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Dogs is Dogs (1931)

Dogs is Dogs  


Comedy / Family

21 minutes

Directed by Robert F. McGowan 

Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins as Wheezer
Sherwood Bailey as Spud
Matthew 'Stymie' Beard as Stymie
Dorothy DeBorba as Dorothy
Dickie Jackson as Dickie
Pete the Pup as Petie
Harry Bernard as Police Officer
Billy Gilbert as Mr. Brown
Blanche Payson as Spud's mother
Lyle Tayo as Wheezer's aunt
Baldwin Cooke as Driver

This 1931 release in the Our Gang / Little Rascals series of short films, Dogs is Dogs, was directed by Robert F. McGowan.

Poor Wheezer and Dorothy, along with Petie, their dog, are living with their mean stepmother. Wheezer, Dorothy, and Petie are treated like second-class citizens while the stepmother’s son, Sherwood, and his dog, Nero, are treated like princes of the house.

When Petie is discovered in the house, after coming in through a window, Wheezer is given a spanking and the stepmother threatens to send Petie to the pound if he doesn’t stay outside where he belongs.  Sherwood, who Wheezer has nicknamed ‘Spud’, teases Wheezer until he can’t stand it any more and Wheezer punches him.  Of course, the stepmother spanks Wheezer again and threatens to send Wheezer and Dorothy to an orphanage.

Stymie shows up for a visit and, in the stepmother’s absence, tricks Spud into cooking a nice breakfast for the kids.  Later Spud’s dog, Nero, pushes him into the well and, after a bit of teasing, Wheezer and Stymie rescue him.

When Spud finds out that his dog has killed a neighbor’s chicken he blames Petie, knowing that it was his own dog who was the culprit.  The stepmother sends poor Petie to the pound where he is visited by Wheezer.  A kind lady there takes pity on Wheezer and pays to have Petie released, and in talking with Wheezer they discover that she is their very wealthy aunt.  She tells the kids that their father has been ill, and all’s well that ends well when Wheezer and Dorothy and Petie are taken in by the kind aunt.

Directors: Robert F. McGowan
Actors: Matthew 'Stymie' Beard, Our Gang, Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins, Little Rascals
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