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Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island (1936)

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island


Adventure / Animal / Serial

256 minutes in 14 chapters

Directed by Ray Taylor and Mack V. Wright


Ray Mala as Mala   
Rex the Wonder Horse
Buck the Dog
Mamo Clark as Princess Melani
Herbert Rawlinson as Grant Jackson
William Newell as Hank McGlaurie
John Ward as Anthony Tupper
John Dilson as E. G. Ellsworth
Selmer Jackson as Canfield
John Picorri as Porotu
George Chesebro as Draker
Bob Kortman as Wilson
George Cleveland as Goebe
Lloyd Whitlock as Lamar
Tiny Roebuck as Eppa
Tracy Layne as Larkin
Herbert Weber as Stevens
Anthony Pawley as Clark
Allen Connor as Jim Taylor

A Republic Serial in 14 chapters.

Mala, a Polynesian in the employ of U.S. Intelligence, investigates sabotage on Clipper Island. A gang of spies causes the eruption of a volcano , for which our hero is blamed. He convinces the local Princess Melani of his innocence and helps her ward off a takeover by rival high priest Porotu. 

Following the sabotage and destruction of Pacific Dirigible Airlines' airship San Francisco on her maiden flight on the new California-Australia route (with the death of thirty-three people on board), the United States Intelligence Department assigns Agent Mala to investigate. Evidence points to the refuelling station on Clipper Island (in the Pacific Ocean). Mala heads to the island as a company radio operator, with partner Hank McGlaurie and dog Buck. The masked master spy known only as H.K. has learned of his mission and dispatches his henchmen to intercept. Also causing problems is high priest Porotu, who wishes to usurp Princess Melani and rule the Komatoans. 
Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Trailer

Chapter 1 - The Mysterious Island

Chapter 2 - Flaming Danger

Chapter 3 - Fathoms Below

Chapter 4 - Into the Enemy's Camp

Chapter 5 - Danger in the Air

Chapter 6 - The God of the Volcano

Chapter 7 - Trail's End

Chapter 8 - The Jaws of the Beast

Chapter 9 - The Cave of the Winds

Chapter 10 - Wings of Fury

Chapter 11 - Agents of Disaster

Chapter 12 - The Sea Trap

Chapter 13 - Mutiny

Chapter 14 - Thunder Mountain

Actors: George Chesebro, George Cleveland
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Matinee Classics - Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island starring Ray Mala, Mamo Clark, Herbert Rawlinson, William Newell, John Ward, John Dilson, Selmer Jackson, John Picorri, George Chesebro, Bob Kirtman, George Cleveland, Lloyd Whitlock, Tiny Roebuck, Tracy Layne, Herbert Weber, Anthony Pawley, Allen Connor, Rex the Wonder Horse and Buck the Dog
Matinee Classics - Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island starring Mamo Clark, Mala, Rex, and Buck

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