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Four Shall Die (1940)

Four Shall Die


72 minutes

Black Cast / Mystery / Suspense

Directed by Leo C. Popkin


Pete Webster as Pierre Touissant
Mantan Moreland as Beefus
Alfred Grant as Roger Fielding
Dorothy Dandridge as Helen Fielding
Vernon McCalla as Dr. Ronald Webb
Jesse Lee Brooks as Dr. Hugh Leonard
Reginald Fenderson as Hickson
Jack Carr as Lew Covey
Johnny Thomas as Bill Summers
Edward Thompson as Sgt. Adams
Earl Hall as Jefferson
Guernsey Morrow as Attendant

Helen Fielding is the heir to the empire of the late millionaire Roger Fielding, Sr. She ends her relationship with the corrupt Lew Covey to begin a new relationship with reporter Bill Summers. Covey is determined to win Helen back in order to receive her inheritance. A bet takes place between Hickson, a friend of Helen's and Covey after Hickson tells him and Dr. Hugh Leonard that his dead mother’s spirit visited him. Covey doesn’t believe the story so makes a bet with Hickson. Hickson takes the men into Dr. Ronald Webb's spiritualistic room, where the voice of 'Momba', an angry spirit, warns Covey that he will die later that night. The spirit also warns Hickson and Leonard they will die one day apart from each other after Covey’s death. Then the ghost of Roger Fielding, Sr. informs his son, Roger Fielding, Jr. that he will be the next one to die. Helen finds the body of Covey in her room later that night, leaving Bill to be the main suspect, but Hickson believes Covey killed himself. Everyone decides it’s better to leave the police out of the situation and use the assistance of famous detective Pierre Touissant and his assistant, Beefus, to help them solve the case. More problems come their way that night after Hickson is shot to death by a man named Jefferson. Touissant finally reveals that Webb had planned all along to get the inheritance by frightening everyone with spirits. Covey and Hickson arrive with the police, proving Touissant was right all along. 

Actors: Dorothy Dandridge, Mantan Moreland
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Matinee Classics - Four Shall Die starring Niel Webster, Mantan Moreland and Dorothy Dandridge
Matinee Classics - Four Shall Die starring Niel Webster, Mantan Moreland and Dorothy Dandridge

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