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War Films (1890-2010)

War Films

(1890 – 2010)

Aerial Gunner (1943) – 78 minutes

Buddies Chester Morris and Richard Arlen fight over a girl in basic training.

Battle of Blood Island (1960) – 71 minutes, Richard Devon, Ron Kennedy

Two American GIs are the only survivors of a unit wiped out in a battle with Japanese troops on an isolated island.

The Black Brigade (1970) -- Color, TV Movie, 70 minutes, Stephen Boyd, Moses Gunn, Richard Pryor

A redneck officer is put in charge of a squad of black troops charged with taking an important bridge from the Nazis.

Commandos (1968) – Italy, Color, 98 minutes, Lee Van Cleef, Jack Kelly

Sgt. Sullivan puts together a group of Italian-Americans in disguise as Italian soldiers in order to infiltrate a North African camp held by the Italians.

Corregidor (1943) – 73 minutes, Otto Kruger, Elissa Landi, Donald Woods

A hospital treats the wounded as troops try to beat back a ferocious Japanese attack. 

The Dawn Express (1942) – 54 minutes, Anne Nagel, Michael Whalen

A Nazi spy ring is after a chemical formula that increases the power of ordinary gasoline for U.S. Army aviation use. 

Bombs Over Burma (1943) – 65 minutes, Anna May Wong

Chinese girl risks her life on espionage mission against Japanese in World War 2.

Desert Commandos (1977) – Italy, Color, 96 minutes, Ken Clark, Horst Frank, Jeanne Valerie

Eagle in a Cage (1971) – Britain, Color, 98 minutes, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Billie Whitelaw

In 1815 a soldier becomes the governor of St. Helena and jailer of Napoleon.

Escape from Sobibor (1987) – France, Color, 120 minutes

During WWII, the death camp at Treblinka had an escape, causing the Commandant at a similar camp in Sobibor to vow that his camp would never experience the same thing.

Exile Express (1939) – 71 minutes, Anna Sten, Alan Marshal

Spies will not stop at murder in their attempts to wrest a secret formula for a deadly poison away from American scientists.

A Farewell to Arms (1932) – 80 minutes

WW I romance with Gary Cooper, Helen Hayes.

Go For Broke (1951) – 92 minutes

Van Johnson leads a Japanese-American unit fighting in Europe.

Gung Ho! (1943) – 88 minutes

Marines led by Randolph Scott invade Japanese island.

Hell in Normandy (1968) – Italy, Color, 90 minutes, Guy Madison

A special parachute unit is sent to destroy a German flame thrower installation on Omaha Beach.

Hitler-Dead or Alive (1942) – 70 minutes, Ward Bond

A team of ex-con bounty hunters go to Germany in search of Hitler -- to earn a million dollar reward!

Hitler's SS: A Portrait in Evil (1985) -- Color, TV movie, 135 minutes

John Shea, Bill Nighy in Hitler's SS.

Iron Angel (1964) – 70 minutes, Jim Davis, Don 'Red' Berry

Sent behind enemy lines to knock out a North Korean gun emplacement, a squad of GI's walk right into a Commie ambush!

Lady from Chungking (1942) – 66 minutes, Anna May Wong

After the Japanese invade China in WW 2, a young woman leads a band of partisans against the occupying troops.

The Marines are Coming (1930) – 71 minutes

William Haines, Conrad Nagel in Latin American insurrection.

Minesweeper (1943) – 67 minutes, Richard Arlen, Russell Hayden

A naval officer who had deserted several years earlier is drawn back to the Navy when World War II begins.

Mutiny (1952) -- Color, 77 minutes, Angela Lansbury

Early in the War of 1812, Captain James Marshall is commissioned to run the British blockade and fetch an unofficial war loan from France.

The Navy Way (1944) – 74 minutes, Robert Lowery, Jean Parker

The experiences of a disparate group of young men as they make their way through Navy boot camp.

The North Star (1943) – 108 minutes, Dana Andrews, Anne Baxter, Walter Huston

Ukrainian village vs. Nazis.

The Steel Claw (1961) -- Color, 96 minutes

George Montgomery is called back into service to rescue a general held by Filipino guerrillas behind Japanese lines.

Submarine Alert (1943) – 66 minutes, Richard Arlen, Wendy Barrie

Nazi spies use a stolen shortwave transmitter prototype to broadcast top secret shipping info to an offshore Japanese sub.

Submarine Base (1943) – 65 minutes, John Litel, Alan Baxter

American gangster supplies German U-boats with torpedoes that explode at sea.

Sundown (1941) – 90 minutes, Gene Tierney

Englishmen fighting Nazis in Africa discover an exotic mystery woman living among the natives and enlist her aid in overcoming the Germans.

Three Came Home (1950) – 106 minutes, Claudette Colbert

The true story of one woman's confinement in a WW II Japanese prison camp.

Underground (1941) – 95 minutes

A World War II Hollywood propaganda film detailing the dark underside of Nazism and the Third Reich set between two brothers who are SS officers in the Nazi party.

A Yank in Libya (1942) – 67 minutes, H.B. Warner, Walter Woolf King

American correspondent Mike Malone uncovers a Nazi plot for an uprising of the Arab tribes in Libya.

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