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The Wild Bunch (1969)

The Wild Bunch


143 minutes

Classic / Western

Directed by Sam Peckinpah


William Holden as Pike Bishop
Ernest Borgnine as Dutch Engstrom
Robert Ryan as Deke Thornton
Edmond O'Brien as Freddie Sykes
Warren Oates as Lyle Gorch
Jaime Sanchez as Angel
Ben Johnson as Tector Gorch
Emilio Fernandez as General Mapache
Strother Martin as Coffer
L. Q. Jones as T.C.
Albert Dekker as Pat Harrigan
Bo Hopkins as Clarence 'Crazy' Lee
Jorge Russek as Major Zamorra
Alfonso Arau as Lieutenant Herrera
Dub Taylor as Preacher
Rayford Barnes as Buck
Paul Harper as Ross
Chano Urueta as Don Jose
Elsa Cardenas as Elsa
Bill Hart as Jess
Stephen Ferry as Sergeant McHale
Fernando Wagner as Commander Mohr
Jorge Rado as Ernst
Aurora Clavel as Aurora

This classic western film is set in Texas during 1913, where Pike Bishop, played by William Holden, leads a gang of aging outlaws. They are preparing to retire and have one last robbery they want to make at the railroad office that contains a supply of silver. Pike’s ex-partner, Deke Thornton, played by Robert Ryan, is hired to capture Pike and his gang after being released from prison in exchange of clearing his name. As he ambushes the gang, several people are killed during the shootout, as well as some of Pike’s men.

Pike and four of his men, Dutch, Lyle, Tector, and Angel survive the bloody shoot out and realize there was never any silver in the railroad office. They travel to Mexico as they team up their old friend Freddie Sykes, played by Edmond O'Brien.  They cross the Rio Grande and stay the night in a town where Angel was born and also where Mapache, a general in the Mexican Federal Army stays as he steals in order to supply food for his troop.

Problems arise when Angel discovers a former lover in the arms of Mapache and kills her. This angers Mapache in which Pike tries to make everything bettwe by working for Mapache. His new job is to steal weapon shipments from a U.S. Army train for his troops. If he succeeds in completing this assignment, he will be rewarded with a supply of gold coins. Angel wants to double-cross Mapache by giving up his share of the gold in order to send the weapons to a group of rebels against Mapahe. This becomes a risky plan.

Directors: Sam Peckinpah
Actors: Ernest Borgnine, William Holden, Ben Johnson, Edmond O'Brien, Robert Ryan
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