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Call of the Yukon (1938)

Call of the Yukon


70 minutes.

Directed by John Coyle and B. Reeves Eason

Cast: Richard Arlen, Beverly Roberts, Lyle Talbot, Mala and Al St. John

Film / Action / Adventure

After her master game warden Francis Graham died on the way to the little Yukon town of Topek his loyal dog the collie Firefly just about gave up on life. Firefly spent hours at a time never leaving her master's graveside until she came in contact with the mix breed, half wolf half dog, alpha wolf Swift Lightning. It was during the cold and bitter winter of 1937-38 that Swift Lightning lead his pack of hungry wolves in and around Topek killing off and eating all the available game, a herd of caribou, making it impossible for the local native and Canadian and American trappers to survive there. With everyone in town going up north to the town and city of Nenana and Fairbanks young American writer Jean Williams opted to stay only to change her mind when the both cold and pack of wolves started to close in on her cabin.

With only the American trapper Gaston Rogers, who stayed behind, to help Jean travels up north to Nenana and to civilization where the two got unexpected help from both Firefly and her now mate for life the ferocious wolf/dog Swift Lightning. At first Gaston was not at all that friendly with the two canines whom he looked at as food, when both his and Jean's rations ran out, and nothing else. It was later when the two mutts proved how valuable they were in saving both his and Jean's lives that Gaston started to have second thoughts about his fellow, in the Yukon, living creatures and four footed friends. That's when Gaston himself risked his life in returning the favor by going out in the woods during an drenching spring downpour and rescuing Swift Lightning, who was trapped under a fallen tree. The movie shows how in a place like the inhospitable Yukon man and animal have to cooperate with each other in order for both to survive. Both Swift Lightning and Firefly show Gaston that they are indeed man's best friend. Jean who was at first in loved with the far less macho Hugo Henderson saw in Gaston, who for a time she couldn't stand, a man willing to change his ways when confronted with the truth in that wolves, like Swift Lightning, can be as, if not more, dependable as any fellow trapper and hunter in the wild.

Actors: Richard Arlen, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John, Lyle Talbot
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