prototype of all TV hospital dramas.

Directed by Frank Schaffner

Mutiny on the Nicholette (12/03/1951)

Boris Karloff stars as Captain Skagg, who is replaced on the voyage by another man while they run weapons to North Africa.

Twelve Angry Men (09/26/1954)

Directed by Franklin Schaffner

Cast: Robert Cummings, Franchot Tone, Edward Arnold, John Beal and Walter Abel

A jury must reach a verdict concerning a teenage boy accused of murder .  Only one juror, played by Robert Cummings, believes he may be innocent.

Written especially for “Studio One” by Reginald Ross, then filmed by Sidney Lumet in 1957, and remade for TV in 1997.

Summer Pavilion (05/02/1955)

A mother and daughter clash between the old and new ways of the South.

With Miriam Hopkins, Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Drake

Written for “Studio One” by Gore Vidal

The Arena (04/08/1956)

Written especially for “Studio One” by Rod Serling

With Wendell Corey, Chester Morris, John Cromwell and Leora Dana

Political drama about a new Senator appointed after a death, and his battles with a senior Senator in his state.

Directed by Franklin Schaffner

Dark Possession


An anonymous letter writer creates fear and havoc in the lives of three sisters .  A young doctor tries to help.

With Helen Auerbach, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Barbara O’Neill, Leslie Nielsen, Bramwell Fletcher

Written especially for “Studio One” by Gore Vidal

Directed by Franklin Schaffner

The Death and Life of Larry Benson (05/31/1954)

Starring Skip Homeier, Chester Morris, Peg Hillias and Lee Remick

A soldier comes home to his estranged family after three years, but he is the wrong man !

Written by Reginald Rose

June Moon (06/22/49)

60 minutes

With Glenda Farrell, Joshua Shelley and Edward Andrews

A naïve Schenectady shipping clerk comes to Manhattan with dreams of becoming a lyricist, befriends a one-hit-wonder composer, and meets the girl of his dreams.

Confessions of a Nervous Man (11/30/1953)

The story about how the success of Axelrod’s play, “The Seven Year Itch ”, affected him. A ‘comedy documentary’ made for “Studio One” by the author of the play, George Axelrod, who appears to introduce Art Carney, who then portrays Axelrod.

Wuthering Heights (10/30/50)

60 minutes

With Charlton Heston, Mary Sinclair

From the novel by Emily Bronte

The Lintons welcome Catherine into their home and Edgar, their son, falls in love with her, but Catherine loves another. Heathcliff, below the social register, is an outsider, but his love for Catherine leads them to a tragic end.

The Strike (06/07/54)

Major Gaylord recounts an experience during World War II when he was obliged to fire on an American soldier in the dead of night on a Pacific island.

Written for Studio One by Rod Serling.

With James Daly, Roy Roberts, Bert Freed, Frank Marth

Directed by Franklin Schaffner

An Almanac of Liberty (11/08/54)

A stranger comes to a small town with radical ideas, frightening the townspeople. When they discover that time is standing still as a result of their mistreatment of the stranger a few try to gang up on the intruder only to find that time moves backward with each infringement of another man’s rights.  They realize that the day is December 15, the 163rd anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights.  When they repent, time once again moves ahead.

Based on a book by Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

The Rival Dummy (09/19/1949)

Directed by Franklin Schaffner

Cast: Paul Lukas and Anne Francis

Gabbo, a ventriloquist, meets beautiful Wichita Jones and asks her to become his assistant.  When he is a big hit at the Palace, Pepe his dummy objects to the new assistant and refuses to perform.  Gabbo, knowing that Pepe speaks and moves without his assistance, is helpless.

No Tears for Hilda (05/07/1951)

Cast: John Forsythe, Mary Sinclair and Tom Poston

A major in the armed forces attempts to clear his pal who is accused of murdering his wife.

A Passenger to Bali (3/27/1950)

Cast: Colin Keith-Johnston, Berry Kroeger, Harry M. Cooke, Barry MacCollum, Francis Compton, E. A. Krumschmidt

In a Shanghai harbor the Captain of The Roundabout, an ocean freighter, breaks the rules and allows a man to board the ship as a passenger bound for Bali.  What the captain doesn’t know is that Mr. Walkes, in the guise of a missionary, is really evil and he causes trouble between the officer and the crew of the ship.  Arriving in Bali, the captain discovers that Mr. Walkes is banned from setting foot in any port in Indonesia, and his ship is now forced to wander from port to port with their evil passenger, unable to get rid of him.


(1/2/1956) Dino, who has just been released from reform school, is sullen and uncooperative with his family and his guidance counselors, but he knows that, if he returns to his life of crime, his adoring kid brother will be with him. Starring Sal Mineo.

The Night America Trembled (9/9/1957)

60 minutes

Directed by Tom Donovan. This particular episode centers on the tale of the 1939 Halloween night radio broadcast of The Mercury Theater's "The War of The Worlds". Narrated by Edward R. Murrow, this program presented a dramatization of the studio end of the broadcast as well as audience reactions through vignettes. Guest stars abound in this episode, which opened the tenth season of this program, including Ed Asner, Vincent Gardenia, James Coburn, Warren Oates and a youthful Warren Beatty.

Henry IV

Two Sharp Knives

Away From It All

Flowers From a Stranger

Jane Eyre

Mr. Mummery's Suspicion

Plan for Escape

The Nativity

The Story of Meg Mallory

There Was a Crooked Man

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