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William Gargan ACTOR


William Gargan was born on July 17th, 1905 in Brooklyn, New York with the middle name Dennis.  His brother, Edward Gargan also grew up to pursue a career as an actor and later the two men appeared on the big screen in the films, "Miss Annie Rooney" (1942) and "Follow That Woman" (1945).  
Prior to finding fulltime work as an actor, Gargan was hired selling bootleg whiskey to New York speakeasies.  He also worked for a detective agency until he visited his brother one day who was performing in a musical comedy, and Gargan was offered a job as a stage actor.
He is most well known for portraying character roles in a number of Hollywood films.  He is also remembered for his role on the radio program, "Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator" (1951-1955) and as detective Ross Dolan on the ABC radio program, "I Deal in Crime" (1946-1947). 
His career began with performing in such stage productions as, "Aloma of the South Seas" and then he began to add film credits to his resume such as, "Misleading Lady" (1932) which soon followed with roles in such films as, "Rain" (1932) starring Joan Crawford, "Night Flight" (1933), "The Line-Up" (1934), "Blackmailer" (1936), "She Asked for It" (1937), "Sporting Blood" (1940), "Flying Cadets" (1941), "Sealed Lips" (1942), "Song of the Sarong" (1945) and "Swell Guy" (1946) among many others.
Along with his many film roles he also appeared on such television series as, "Martin Kane" (1949-1951), "Danger" (1954), "Studio One in Hollywood" (1958) and his final role on the series, "Pursuit" (1958).
In 1958, he retired from acting after being diagnosed with throat cancer.  He had to speak through a artificial voice box and became an advocate for the American Cancer Society, warning others about the dangers of smoking.   
William Gargan married only once throughout his lifetime to Mary Kenny in 1928 and they remained together until he passed away on February 17th, 1979 from a heart attack while on an airplane traveling from New York to San Diego, California. 


1958   Pursuit

1958   Studio One in Hollywood

1957-1958  The New Adventures of Martin Kane 

1956   Miracle in the Rain 

1955   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 

1955   The Rawhide Years

1955   The Ford Television Theatre 

1955   Mr. Citizen

1954   Danger 

1949- 1951  Martin Kane 

1949   Dynamite

1948   Waterfront at Midnight

1948   The Argyle Secrets

1946   Swell Guy

1946   Till the End of Time

1946   Hot Cargo

1946   Rendezvous 24 

1946   Murder in the Music Hall 

1946   Night Editor 

1946   Strange Impersonation 

1946   Behind Green Lights 

1945   Follow That Woman 

1945   The Bells of St. Mary's 

1945   Midnight Manhunt

1945   Song of the Sarong 

1945   She Gets Her Man

1944   The Canterville Ghost

1943   Swing Fever

1943   Harrigan's Kid

1943   No Place for a Lady

1942   Who Done It? 

1942   Destination Unknown

1942   Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen 

1942   The Mayor of 44th Street

1942   Miss Annie Rooney

1942   A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen

1942   A Close Call for Ellery Queen

1942   Bombay Clipper

1942   Sealed Lips

1941   Keep 'Em Flying

1941   I Wake Up Screaming 

1941   Flying Cadets 

1941   Cheers for Miss Bishop 

1940   They Knew What They Wanted 

1940   Sporting Blood 

1940   Turnabout

1940   Star Dust

1940   Isle of Destiny 

1940   Double Alibi

1939   Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President 

1939   The Housekeeper's Daughter 

1939   Three Sons 

1939   The House of Fear 

1939   Women in the Wind

1939   Broadway Serenade

1939   The Adventures of Jane Arden

1939   Within the Law

1938   Personal Secretary 

1938   The Crowd Roars 

1938   The Devil's Party

1938   The Crime of Doctor Hallet 

1937   You're a Sweetheart
1937   Some Blondes Are Dangerous 

1937   Behind the Mike 

1937   She Asked for It

1937   Reported Missing 

1937   Wings Over Honolulu

1937   Breezing Home

1937   You Only Live Once

1936   Flying Hostess

1936   Fury and the Woman 

1936   Alibi for Murder

1936   Blackmailer 

1936   Navy Born

1936   Sky Parade

1936   The Milky Way

1936   Man Hunt 

1935   Broadway Gondolier

1935   Bright Lights

1935   Don't Bet on Blondes

1935   Black Fury 

1935   Traveling Saleslady

1935   A Night at the Ritz 

1935   Things Are Looking Up

1934   British Agent 

1934   Strictly Dynamite 

1934   The Line-Up

1934   Four Frightened People 

1933   Headline Shooter 

1933   Aggie Appleby Maker of Men 

1933   Night Flight 

1933   The Story of Temple Drake 

1933   Sweepings 

1933   Lucky Devils 

1932   The Animal Kingdom 

1932   The Sport Parade 

1932   Rain 

1932   Misleading Lady

1931   His Woman

1931   Partners

1930   Follow the Leader 

1928   Lucky Boy

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