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02/05/14 5:12 pm
I noticed two mistakes with the William Boyd link. First on your Actors site for Boyd, you list the film "The Lost City" as being one of his. That was William"Stage" Boyd, a run-of-the mill actor who got busted for having a wild party with booze and drugs. The newspaper carried Bill boyd's picture with the story and his career was ruined for a time until the Hoppy films. The second mistake was that you did not list one of his westerns for 1941 "Stick To Your Guns" which featured a young actress named Jennifer Holt.

05/22/13 1:52 pm
GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, PLEASE!!! There are at least two Hollywood film actors on IMDB with the name Robert Shaw who are often confused with each other and who have mistaken film credits attributed to one or the other that should be corrected. For example, the name of the lead actor in the cliffhanger film serial of the 1940's called, "Son of the Guardsman" (which is available on this website) is Robert Shaw. When you click on the Robert Shaw hyperlink, it takes you to the IMDB page of the Robert Shaw who starred in The Sting and in Jaws. THAT IS WRONG!!! The Robert Shaw of Jaws was no where near Hollywood when The Son of the Guardsman was filmed. He would have been too young. The English actor Robert Archibald Shaw did not come to Hollywood until the 1960's, long after The Son of the Guardsman and other films of the 1930's and 1940's were filmed in Hollywood starring the original Robert Shaw. The Robert Shaw who starred in the Son of the Guardsman is the screen name for Robert Gottschall who starred in another one of the films offered on this website, "20,000 Men a Year." When Robert Gottschall was signed to Twentieth Century Fox and later Columbia for Son of the Guardsman, he went by the stage name of Robert Shaw. As a result, the two Robert Shaw's are often confused with each other. For this reason, IMDB changed the listing for the Robert Shaw in Son of the Guardsman and 20,000 Men a Year to Robert Gottschall. Now, the fans of the Robert Shaw in Son of the Guardsman have to visit the IMDB site of Robert Gottschall to view his correct filmography, which by the way, is fairly prolific itself! There are still a few errors on the IMDB site, but that's only because they haven't completely updated Robert Gottschall's website yet. Please visit Robert Gottschall's IMDB website to get the accurate info on the Robert Shaw who really starred as David Trent in Son of the Guardsman. Robert Gottschall died in January 2005. I know because I am one of Robert Gottschall's sons.

02/07/13 11:03 pm
oh if only you could gt tis stuff all the time

02/05/13 10:02 pm
I sure enjoy this website

03/13/12 10:57 pm
I love the memories

03/07/12 8:39 pm
what a great place to find memories


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