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My Little Margie (1952-1955)

My Little Margie


Comedy / Sitcom

Cast: Gale Storm and Charles Farrell

Margie Albright is the vivacious, irrepressible, 21 year old daughter of Vernon Albright, a widowed executive at the investment counseling firm of Honeywell & Todd, and is perpetually in fear of losing 'the big account' because of Margie's meddling. My Little Margie aired in 126 total episodes on CBS from June 16, 1952 to September 8, 1952 and again on CBS from June 1, 1953 to July 30, 1953 followed by a stint on NBC from September 2, 1953 and nding on August 24, 1955.

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My Little Margie Radio Show

Margie Sings Opera (06/30/1952)

Margie gets an opera singer to perform at a party to impress one of Vern's clients. When the singer cancels, Margie must replace him by disguising herself as the male singer.

Insurance (07/28/1952)

When Vern's doctor tells him he needs to get in better shape for his insurance he does so by walking instead of going by car and cutting back on meals. This causes Margie to think her father is in financial difficulties and she tries her best to correct the problem.

Vern's Chums (09/08/1952)

Margie invites Freddie's parents to dinner to try and drum up some investment business for Vern. Vern thinks it must mean Margie and Freddie are considering marriage, so he brings home some show people to make a bad impression on Mr. & Mrs. Wilson.

The Missing Link (10/25/1952)

When Margie is conned into buying the contract of a has-been wrestler she tries to make back her money by claiming she and Freddie are big game hunters who have returned from the wilderness with the missing link.

Trapped Freddie (03/12/1953)

Vern promises Margie a new car if she won't see Freddie for one month. Unaware that Freddie is already there, Margie agrees, then must try to hide him from Vern.

Buried Treasure (04/02/1953)

When the Albrights buy a run-down country house, Vern tries to keep Margie occupied by planting a phony treasure map.

To Health with Yoga (04/30/1953)

Margie tries to meet the author of a book on yoga by telling some fibs that keep growing.

A Horse on Vern (05/14/1953)

Margie gets a job as a newspaper reporter but runs into some trouble over a missing horse.

Vern's New Girlfriend (06/04/1953)

Margie tries to prevent a gold-digging blonde from hooking her father.

Delinquent Margie (06/18/1953)

Mrs. Odetts enlists the help of Margie and Vern to get $6000 dollars out of her trust fund so she can buy a hot rod car.

Margie's Phantom Lover (10/28/1953)

Vern and Mr. Honeywell make Margie believe she has a secret admirer to keep her from entering an auto race. When Margie tries to find out who the secret admirer is, Vern's new client gets involved.

What's Cooking? (12/02/1953)

Margie invites Mr. Honeywell and a prospective client to dinner. She lets Freddie, who now has a job selling cookware, make the dinner. What she doesn't know is that Vern's client is a competitor of Freddie's company.

Margie's Millionth Member (12/23/1953)

Margie forces Vern to eat "Boomies" cereal so the next-door-neighbor boy can win a prize. Vern is concerned because his company represents a rival product. The situation comes to a head just before Margie and Vern are scheduled to appear on a live children's program sponsored by "Boomies" cereal. The set and costumes used in the "My Little Margie" episode "Margie's Millionth Member" are from "Rocky Jones Space Ranger". Both sets and costumes were used at The Hal Roach Studios. The name of one of the cereal company owners is "Mr.Crackie".

Meet Mr. Murphy (12/30/1953)

Margie agrees to babysit for a chimpanzee that belongs to one of Vern's clients. Vern, not realizing who the chimp belongs to, pays Freddie to kidnap it. When Margie learns of the plan, she tells Freddie to go ahead with it to teach Vern a lesson.

Margie Babysits (02/17/1954)

Margie and Vern babysit for client's grandson who happens to be an obnoxious brat. What Margie doesn't realize is that the old lady neighbor who is helping them amuse the child is actually a notorious thief.

Honeyboy Honeywell (04/21/1954)

Convinced Mr. Honeywell would be a better boss if he were a married man, Margie gets him a date at a lonely hearts club. When the woman turns out to be a gold-digger, Mrs. Odetts and Margie pose as Mr. Honeywell's wife and daughter to get rid of her.

Margie and the Shah (05/12/1954)

Despite Vern's objections, Margie is determined to meet Vern's old fraternity brother, the Shah of Zena, even if it means sneaking into his hotel room.

Star of Khybar (09/22/1954)

Margie tries to help a private detective find a maharaja's stolen jewel, but only succeeds in making everyone think she is involved in the theft.

Hillbilly Margie (09/27/1954)

When a group of mountain folk inherit stock in Honeywell & Todd, Margie and Vern must pose as hillbillies to get it back.

Vern's Winter Vacation (11/24/1954)

Margie poses as Freddie's bride after he wins a trip to Palm Beach by using a phony story.

San Francisco Story (12/01/1954)

In San Francisco, Vern's rival tricks Margie into interfering in a Chinese family feud, not realizing one of the men is Vern's client.

Miss Whoosis (01/05/1955)

Margie gets a job modeling clothes for a fashion designer. When she wants to date the photographer, she breaches her contract by posing for another campaign. The designer is outraged, and what she doesn't realize is that he is one of Vern's clients. She then must try to hide the fact that she is Vern's daughter in order to save her father's contract with him

Unexpected Guest (01/19/1955)

Mr. Honeywell lends the Albright's apartment to a client. When Margie and Vernon return unexpectedly, they pretend to be the maid and butler.

Vern's Mother-in-Law (02/02/1955)

Vern tells the story of how he married Margie's mother and was hired by Honeywell & Todd.

Hawaii Story (02/23/1955)

Vernon's boss wont let him take Margie to Hawaii with on business trip to win a new client, a semi-retired movie star who is vain about her age and prefers younger men. Mr. Honeywell convinces Vernon to dye his hair and pretend to be younger. Once in Hawaii the competition for the client starts and traveling with his full grown daughter could put a crimp in Vernon's youth based attempt at landing this new client. If only Margie could pretend to be just a bit younger.

Corpus Delecti (03/23/1955)

Freddie has a new job working for a private eye and when he and Margie find a murderer's diary in an old trunk they decide to investigate. The trail ends up leading them to one of Vern's clients.

Papa and Mambo (04/20/1955)

Mr. Honeywell has promised Vern that he will step down and give Vern the presidency of the company, but when the time comes, he's not ready to retire. He says that if Vern gets a contract with an important client, he will step down, but if Mr. Honeywell himself gets it, he will remain president. Vern agrees, but Mr. Honeywell tricks Margie into working against her father. 

Actors: Charles Farrell, Gale Storm
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Matinee Classics - My Little Margie starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell
Matinee Classics - My Little Margie starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell
Matinee Classics - My Little Margie starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell

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