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Lady and the Tramp (1955)

Lady and the Tramp


75 minutes

Animal / Animation / Classics / Fantasy / Family

Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske

Peggy Lee as the voice of Darling, Si, Am and Peg
Barbara Luddy as the voice of Lady
Larry Roberts as the voice of The Tramp
Bill Thompson as the voice of Jock, Joe, Bulldog, Dachsie and Policeman
Bill Baucom as the voice of Trusty
Stan Freberg as the voice of the beaver
Verna Felton as the voice of Aunt Sarah
Alan Reed as the voice of Boris
Thurl Ravenscroft as the voice of Al the alligator
George Givot as the voice of Tony
Dallas McKennon as the voice of Toughy, Pedro, Professor and Hyena
Lee Millar as the voice of Jim Dear and Dog catcher
The Mellomen, Thurl Ravenscroft, Bill Lee, Max Smith, Bob Hamlin and Bob Stevens as the voice of Dog Chorus  

Lady and the Tramp trailer

A Walt Disney animated classic from 1955. Lady is a golden cocker spaniel that encounters a mixed dog whose name is the Tramp . He comes from a tough part of town and begins to travel with Lady since her home life is not the same. From there they begin an adventure together, where romance is part of it. 

On Christmas morning, Jim Dear gives his wife, Darling, a Cocker Spaniel puppy that she names Lady. Time passes, and Lady is kept in great care by her adoring owners. At six months old the family gives her a collar and tag, allowing her to visit with the neighboring dogs. Jock is a Scottish terrier, and Trusty is a Bloodhound. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a stray mutt named Tramp must live day to day, subsiding on the scraps of a local Italian restaurant and protecting his fellow strays from dog catchers.
One day, Jock and Trusty find Lady feeling depressed. She complains how Jim Dear referred to her as ‘that dog’, and Darling had hit her when she playfully tried to take a ball of yarn. The two dogs attempt to explain to Lady that her owners are expecting a baby. When they try to help her understand what a baby is, Tramp interjects and shares his thoughts on the matter. He tells Lady: “When a baby moves in, the dog moves out.”
As time goes by, many changes occur in Lady’s home. Finally, the baby is brought home, and Lady feels isolated as her owners now spend all their time with the new infant. However, she comes to love the baby boy, and discovers through reassuring pats on the head that her owners still care for her. Sometime later, Jim Dear and Darling leave for a trip, keeping their son and dog in the care of Aunt Sarah. She hates dogs, and holds preference in the company of felines. She brings her two Siamese cats, Si and Am, who make a mess in the house. Lady gets blamed for the disaster, and Sarah takes her to the pet store to buy a muzzle. The dog becomes frightened, and flees. She is chased by three large street dogs, but Tramp comes to her rescue. He then takes her to the local zoo, where they trick a beaver into removing her muzzle. Later in the night, Tramp takes Lady to a restaurant called Tony’s. The owner, Tony, prepares a romantic candlelit meal for the two canines. After dining, they take a nighttime stroll and fall asleep on a hilltop in the park. The couple begins to fall in love.
The following day, Tramp escorts Lady home after she insists she must get home to help the baby, but he stops to rouse the inhabitants of a chicken coop. As the two dogs take off, Lady is captured and taken to the pound. Here she discovers that Tramp is a womanizer, which surprises her. Eventually, because Lady was wearing her collar, she is released to Aunt Sarah. She chains the canine to the backyard doghouse, where Tramp visits to make apologies. Lady does not want anything to do with the mutt, but scorns him for his many girlfriends and failure to rescue her. He departs, and thunder and lightning take over the sky.
As it begins to rain , Lady spots a rat entering the house through the baby’s window. She frantically barks, but Sarah yells at her to quiet down. Tramp hears Lady, and returns to uncover the problem. After she explains the situation to him, he enters the house, goes into the baby’s room, confronts the rat, and kills the rat, right as Lady joins him because she broke herself free. Unfortunately, during battle, Tramp accidentally knocked over the crib, awakening the infant. Aunt Sarah comes to the baby’s aid, and instantly blames the two dogs for harassing the child. She locks Tramp in a closet and puts Lady in the basement, then proceeds to phone the pound.
Just as the dogcatcher leaves with Tramp, Jim Dear and Darling come back home. They release Lady, who convinces them of Tramp’s bravery and heroism. Jock and Trusty, hearing the whole ordeal, run after the wagon before it reaches the pound. They spook the horses, who cause it to overturn. Trusty is injured, but Tramp is let loose and invited by Jim Dear and Darling to stay at their house.
Time passes, and it is Christmas once again. Tramp now has his own collar and license, and he and Lady have a litter of puppies. Jock and Trusty, with a cast on his leg, come visit, and all happily celebrate the holiday together.  

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