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Will Ferrell ACTOR


Will Ferrell was born on July 16th, 1967 in Irvine, California with the birth name John William Ferrell born to Betty Kay Overman and Lee Ferrell a keyboard and saxophone player with the Righteous Brothers.  He first became interested in performing arts while in high school as he was responsible for making the daily morning announcements over the public access system while disguising his voice. 
After graduating from University High School in Irvine, California, he enrolled at the University of Southern California and earned a degree in Sports Information.  Will then tried his hand at numerous jobs, but being unsuccessful he then tried stand up comedy.  In the beginning of his career, this too was unsuccessful so he then joined the Los Angeles comedy and improvisation group called, The Groundings. 
His career soon took off with roles on such television programs as, "Living Single" (1993), "Grace Under Fire" (1993) and  "Strangers with Candy" (1999).  It did not take long before he became a cast member of, "Saturday Night Live" (1975) which he remained on as a cast member for a total of seven years.  He even earned an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of President Bush. 
Other credits added to his resume are roles in such comedies as, "Old School" (2003), "Elf" (2003), "Anchorman" (2005), "Talladega Nights" (2006), "Stranger than Fiction"(2005), "A Night at the Roxbury" (1998), "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" (1997), "Blades of Glory" (2007), "Semi-Pro" (2008), "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" (1999) and "The Other Guys" (2010) which he not only starred in but was also the executive director for the film.
Along with his film and television career he has also been involved in a variety of voice over projects such as, "The Oblongs" (2001), "Family Guy" (2000-2001), "Curious George" (2006), "King of the Hill" (1999) and "Megamind" (2010).  
In 2000 he married his one and only wife, Viveca Paulin and they have three children and remain living in Los Angeles, California and also own a home in New York City.  Some of his latest roles have been in such films and television series as, "30 Rock" (2010), "Papanatos" (2011), "The Office" (2011) and soon to release, "Casa de mi Padre" (2012) and "Dog Fight" (2012).
Along with acting he is very involved in running marathons and raises money for charities such as helping cancer survivors earn scholarship money.  He remains working in the industry and it is known that his net worth is estimated at $80 million.  


2012 Dog Fight
2012 Casa de mi Padre
2012 Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
2011 24/7 Blake Griffin: Intern
2011 MTV Video Music Awards 2011 
2011 Dear Woman
2011 The Office 
2011 Megamind: The Button of Doom 
2010-2011 Funny or Die Presents...
2011 Fight for Your Right Revisited
2011 Papanatos
2010 Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy
2010 Megamind
2010 Everything Must Go 
2010 The Other Guys NYPD Recruitment Video
2010 The Other Guys 
2010 30 Rock 
2010 Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
2010 Presidential Reunion
2010 Drunk History 
2010 Carpet Bros 
2009 The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard 
2009 Land of the Lost
2009 Eastbound & Down 
2009 Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America - A Final Night with George W. Bush 
2009 Late Night with Conan O'Brien 
2008 High-Five Hollywood!
2008 Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update Thursday 
2008 Green Team 
2008 Step Brothers
2008 Semi-Pro
2007 The Landlord
2007 Blades of Glory 
2007 The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show 
2007 The Procedure 
2007 Good Cop, Baby Cop 
1995-2006 Saturday Night Live 
2006 Stranger Than Fiction
2006 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 
2006 Curious George
2006 The ESPY Awards: ESPY Nomination Special 
2005 The Producers 
2005 Winter Passing 
2005 Wedding Crashers 
2005 Bewitched 
2005 Kicking & Screaming 
2005 The Wendell Baker Story 
2004 Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie 
2004 Melinda and Melinda 
2004 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 
2004 Starsky & Hutch
2003 Elf 
2003 The Guardian 
2003 Old School 
2003 MTV: Reloaded 
2002 Boat Trip 
2001 Undeclared
2001 The Oblongs 
2001 Zoolander 
2000-2001 Family Guy 
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 
2000 The Ladies Man 
2000 Strangers with Candy
2000 Drowning Mona 
1999 Superstar 
1999 Dick
1999 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
1999 Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 
1999 King of the Hill 
1999 The Suburbans 
1998 The Thin Pink Line 
1998 A Night at the Roxbury 
1997 The Angry Beavers
1997 Cow and Chicken
1997 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 
1997 Men Seeking Women
1995 A Bucket of Blood
1995 Living Single
1995 Grace Under Fire 
1995 On Our Own
1995 Criminal Hearts

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