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Three Girls Lost (1931)

Three Girls Lost


80 minutes

Directed by Sidney Lanfield

Written by Robert Hardy Andrews and Bradley King

Produced by Sidney Lanfield

Cinematography by L. William O’Connell

Distributed by Fox Film Corporation

Drama / ystery


Loretta Young as Norene McMann

Lew Cody as William (Jack) Marriott

John Wayne as Gordon Wales

Joan Marsh as Marcia Tallant

Joyce Compton as Edna Best

Brooks Benedict as Airport Lothario

George Beranger as Andre

Ward Bond as Airline Steward

Paul Fix as Tony Halcomb

Willie Fung as Chinese Headwaiter

Sherry Hall as Reporter

Tenen Holtz as Photographer

Hank Mann as Taxicab Driver

Robert Emmett O'Connor as Detective

Bert Roach as Undetermined Role

Charles Sullivan as Taxicab Driver

Kathrin Clare Ward as Mrs. McGee

An awkward and confusing love affair begins when Norene is locked out of her apartment, which she shares with two other girls, and is let in by her neighbor, Gordon Wales.  Gordon is an architect who is working on a project for a client with underworld connections.  When the client is murdered Gordon is arrested for the murder because of the attention the mobster had shown to Norene.  To complicate matters, one of Norene’s roommates has the hots for Gordon and is trying to sabotage their relationship.  Can Norene keep the man of her dreams and overcome the obstacles fate is putting between them?

Three Girls Lost was filmed in the pre-code era, a time between the inclusion of sound in films, and the advent of the Motion Pictures Production Code censorship guidelines in 1930.  Although technically the code was issued in 1930, it was not really enforced until 1934, so movies prior to its enforcement are also considered pre-code.  Pre-code movies were much racier than their after-code counterparts, including sexual innuendos, profanity, illegal drug use, and references to homosexuality, infidelity and abortion.  Pre code movies also showed much more sexually suggestive attire.

John Wayne was 24 years old during the making of Three Girls Lost.

John Wayne was unhappy with the roles he was getting with Fox, and the studio cancelled his contract before the release of Three Girls Lost.

Actors: John Wayne, Loretta Young
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