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Warner Oland ACTOR


Warner Oland was born on October 3rd, 1879 in Nyby, Västerbottens län, Sweden with the birth name Johan Verner Ölund to parents, Jonas Olund and Maria Johanna Forsberg.  In 1892 his family immigrated to the United States
Once he completed high school he went to work as a stage actor on Broadway for sometime before relocating from New York to California to try and pursue a career in the silent film industry.  He first found work at various odd jobs to support himself financially until he began getting cast in a number of silent films during the 1910's and 1920's.
When the silent film era transitioned to sound he began landing more significant roles such as on the film, "The Jazz Singer" (1927).  Soon he was cast in one of his most prominent roles as Charlie Chan, a Chinese-American police detective in the film "Charlie Chan Carries On" (1931) followed with more roles portraying the same character in "The Black Camel" (1931), "Charlie Chan at the Opera" (1936) amongst others.
He was so financially stable and Fox considered him their number one money maker, however in his personal life he became very addicted to alcohol and would experience delusional behavior every time he consumed alcohol.
He did continue to work with the series, but seemed to be typecast to roles mostly portraying mysterious Asian characters, but then in 1935 he was signed exclusively to the series and his final eight film roles were all 'Chan' films.
Even though he continued to suffer from alcohol addiction, Fox put up with his personal issues since he was such a money maker for the studio.  However, after a number of incidences where he would walk out of the studio while filming, Fox decided they could no longer keep him in the cast and his film career came to an end.
He had only married once to Edith Shearn in 1907 and they remained married for thirty years until she could no longer deal with his alcohol addiction and therefore the marriage came to an end.  
He moved back to Sweden to live with his mother and on August 6th, 1938 he passed away in Stockholm, Sweden from bronchial pneumonia at the age of fifty seven.  He is buried in Southborough Rural Cemetery in Southborough, Massachusetts.     


1937 Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo
1937 Charlie Chan on Broadway 
1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics
1936 Charlie Chan at the Opera 
1936 Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936 Charlie Chan at the Circus
1936 Charlie Chan's Secret
1935 Charlie Chan in Shanghai
1935 Shanghai
1935 Charlie Chan in Egypt 
1935 Werewolf of London 
1935 Charlie Chan in Paris
1934 The Painted Veil 
1934 Charlie Chan in London 
1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
1934 Charlie Chan's Courage 
1934 Mandalay
1934 As Husbands Go
1933 Charlie Chan's Greatest Case
1933 Before Dawn
1932 The Son-Daughter
1932 A Passport to Hell
1932 Shanghai Express
1932 Charlie Chan's Chance
1931 The Big Gamble
1931 Daughter of the Dragon
1931 The Black Camel
1931 Charlie Chan Carries On
1931 Dishonored
1931 The Drums of Jeopardy
1930 The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu
1930 Paramount on Parade
1930 The Vagabond King 
1930 Dangerous Paradise
1929 The Mighty 
1929 The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu 
1929 The Studio Murder Mystery
1929 Chinatown Nights
1929 The Faker
1928 Dream of Love
1928 The Scarlet Lady
1928 Wheel of Chance 
1928 Stand and Deliver 
1927 Good Time Charley 
1927 Sailor Izzy Murphy 
1927 The Jazz Singer 
1927 What Happened to Father?
1927 Old San Francisco
1927 A Million Bid 
1927 When a Man Loves
1926 Man of the Forest 
1926 Tell It to the Marines 
1926 Twinkletoes 
1926 The Marriage Clause 
1926 The Mystery Club 
1926 Don Juan 
1925 Infatuation 
1925 The Winding Stair
1925 Flower of Night
1925 Don Q Son of Zorro
1925 Riders of the Purple Sage 
1924 Curlytop
1924 So This Is Marriage? 
1924 One Night in Rome 
1924 The Fighting American 
1923 His Children's Children
1922 The Pride of Palomar
1922 East Is West 
1921 Hurricane Hutch
1921 The Yellow Arm 
1920 The Phantom Foe
1920 The Third Eye
1919 The Witness for the Defense
1919 The Avalanche
1919 The Twin Pawns
1919 Mandarin's Gold 
1919 The Lightning Raider 
1918 The Yellow Ticket 
1918 The Mysterious Client
1918 The Naulahka
1918 Convict 993
1917 The Cigarette Girl
1917 The Fatal Ring
1917 Patria 
1916 The Rise of Susan
1916 Beatrice Fairfax
1916 The Eternal Question 
1916 The Eternal Sappho
1916 The Reapers 
1916 The Fool's Revenge 
1916 Beatrice Fairfax Episode 4: The Stone God 
1915 Destruction
1915 The Unfaithful Wife 
1915 Sin 
1915 The Romance of Elaine
1912 Pilgrim's Progress 

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