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Willie Nelson ACTOR


Willie Nelson was born on April 30th, 1933 in Abott, Texas with the middle name Hugh to Myrtle Greenhaw and Ira D. Nelson.  As a young boy his mother abandoned him and his sister and soon after, his father passed away, leaving him and his sister Bobbie to be raised by their grandparents.
At the age of six he had received his first guitar as a gift and began writing his own music.  Soon he was performing with a number of polka bands and was even given some radio experience.  After graduating from Abott High School, Nelson had been promoted to working as a DJ at the local radio station. 
He then took a brief break from pursuing a career in entertainment to join the United States Air Force, however, he was alter discharged due back injuries that plagued him throughout his lifetime.  He then enrolled at Baylor university, but only for two years before dropping out and focusing all his attention on a music career.
While returning to pursue a career as an entertainer, Nelson supported himself working as a janitor and soon released his first song, "No Place For Me".  He later became most well known for such songs as, "Always On My Mind", "On the Road Again" and "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys", the latter sung with fellow outlaw Waylon Jennings which won the 1978 Grammy Award for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.
Willie soon made a real name for himself in Nashville, Tennessee when he began selling the songs he wrote to such country stars as Patsy Cline and Ray Price.  His own singing career began to take off when he released a duet with country singer, Shirley Collie.  He then joined the Grand 'Ol Opry, but although he thought this move would further his career, it did no such thing.
Nelson decided in the 1970's that if he was ever going to make a name for himself in the music industry he needed to stop writing music for other country stars to sing and instead, needed to sing his own music. 
He released two albums, "Shotgun Willie" and "Phases and Stages" and finally, the industry began to take notice of him as a singer and not just a song writer.  He then released, "Red Headed Stranger" and now with his music career underway, he began to embark on a career as a film actor. 
Nelson began to add such film credits to his resume as, "The Electric Horseman" (1979) starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, "Honeysuckle Rose" (1980) starring alongside of Dyan Cannon, Amy Irving and Slim Pickens, "Thief" (1981), "Barbarosa" (1982) starring with Gary Busey, "Songwriter" (1984) and "Red Headed Stranger" (1986).
In addition to film roles he also appeared on such television series as, "Miami Vice", "Nash Bridges", "Monk", "Adventures in Wonderland", "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", "King of the Hill" and "The Colbert Report" among many others. 
More recent film roles include, "Gone Fishin" (1997), "Blonde Ambition" (2007) starring with Jessica Simpson and Luke Wilson, "Beer for My Horses" (2008), "Surfer, Dude" (2008), "Get a Job" (2011) and soon to release, "When Angels Sing" (2012) and "Cottonwood" (2012).  He also continues to tour live concerts and perform for his fans.
Nelson has written more than 2,500 songs and has released close to 300 albums.  Now not only was he a well known singer and writer in the entertainment industry, he was also quite a talented actor becoming highly desired in Hollywood.  He did not neglect his singing career and he formed a group called the Highwaymen with singers, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings where they recorded music and toured for a couple years.
He has also released a book in 2006 titled, "Willie Nelson: The Outlaw".  Also, that same year, Nelson partnered with his nephew, Freddy Fletcher to open 'Austin City Limits' which is a studio  and nightclub.
Willie Nelson has received a number of honors such as being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993 and in 1998, Nelson received the Kennedy Center Honors.  In 2001, Willie Nelson was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.
Nelson did have some personal issues such as the IRS seizing all his belongings to auction off and pay for his back taxes he owed.  It is said many of his fans, purchased these items and then gave them back to Nelson as a way of saying thank you for a number of free concerts he had provided in support of Farm Aid.
Willie Nelson is currently married to Annie D'Angelo whom he wed in 1991 and together they have two children.  Prior to this marriage he has married three other times.  His first wife was Martha Jewel Matthews whom he wed in 1952 and together they had three children before this marriage ended in 1960.  His second wife was Shirley Collie from 1961 through 1971.  His third wife was Connie Koepke whom he wed in 1972 and had two more children before another marriage came to an end in 1988.


2012   Cottonwood 

2012   When Angels Sing 

2011   Get a Job

2008   Surfer, Dude

2008   Beer for My Horses 

2007   Blonde Ambition

2007   The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning 

2007   Fighting with Anger 

2005   The Dukes of Hazzard

2002-2004  Monk 

2004   The Big Bounce

2001   The Journeyman

2000   Stardust 

1999   The Long Kill

1996-1998  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

1998   Half Baked 

1997   Wag the Dog 

1997   Nash Bridges

1997   Gone Fishin'

1996   Starlight 

1994   Dust to Dust 

1991   Another Pair of Aces: Three of a Kind

1990   Pair of Aces 

1988   Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? 

1988   Once Upon a Texas Train 

1986   Miami Vice 

1986   Red Headed Stranger 

1986   Stagecoach

1986   The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James 

1984   Pryor's Place

1984   Songwriter

1982   Coming Out of the Ice 

1982   Barbarosa 

1981   Thief 

1980   Honeysuckle Rose

1979   The Electric Horseman

1978   The Rockford Files

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