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Adventures of the Flying Cadets (1943)

Adventures of the Flying Cadets


Adventure / Serial / War

265 minutes in 13 chapters.

Directed by Lewis D. Collins and Ray Taylor

A Universal serial in 13 chapters. Flying students Danny Collins, Jinx Roberts, Scrapper McKay and Zombie Parker are suspected of a series of murders perpetrated by a Nazi agent known as the Black Hangman. The latter is an engineer, Arthur Galt, who has disposed of several people who accompanied him on an expedition which located lost helium deposits in Africa. Galt has also imprisoned the remaining members of the expedition, Professor Mason and his daughter Andre. Galt plans to sell the helium to Germany through a Gestapo ring headed by Kurt von Heiger. The four cadets, thinking Galt is their friend, fly with him to Africa as they hope to track down Von Heiger, thinking he is the Black Hangman, and clear their own names of the murder charges. They are pursued to Africa by U.S. Army Intelligence officer Captain Ralph Carson. 

Enterprising air cadets are suspected of a series of murders actually committed by The Black Hangman, a mysterious Nazi agent.  One of the best screen villains in Hollywood history, the demonic-looking Eduardo Cianelli. Cianelli plays Karl Von Heiger, alias The Black Hangman, who has discovered a lost helium deposit in Darkest Africa. To safeguard the location, Von Heiger and mining engineer Arthur Galt (Robert Armstrong) kill the members of an expedition except for Professor Mason (Selmer Jackson) and his lovely daughter Andre (Jennifer Holt), whom they imprison. To clear their names, the four cadets -- Danny Collins (Johnny Downs), Jinx Roberts (Bobby Jordan), Scrapper MacKay (Ward Wood), and Zombie Parker (Billy Benedict) -- go in search for the villains, rescuing Mason & daughter along the way. By the 13th and final chapter, "The Toll of Treason," the boys have more or less singlehandedly wiped out the Nazi presence in Africa.


Johnny Downs as Cadet Danny Collins
Bobby Jordan as Cadet Jinx Roberts
Ward Wood as Cadet Scrapper McKay
William Benedict as Cadet Zombie Parker
Eduardo Ciannelli as Kurt von Heiger, alias Corby
Regis Toomey as Captain Ralph Carson
Robert Armstrong as Arthur Galt, alias The Black Hangman
Charles Trowbridge as Maj. William Elliott
Joseph Crehan as Colonel George Bolton
Addison Richards as A.J. 'Jack' Hill
Leyland Hodgson as Captain Hartley, British Army
Ian Keith as Colonel Lee
Philip Van Zandt as Herman Klott, alias Jack Hargrove
Joan Blair as Frau Klott, alias Mrs. Hargrove
Selmer Jackson as Professor Mason

Chapter titles

Chapter 1 - The Black Hangman Strikes

Chapter 2 - Menaced by Murderers

Chapter 3 - Into the Flames

Chapter 4 - Doorway of Death

Chapter 5 - Crashed in a Crater

Chapter 6 - Rendezvous with Doom

Chapter 7 - Gestapo Execution

Chapter 8 - Masters of Treachery

Chapter 9 - Wings of Destruction

Chapter 10 - Caught in the Caves of An-Kar-Ban

Chapter 11 - Hostages for Treason

Chapter 12 - The Black Hangman Strikes Again

Chapter 13 - The Toll of Treason

Actors: Robert Armstrong, Billy Benedict, Bobby Jordan, Regis Toomey
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