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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982)

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas


Comedy / Musical

113 minutes

Directed by Colin Higgins


Burt Reynolds as Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd
Dolly Parton as Mona Stangley
Dom DeLuise as Melvin P. Thorpe
Charles Durning as The Governor
Theresa Merritt as Jewel
Jim Nabors as Deputy Fred
Lois Nettleton as Dulcie Mae
Robert Mandan as Senator Charles Wingwood
Barry Corbin as C.J.
Mary Jo Catlett as Rita Crowell
Mary Louise Wilson as Miss Modene
Howard K. Smith as Himself
Harvey Christiansen as Old Farmer
Donald F. Colson as Jeff Gerald
Helen Kleeb as Dora
Mickey Jones as Henry
Bobby Fite as Dulcie Mae's Son
Paula Shaw as Wulla Jean
Kenneth White as Sheriff Jack Roy
Ted Gehring as Sheriff Chapman
Wayne Heffley as TV Station Manager
Verne Lundquist as Football Announcer
Lee Grosscup as Football Color Man
Lee Ritchey as Governor's Aide
Alice Drummond as Governor's Secretary
Thomas Myers as Senator's Aide
Victoria Wells as Washing Girl
Terri Treas as Chicken Girl
Randy Bennett as Private's Boy

This film is set in Lanville County, Texas where the Chicken Ranch has been around since 1910 as the best whorehouse in Texas due to the original owner Miss Wulla Jean’s regulations of having innocent fun, being clean, and having morality. Her favorite working girl, Miss Mona Stangley inherited the ranch after Miss Wulla Jean passed away seven years ago. She wants to maintain the same rules and traditions Miss Wulla Jean had with the ranch, but the authorities have never supported the ranch. Miss Mona and Lanville County Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd have been a couple for many years and he doesn’t let his hot temper get in the way of his job.  

Actors: Charles Durning, Jim Nabors, Lois Nettleton, Dolly Parton, Burt Reynolds
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Matinee Classics - The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas starring Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, Dom DeLuise, Charles Durning, Theresa Merritt, Jim Nabors, Lois Nettleton, Robert Mandan, Barry Corbin, Mary Jo Catlett, Mary Louise Wilson, Howard K. Smith, Harvey Christiansen, Donald F. Colson, Helen Kleeb, Mickey Jones, Bobby Fite, Paula Shaw, Kenneth White, Ted Gehring, Wayne Heffley, Verne Lundquist, Lee Grosscup, Lee Ritchey, Alice Drummond, Thomas Myers, Victoria Wells, Terri Treas and Randy Benn

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