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The Mad Doctor (1933)

The Mad Doctor

6:25 minutes

Animation / Cartoons

Directed by David Hand

Pinto Colvig as the voice of Pluto
Walt Disney as the voice of Mickey Mouse

It is a stormy night at the house of Mickey Mouse. He sleeps fully sound in his bed, until a noise from outside his open window wakes him up in a panic . He climbs out the window into his yard, discovering that his dog Pluto has been taken from his dog house. A hooded figure is seen dragging the dog, while Mickey carefully follows his footsteps. They lead him to Dr. XXX’s castle in the sea. As Mickey walks across the bridge to the entrance of the stone castle, the wood pallets fall off behind him, forcing him to grab on to the door knocker.
The mouse is then sent tumbling into the house when the door knocker opens up, grabbing and swallowing him. Knives fall around Mickey , barely missing his hands. He watches as the entrance door bolts and locks up, trapping him inside.
Pluto is spotted in another room with Dr. XXX, as Mickey wanders through the halls of the castle searching for his pet. He tumbles down the sloped hallway after a block of ceiling comes close to hitting him, causing him to land near a fireplace where shadows dance on the wall. As an ember from the fire burns Mickey , he runs into the darkness and into different rooms where skeletons harass and spook him. 
Meanwhile, Pluto becomes shackled to the wall as the doctor removes his cloak and makes his appearance known. A rooster above the dog, also chained, cries out in despair. Dr. XXX shows his plan to the two animals, illustrating a dog/bird creature that he plans to create. His experiment is to see if he can make an entirely new breed.
Mickey hears his dog cry out, and tries to rescue him, but is slowed down by a number of skeletons that try to trap him. Pluto howls more as the doctor prepares him for his procedure. Mickey becomes even more determined to find him, but has difficulty locating the dog. He finally makes it into the laboratory of Dr. XXX, where he is strapped to a chair. The doctor prepares to saw the mouse in half, but then Mickey wakes up in his own bed at home screaming for Pluto. Pluto, safe and sound in his dog house, runs through his window and licks Mickey happily. It was all just a terrible nightmare.

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