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Torchy the Battery Boy (1958-1959)

Torchy the Battery Boy


15 minutes

Kid's Show  

Torchy the Battery Boy was a kid's television series produced by AP Films and Gerry Anderson, running from 1958–1959. The series followed adventures of an eponymous boy doll puppet with a battery inside him and a lamp in his head, and his master Mr Bumbledrop, voiced by Kenneth Connor.

Each show's titles started at night with a rocket outside a cottage and Torchy sitting inside it. It would take off with lots of sparks and then would begin the theme tune which would tell you about Torchy and his magic light as the rocket went through space. In the first episode we are introduced to Mr Bumbledrop who had lots of toys and loved children and his dog, Pom-Pom, a white French poodle with straight hair which needs curlers in every night. Also to Bossy Boots, a nasty little girl who likes pulling her toys to pieces but a trip to Topsy Turvy land reforms her.


First Season

1) Pom-Pom And The Toys
2) Topsy Turvy Land
3) Torchy And Squish
4) The Building Of Frutown
5) Torchy And The Broken Rocket
6) King Dithers
7) Torchy Goes Back To Earth
8) Bossy Boots Goes To Topsy Turvy Land
9) Bossy Boots Is Taught A Lesson
10) A Bell For A Penny Farthing
11) A Trick On Pom-Pom
12) Torchy Is Stolen
13) King Dithers Loses His Crown
14) Pilliwig Gets A Present
15) Bad Boy Bogey
16) Torchy And The Strange Animal
17) Bossy Boots Forgets To Be Good
18) Hungry Money Box
19) The Naughty Twins
20) The Twins Learn A Lesson
21) King Dithers Goes Down To Earth
22) Torchy Escapes At Last
23) Torchy And The Man In The Moon
24) Bogey And The Statues
25) The Moon Falls Asleep
26) Torchy's Birthday

Second Season

27) Flopsy Goes On A Picnic
28) Torchy Gets A Surprise
29) Banana Bridge
30) King Dithers And Daffy
31) The Toys Get The Collywobbles
32) Bogey Learns Another Lesson
33) The Pollikan Bird Is Stolen
34) Torchy Has An Accident
35) Sparky The Dragon
36) Bogey Is Naughty Again
37) Pilliwig Cleans The Chimney
38) Pongo The Pirate
39) Pongo And The Gold Mine
40) King Dithers' Birthday
41) Washing Day In Topsy Turvy Land
42) Gluebell Wood
43) Squish Falls Down A Well
44) Flopsy In Trouble
45) The Big Storm
46) Daffy's Birthday
47) Flopsy Makes A Christmas Pudding
48) Gilly Golly In Trouble
49) King Bumble Drop
50) A New Suit For Pilliwig
51) The Obstinate Donkey
52) Pom-Pom Gets The Hiccups

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