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King of Kings (1961)

King of Kings


168 minutes

Biography / Classic / Historical Drama / Biblical Epic / Family

Directed by Nicholas Ray

Narrated by Orson Welles


Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus
Siobhan McKenna as Mary
Robert Ryan as John the Baptist
Ron Randell as Lucius
Hurd Hatfield as Pontius Pilate
Viveca Lindfors as Claudia
Rita Gam as Herodias
Frank Thring as Herod Antipas
Royal Dano as Peter
Rip Torn as Judas Iscariot
Harry Guardino as Barabbas
Carmen Sevilla as Mary Magdalene
Brigid Bazlen as Salome
Guy Rolfe as Caiaphas
Gregoire Aslan as Herod the Great

The film is about the life of Jesus Christ where it begins in 63 BC. It starts out with Pompey taking over Jerusalem. He goes right after to the Temple to apprehend the gift of Solomon and to kill the priests. When he finds the treasure, he realizes to his disappointment that it is just a group of scrolls from the Torah. He tries to burn the scrolls, but an aging priest stops him. Pompey feels some compassion and gives the scrolls to the priest. Several years later, a progression of revolutions begins opposing the command of Rome. This leads to the Romans killing several of their leaders and selecting Herod the Great as their ruler of Judea.

The film then brings us to a carpenter by the name of Joseph and his wife Mary, who is with child. They travel to Bethlehem and stay the night at a stable, where Mary gives birth to Jesus. Jesus already has a following of a group of shepherds that have come to celebrate his birth. Herod is aware of the birth of Jesus and sends his commander Lucius and a group of men to Bethlehem to murder all the children who have just been born. Mary and Joseph escape to Egypt with Jesus. Herod is later murdered by his son Herod Antipas, who becomes the new ruler. Now the three are staying in Nazareth, where Jesus is helping Joseph. A group of men working for Lucius arrive questioning Jesus on his birth since he was now twelve years old and had fled the killing of the newborns. They only ask Mary and Joseph to disclose their child’s birth.

Years pass by and Jesus is now an adult. He begins to show himself to people and their reactions are all different. Some take advantage of him, while others know who he is and follow him. 

King of Kings - Trailer

Actors: Royal Dano, Harry Guardino, Jeffrey Hunter, Robert Ryan, Orson Welles
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