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Warren Hull ACTOR


Warren Hull was born on January 17th, 1903 in Gasport, New York with the birth name John Warren Hull.  He was born to parents, John Clarence and Laura H Hull and had two sisters, Laura Grace and Lina Southwick Hall.
As he child her had a creative outlet and developed an interest in music.  He went to school at Oakland School and graduated from Lockport High School where he became involved in school productions.    

After school he went on to work as a local radio singer and decided he really liked entertaining and so chose to further his career by attending Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York and studied voice.  He then relocated to New York City and found employment as a chorus singer and soon was in such Broadway productions as "My Maryland" (1927), "Rain and Shine" (1928) and "Follow Thru" (1929).
After working on two musical film shorts he was offered the opportunity to for a film contact with Warner Brothers.  He began starring in such films as "Personal Maid's Secret" (1935), "Miss Pacific Fleet" (1935), "Freshman Love" (1936), "Rhythm in the Clouds" (1937), "The Walking Dead" (1936), "Night Key" (1937), "The Husband's Secretary" (1937) and "A Bride for Henry" (1937).
After he worked on the serial role in "The Spider's Web" (1938) decent film roles began to get offered to him such as in "Mandrake the Magician" (1939), "The Green Hornet Strikes Again!" (1940) and "The Spider Returns" (1941).  
Along with having a decent film career, he made his mark in the entertainment industry as a game show host on such shows as "Strike It Rich" (1951) amongst others.  In the early 1960's he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and chose to retire from the industry.  He relocated to live on a farm in Connecticut and at the age of seventy one he died of a heart attack on September 14th, 1974.  He was buried in Woodbury, Connecticut and was survived by his fourth wife, Susan Fossum and his three children, George, Paul and Ann. 
His three other wives were, Agnes Briggs, Dorothy Daye and Elouise Gilmore Shea.  He was awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio and Television.  


1941 Bowery Blitzkrieg
1941 The Spider Returns
1940 The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
1940 Ride Tenderfoot Ride
1940 Marked Men
1940 The Last Alarm
1940 The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady
1940 Hidden Enemy
1940 Yukon Flight
1940 Remedy for Riches
1939 Crashing Thru
1939 The Girl from Rio
1939 Should a Girl Marry?
1939 Mandrake the Magician
1939 Star Reporter
1938 Smashing the Spy Ring
1938 The Spider's Web
1938 Hawaii Calls
1937 A Bride for Henry
1937 Paradise Isle
1937 Rhythm in the Clouds
1937 Michael O'Halloran
1937 Night Key
1937 Her Husband's Secretary
1936 Fugitive in the Sky
1936 Love Begins at Twenty
1936 Bengal Tiger
1936 The Big Noise
1936 The Law in Her Hands
1936 The Walking Dead
1936 Freshman Love
1935 Miss Pacific Fleet
1935 Personal Maid's Secret
1935 All for One
1935 Love in a Hurry
1951 Crawford Mystery Theatre 
1949 A Couple of Joes
1947 Public Prosecutor 

Matinee Classics - A Bride for Henry starring Anna Neagle, Warren Hull and Henry Mollison
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