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Victor Fleming DIRECTOR


Victor Fleming was born February 23, 1889 in La Cañada, California. He entered the film business, more particularly Flying A Studio in Santa Barabara, California, in 1910 as a stuntman – usually performing in car scenes. This of course came natural to him, as he had prior been a mechanic and race car driver. In 1915 he got his first gig behind the camera, working with his new actor friend, Marshall Neilan, at Kalem. Here he helped film early Ham and Bud comedy shorts.

Soon after, Fleming joined Triangle under the Douglas Fairbanks unit where he often labored under the directors Allan Dwan and D.W. Griffith. His first picture here was “The Habit of Happiness” (1916), and he continued to aid in the filmmaking process for over ten more films, not limited to “Macbeth” (1916), “American Aristocracy” (1916), and “Reaching for the Moon” (1917). In 1917 the cinematographer got his first taste of directing as second assistant director to D.W. Griffith in his drama “Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages”.

During World War I, Fleming served in the photographic section as chief photographer for President Woodrow Wilson at Versailles, France. After the war ended, Fleming joined Douglas Fairbanks once again at the newly created United Artists. This time, however, he served as director. He made his debut with 1919’s “When the Clouds Roll By”, which he also wrote and even made an appearance in.

The director quickly became known as a “man’s director”, helming action packed, fast paced, dramatic features. Later, at Paramount, Fleming came out with his first success, the drama “Lord Jim” (1925). A year following, he exposed Clara Bow’s true talent in the comedy “Mantrap” (1926). The director soon after helped unearth another star, Gary Cooper, in his first true hit, the western “The Virginian” (1929).

In 1932, Fleming joined MGM, where he would release some of the studio’s most outstanding features. Clark Gable was launched to stardom with “Red Dust” (1932), and the director continued to launch his own fame with such classics as “Bombshell” (1933), “Treasure Island” (1934), “Captain Courageous” (1937), and “Test Pilot” (1938). His two most esteemed came in 1939: the fantastical family adventure that propelled Judy Garland to the top, “The Wizard of Oz”, and the lovely eight Oscar winning romanceGone with the Wind”, in which he was asked to take over direction for George Cukor.

In the forties, Fleming came out with such films as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (1941), which served as his third and final production effort (his first two being “Adventure” (1925) and “Renegades” (1930), “Tortilla Flat” (1942), “A Guy Named Joe” (1943), “Adventure” (1945), and his final, the seven Academy Award nominated but mixed reviewed “Joan of Arc” (1948).

Soon after completing “Joan of Arc”, Fleming died suddenly from a heart attack. His death occurred on January 6, 1949 in Cottonwood, Arizona. He was survived by his wife of sixteen years, Lucile Rosson, and their two kids. During his career, he won only one Oscar, as Best Director for “Gone with the Wind”. However, he was bestowed an even greater honor, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for all of his impressive work in the motion picture industry.

1956       Ford Star Jubilee 

1948       Joan of Arc

1945       Adventure

1943       A Guy Named Joe

1942       Tortilla Flat

1941       Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1941       They Dare Not Love 

1939       Gone with the Wind

1939       The Wizard of Oz

1938       The Crowd Roars  

1938       The Great Waltz

1938       Test Pilot

1937       Captains Courageous

1937       The Good Earth 

1935       The Farmer Takes a Wife

1935       Reckless

1934       Treasure Island

1933       Bombshell 

1933       The White Sister 

1932       Red Dust 

1932       The Wet Parade

1931       Around the World with Douglas Fairbanks  

1930       Renegades

1930       Common Clay

1929       The Virginian

1929       The Wolf Song

1928       The Awakening

1928       Abie's Irish Rose

1927       The Rough Riders

1927       Hula

1927       The Way of All Flesh

1926       Mantrap

1926       The Blind Goddess

1925       Lord Jim

1925       A Son of His Father

1925       Adventure

1925       The Devil's Cargo

1924       Empty Hands

1924       Code of the Sea

1923       The Call of the Canyon

1923       To the Last Man

1923       Law of the Lawless

1923       Dark Secrets

1922       Anna Ascends

1922       Red Hot Romance

1922       The Lane That Had No Turning

1921       Woman's Place

1921       Mama's Affair

1920       The Mollycoddle

1919       When the Clouds Roll by 

1919       His Majesty, the American

1919       When the Clouds Roll by

1917       Reaching for the Moon

1917       Down to Earth

1917       Wild and Woolly

1916       Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages

1916       The Americano

1916       The Matrimaniac

1916       American Aristocracy

1916       Manhattan Madness

1916       The Half-Breed

1916       An Innocent Magdalene

1916       Macbeth

1916       The Good Bad Man

1916       Little Meena's Romance

1916       The Habit of Happiness

1916       Betty of Greystone

1915       Fifty-Fifty 

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