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Life with Elizabeth (1953-1955)

Life with Elizabeth


30 minutes

Comedy / Family / Sitcom 


Betty White as Elizabeth
Del Moore as Alvin
Jack Narz as Announcer

This series was a sitcom airing in syndication from 1953 to1955.

Elizabeth and Alvin are husband and wife, and the series episodes deal with different situations in their daily lives.  Elizabeth is sometimes silly and seemingly not too bright, but in actuality she is a clever lady who manages to get what she wants.

Each episode is in fact three not necessarily related incidents, each introduced by the announcer. The incidents are not chronological either.  One incident could be from when they were newlyweds, while in the next they could be a settled married couple.

Moosie in the Kitchen / Jungle in the Living Room / Underhill’s Dinner

Incident #1: When newlywed Elizabeth burns dinner again Alvin’s friend Moosie comes to her rescue

Incident #2: Alvin arrives home to find a jungle in the living room

Incident #3: The Underhills come to dinner.


The Lamp / Late for Dinner / Mr. Fuddy’s show

Incident #1: Elizabeth tries to keep changing the subject to keep from telling Alvin about the $17 lamp she bought.

Incident #2: Elizabeth makes them late for dinner taking forever dressing and talking on the phone.

Incident #3: Mr. Fuddy writes a show for the company's 10th anniversary.  Alvin and Elizabeth are less than excited about appearing in such a hokey production.


Scared Silly / Neighborhood Slingshot / Elmer's Garage

Incident #1: Elizabeth and Alvin read mystery books at night and let little noises in the house scare them silly.

Incident #2: Alvin whittles a slingshot on the front porch while Elizabeth makes him jealous flirting with the handsome neighbor across the street.

Incident #3: Elizabeth and Alvin take their car to Elmer's Garage to fix the horn, but Alvin falls under the hypnotic spell of the mechanic.


The Psychic / Car Repair for Dummies / Bird Bath

Incident #1: Elizabeth pretends to be a psychic to trick Alvin into taking her along on a business trip.

Incident #2: After Elizabeth has car trouble Alvin tries to teach her the basics of how a car runs.

Incident #3: Elizabeth has always wanted a bird bath for the front of the house.


Nursery Rhymes / 1st Business Trip / Lake Allergy

Incident #1: Alvin is studying nursery rhymes to be prepared for the visit of Elizabeth's four year old niece.

Incident #2: Elizabeth is in distress when Alvin is going away on a short business trip.

Incident #3: Alvin and Elizabeth are staying over the weekend in Moosie's cabin and Elizabeth won't go to bed because of spiders.


Photographer / End of the Honeymoon / Numb, Deaf, and Blind

Incident #1: Alvin takes photos of Elizabeth from unusual angles.

Incident #2: Honeymoon is over and Elizabeth prepares Alvin for his first day at work.

Incident #3: Alvin, Mrs. Skinridge, and Elizabeth are temporarily disabled, Alvin in his mouth, Mrs. Skinridge in her eyes and Elizabeth in her ears, but none of them admit it.


Mam's Letter / Lodge Dinner / Richard Fired

Incident #1: Momma’s handwriting is so bad Elizabeth can’t read her letter.

Incident #2: Elizabeth is less than thrilled to be going to Alvin’s lodge dinner.

Incident #3: Alvin is concerned when his friend Richard loses his job.

Bad Mood / First Kiss / Ex-Flame

Incident #1: Alvin comes home from work and finds Elizabeth in a foul humor.

Incident #2: Elizabeth and Alvin recall their hesitant first kiss.

Incident #3: Alvin becomes jealous when Elizabeth invites an old beau to dinner.


Phone Calls to Work / Girl Scout Trip / Census Taker

Incident #1: Elizabeth pesters Alvin at work.

Incident #2: Elizabeth asks Alvin to quiz her on the Girl Scout Handbook.

Incident #3: Elizabeth bedevils a poor census taker.


Bonus Check / House Cleaning / Richard's Mustache

Incident #1: Elizabeth and Alvin plan a long trip, while waiting on Alvin's check.

Incident #2: Elizabeth has the urge to do Spring Cleaning.

Incident #3: Elizabeth tries to patch up the neighbors ' fight, about a shaved mustache.


Oak Tree / TV Repair / Drive-In

Incident #1: Elizabeth wants to plant an oak tree in the middle of the patio.

Incident #2: Alvin attempts to repair the TV.

Incident #3: Elizabeth and Alvin deal with a carhop at the drive-in.

Actors: Betty White
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