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Cinderella (1950)



74 minutes

Animation / Family / Fantasy

Directed by Clyde Geronimi and Wilfred Jackson


Ilene Woods as the voice of Cinderella  
Eleanor Audley as the voice of Lady Tremaine 
Verna Felton as the voice of Fairy Godmother  
Rhoda Williams as the voice of Drizella 
James MacDonald as the voice of Bruno / Gus / Jaques    
Luis Van Rooten as the voice of King / Grand Duke 
Don Barclay as the voice of Doorman        

Cinderella is living a beautiful and happy life with her parents until her mother dies and her father marries a ruthless woman with two daughters named Drizella and Anastasia.  Then her own father passes away and she is left to deal with her evil stepmother and stepsisters.  She is turned into the servant of her own house.  All three try to keep her away from attending the ball in which the King is in search for a bride.  With the help of her friends and a fairy godmother, they all help her to get to the ball in high fashion. 

Cinderella - Trailer

Cinderella - Trailer 2

Cinderella is only child of a widowed aristocrat. Feeling his daughter needs a mother figure, he marries a seemingly kind woman, Lady Tremaine, who has two daughters from her previous marriage, Drizella and Anastasia. After her father dies, the orphaned girl sees her stepmother and stepsisters’ greedy and selfish true colors come out, as they are jealous of her beauty. They abuse Cinderella, banishing her to the attic and making her their housemaid and servant. They even allow the cat, Lucifer, to pester her. In the meantime, the stepsisters get to be pampered and spend the family fortune. However, Cinderella is a kind woman, and finds comfort in her dreams and with the barn dog Bruno, horse Major, mice, and birds.
One morning, Cinderella rescues a mouse from a mouse trap on the stairs, dresses him, and names him Gus. As she prepares breakfast for her wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters, Gus is befriended by another mouse, Jaques, who shows him around the house. They encounter Lady Tremaine’s despicable cat, Lucifer, but manage to escape unharmed.
At the royal palace, the King is angry that his son, Prince Charming, has yet to marry. Wanting grandchildren, he orders the Grand Duke put on a ball for his son, who has returned from an extended absence. As all eligible maidens will be invited, the King’s hope is that his son will find a bride. Cinderella is thrilled when an invitation arrives by messenger to her house. Knowing that if her stepdaughter attends the ball she will outshine her own daughters, Lady Tremaine tells Cinderella she can only go if she completes all of her work and finds a suitable dress to wear. Her animal friends, directed by Gus and Jaques, subsequently refashion one of her mother’s old dresses. They find extra trimming from some of Drizella and Anastasia’s old clothes that were just lying around, and affix them to the gown.
Cinderella has been given so much work that she never gets a chance to fix up her mother’s dress. She is astonished when she enters the attic and finds a beautiful gown waiting for her. She puts in on and walks downstairs, looking stunning. The stepsisters recognize their beads and sash, and rip them off of Cinderella.  They depart for the ball, leaving her in shreds and tears.
Cinderella runs off to the garden crying, but is quieted by the arrival of her Fairy Godmother. With the wave of her magic wand and the phrase “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” she gives the young woman a blue dress with glass slippers, and transforms a pumpkin in a carriage. The mice are turned into horses, and Bruno and Major are changed into the coachman and footman. The Fairy instructs Cinderella to return home before the clock strikes twelve, at which time the spell will be broken. She is grateful, and takes off for the ball.
At the ball, the Prince rejects every girl, until he sets sight on Cinderella. They dance alone throughout the grounds of the castle, and fall in love. Right as Prince Charming is about to kiss her, the clock chimes midnight. Cinderella quickly flees, leaving behind a glass slipper as she flies down the grand staircase, Prince Charming and the Duke chasing after her. She escapes as her clothes turn into rags, one glass slipper her only evidence of the night.
The next morning, the prince orders every house in the kingdom be searched for the girl who fits the shoe, so that he can marry her. When the news of this search reaches Cinderella, she hurries to find the matching shoe. Noticing the dreamy look on her face, Lady Tremaine figures out that her stepdaughter is the mystery woman. To keep her from being discovered by the Prince, she locks Cinderella in the attic. As Drizella and Anastasia frantically try to force the shoe to fit their oversized feet, Gus and Jaques steal the key from the Wicked Stepmother and get it to Cinderella’s door. Lucifer ensnares them, causing the animals to alert Bruno. He barks at the cat, scaring it out of the house.
Cinderella is finally freed, and excitedly runs down the stairs as the Grand Duke is exiting. He calls for the messenger to bring forth the slipper for her to try on, but Lady Tremaine trips him, causing the shoe to drop and shatter. The Duke is devastated until Cinderella produces the matching glass slipper. He places it on her foot, and it fits perfectly. Soon after, wedding bells are heard as Prince Charming and Cinderella wed, and live happily ever after.

Directors: Walt Disney
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