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Edward Bernds DIRECTOR

Edward Bernds was born on July 12th, 1905 in Chicago, Illinois with the middle name Ludwig.  He first developed an interest in the entertainment industry during junior high school, when he and a group of friends started a radio club and obtained amateur licenses.
After graduating from high school in 1923, Bernds was given the opportunity to work as a chief operator at Chicago's WENR.  He worked for a number of years on radio until he decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California and pursue working in the film industry as a career as a sound technician.
He gained a number of years experience working for both Universal and Columbia and then in 1945 he began working on the other side of the industry as a director with his first two-reel short, "Micro-Phonies" (1945), a 'Three Stooges Film' for Columbia Pictures.
For the next seven years, he remained employed with Columbia as a director.  Other shorts he directed during his employment with Columbia were, "Mr. Noisy" (1946), "Wife to Spare" (1947), "Crime on their Hands" (1948), "Radio Riot's " (1949), "Punchy Cowpunchers" (1950) and "Blondie's Hero" (1950).

When Columbia downsized their studio in 1952, Bernds resigned after his close friend and fellow director, Hugh McCollum was fired.  Bernds remained working as a director in the industry on other films such as, "Gold Raiders" (1950), "Clipped Wings" (1953), "Navy Wife" (1956), "The Storm Rider" (1957) and the television series, "Sugarfoot" and "Colt .45" (both 1957).

He had now branched out in the industry and was able to show his talents to Hollywood in a variety of different genres.  He had moved up to directing dramatic features in the late 50's and early 60's, however he did return to do some work with the 'The Three Stooges' on their feature films, "The Three Stooges in Orbit" and "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules" (both 1962).
Other works he became well known for were the films, "Return of the Fly" (1959), "Valley of the Dragons" (1961) and his last project was in 1965 on, "The New Three Stooges" television series in 1965. 

Edward Bernds married only once to Bathsheba Landsberg in 1927 and they had two children and remained married until she passed away in 1992.  Bernds then lost his life a couple years later on May 20th, 2000 in Van Nuys, California. 


1965   The New 3 Stooges

1962   The Three Stooges in Orbit 

1962   The Three Stooges Meet Hercules 

1961   Valley of the Dragons 

1959   Return of the Fly

1959   Alaska Passage 

1958   Joy Ride 

1958   Queen of Outer Space 

1958   Space Master X-7 

1958   High School Hellcats 

1958   Quantrill's Raiders

1957   Escape from Red Rock

1957   Sugarfoot 

1957   Colt .45 

1957   Reform School Girl 

1957   The Storm Rider 

1956   Calling Homicide

1956   Navy Wife

1956   World Without End

1955   Dig That Uranium

1955   Spy Chasers 

1955   The Millionaire 

1955   Bowery to Bagdad 

1953-1954  The Ford Television Theatre 

1954   Jungle Gents 

1954   The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

1953   Private Eyes 

1953   Hot News

1953   Clipped Wings

1953   Loose in London

1953   White Lightning

1952   Gents in a Jam 

1952   Heebie Gee-Gees

1952   Listen, Judge 

1952   Harem Girl 

1951   The Champs Step Out

1951   The Tooth Will Out

1951   Corky of Gasoline Alley 

1951   Gold Raiders 

1951   Merry Mavericks

1951   Three Arabian Nuts 

1951   Gasoline Alley

1950   A Snitch in Time 

1950   Studio Stoops

1950   Two Roaming Champs 

1950   Beware of Blondie 

1950   Blondie's Hero 

1950   Dopey Dicks

1950   His Baiting Beauty

1950   Punchy Cowpunchers

1949   Let Down Your Aerial

1949   Feudin' Rhythm 

1949   Vagabond Loafers

1949   Waiting in the Lurch

1949   Blondie Hits the Jackpot 

1949   Fuelin' Around

1949   Microspook

1949   Blondie's Big Deal 

1949   Who Done It?

1949   Radio Riot

1949   He's in Again

1948   Blondie's Secret

1948   Crime on Their Hands

1948   Mummy's Dummies

1948   Billie Gets Her Man

1948   The Hot Scots

1948   Flat Feat

1948   The Sheepish Wolf

1948   Eight-Ball Andy

1948   Squareheads of the Round Table

1948   Pardon My Clutch

1948   Two Nuts in a Rut

1947   Radio Romeo

1947   Wedlock Deadlock

1947   Wife to Spare

1947   Wedding Belle

1947   Hectic Honeymoon

1947   Brideless Groom

1947   Out West

1947   Bride and Gloom

1947   Fright Night

1947   Scooper Dooper

1947   Hot Heir

1947   Meet Mr. Mischief

1946   Andy Plays Hookey

1946   Three Little Pirates

1946   Slappily Married

1946   Honeymoon Blues

1946   Society Mugs

1946   Pardon My Terror

1946   Hot Water

1946   Monkey Businessmen

1946   The Three Troubledoers

1946   Get Along Little Zombie

1946   Mr. Noisy

1946   A Bird in the Head

1946   When the Wife's Away

1945   Micro-Phonies 

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