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High Noon (1952)

High Noon


85 minutes

AFI Top 100 / Western

Directed by Fred Zinnemann


Gary Cooper as Marshal Will Kane
Grace Kelly as Amy Fowler
Katy Jurado as Helen Ramirez
Lloyd Bridges as Deputy Sheriff Harvey Pell
Ian MacDonald as Frank Miller
Thomas Mitchell as Mayor Jonas Henderson
Otto Kruger as Judge Percy Mettrick
Lon Chaney Jr. as Martin Howe
Harry Morgan as Sam Fuller
Eve McVeagh as Mildred Fuller
Morgan Farley as Dr. Mahin, Minister
Harry Shannon as Cooper
Lee Van Cleef as Jack Colby
Robert J. Wilke as Pierce
Sheb Wooley as Ben Miller
James Millican as Deputy Sheriff Herb Baker
John Doucette as Trumbull
Jack Elam as Charlie the town drunk
Lee Aaker as young boy

Will Kane has been the marshal for quite some time now in Hadleyville and has just married pacifist Quaker Amy. After he marries her, he leaves his job as marshal and plans to become a storekeeper in another town. His plans change when everyone discovers that Frank Miller is arriving on the noon train. Miller is a criminal Kane sent to prison who was sentenced to death, but got out of it for an unknown reason. Miller promised he would get back at Kane. The townspeople start to worry about his arrival, for his three men are awaiting him at the train station. They persuade Kane to leave.

Kane decides to leave with his wife, but changes his mind, afraid the gang will track him down and do something horrible to the townspeople. He gets back to his duties as marshal and searches for people to help him. He does not find much help in his deputy Harvey Pell, for he wants to take down Miller without any help. Helen Ramírez, Kane's ex-girlfriend admires what he is doing, but has nothing to offer. She sells her business and leaves town, disappointed by the townspeople. Amy informs Kane she wants to leave on the noon train and will leave without him if she has to. Kane disregards her threats and goes to a Sunday church service looking for more help. Nobody offers their help, even though they find what he is doing courageous.

Kane is left with no other choice but to face Miller and his gang on his own. He shoots the other two guys, but is injured. Helen Ramirez and Amy are ready to leave on the train, but Amy gets off when she hears the gunfight happening. She forgets about her religious views and shoots Pierce in the back. Frank then grabs hold of her, leaving Kane with no option. All of a sudden Amy fights Miller and he throws her to the side. This gives Kane an open shot and he instantly kills Miller. The whole town comes to celebrate the victory and Kane throws his badge on the dirt and leaves with his wife.     

High Noon - Trailer

Directors: Fred Zinnemann
Actors: Lloyd Bridges, Lon Chaney Jr., Gary Cooper, Jack Elam, Katy Jurado, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell, Harry Morgan, Lee Van Cleef
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