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Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Lawrence of Arabia


216 minutes.

Directed by David Lean

Action / Adventure / Classic / Epic / Drama / War


Peter O'Toole
Omar Sharif
Alec Guinness
Anthony Quinn
Jack Hawkins
José Ferrer
Anthony Quayle
Claude Rains

The film is separated into two acts. T.E. Lawrence is killed in a motorcycle accident in 1935 and at his memorial service, reporters want to know more about this mysterious man, yet cannot find much.

The film depicts Lawrence's experiences in Arabia during World War I, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Its themes include Lawrence's emotional struggles with the personal violence inherent in war, his personal identity, and his divided allegiance between his native Britain and its army and his newfound comrades within the Arabian desert tribes.

The story goes back to World War I, where Lawrence was an outcast lieutenant in the British Army working in Cairo. He is ordered by Mr. Dryden of the Arab Bureau to help out Prince Faisal in his rebellion against the Turks.  

On his way to his next assignment, Sherif Ali kills his Bedouin guide for drinking from a well without consolidating with anyone. Colonel Brighton tells Lawrence to keep mum about what happened, but he tells Faisal everything when he meets him. The Prince is intrigued by his honesty. 

Lawrence tells the Prince they should unexpectedly attack on Aqaba, even though Brighton feels they should leave. They need more men, so he has Faisal add fifty more men. Everyone seems to be wary about this decision. Two teenage orphans, Daud and Farraj, become close with Lawrence and become his servants. 

The group travels day and night, crossing the Nefud Desert. Lawrence really proves himself to everyone when Gasim becomes weak and falls of his camel at night. Everyone else makes it to the oasis, but Lawrence goes back to rescue Gasim.

Lawrence needs more people on his alliance and tries to convince Auda abu Tayi, the leader of the Howeitat tribe, to revolt against the Turks. His plan is put in jeopardy when one of Ali's men kills one of Auda's men due to a blood feud. 

Lawrence promises Howeitat that he will kill the person who did this and is astonished when he realizes it was Gasim. His plan goes accordingly afterwards.

He travels back to Cairo to inform Dryden of the news and how he came out victorious. Lawrence becomes major after Daud dies in quicksand while crossing the Sinai Desert. From there Lawrence has his ups and downs as major, but in the end he is promoted to colonel and sent home due to his opinions and fights. 

Lawrence of Arabia - Trailer

Actors: Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins, Peter O'Toole, Anthony Quinn, Claude Rains, Omar Sharif
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