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Walter Burke ACTOR


Walter Burke was born on August 25th, 1908 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Walter Lawrence Burke, born to Thomas and Bedelia McNamara Burke.  He became most well remembered for his role as the bodyguard in, "All the King's Men" (1949).
His career as an actor began as a child actor on stage appearing in such Broadway productions as, "Up in Central Park", "Major Barbara" and "Dearest Enemy".  At the age of twenty he joined the American Opera Company troupe and worked with them for two years performing in such productions as, "Madame Butterfly" and "Yolanda of Cyprus".
He continued gaining experience as a stage actor and then in the late 1940's he decided to give Hollywood a try.  He debuted in the film, "The Naked City" (1948) and followed with appearances in, "All the King's Men" (1949) starring Broderick Crawford, "Mystery Street" (1950), "Dark City" (1950), "The Killer That Stalked New York" (1950) and "The Crimson Kimono" (1959) starring James Shigeta, Glenn Corbett and Victoria Shaw. 
Along with working in films over the course of his career he also add a variety of television roles to his resume such as, "Martin Kane", "Black Saddle", "Johnny Staccato", "Two Faces West", "The Lloyd Bridges Show", "The Legend of Jesse James", "Bewitched", "Lost in Space", "Peter Gunn", "Rawhide", "Have Gun - Will Travel", "Bonanza", "Police Story" and "Love, American Style".
More prominent film roles he added to his resume later in his career were on, "Jack the Giant Killer" (1962), "Beauty and the Beast" (1962), "The Plainsman" (1966) starring Guy Stockwell, Don Murray, Henry Silva, Bradford Dillman, Leslie Nielsen and Simon Oakland, "Support Your Local Sheriff!" (1969) starring James Garner, Walter Brennan, Jack Elam, Harry Morgan, Joan Hackett and Bruce Dern and "Support Your Local Gunfighter" (1971) which shares many of the sam cast and plot ideas as the aforementioned film such as James Garner but also added Suzanne Pleshette, Chuck Connors, Ben Cooper, John Dehner, Marie Windsor, Ellen Corby, Dub Taylor and Joan Blondell.  
When not working on set he divided his time between living in Los Angeles and also on his ranch in Pennsylvania.  On August 4th, 1984 he passed away from emphysema in Woodland Hills, California at the age of seventy five. 


1980   The Hustler of Muscle Beach

1980   Hello, Larry 
1978   The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

1977   The Red Hand Gang 

1977   Insight
1976   The Streets of San Francisco 

1974-1976  Police Story 

1973   Diana
1973   The Stone Killer 

1973   Murdock's Gang

1971-1973  Love, American Style
1972   The Doris Day Show

1961-1972  Bonanza

1972   Hec Ramsey 
1972   Goodnight, My Love

1972   Circle of Fear 

1972   Longstreet 
1972   Adam-12 

1972   Rod Serling's Night Gallery

1972   Mission: Impossible 
1971   Chandler 

1971   Nichols 

1971   Support Your Local Gunfighter
1969-1971  The F.B.I.

1970   The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again

1970   I Dream of Jeannie
1970   The Virginian

1970   It Takes a Thief

1959-1969  Gunsmoke
1969   Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

1969   Daniel Boone 

1966-1969  The Big Valley 
1969   The Outsider 

1969   Support Your Local Sheriff! 

1968   The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1968   Ironside

1968   Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

1967   The President's Analyst
1967   The Wild Wild West

1967   Stranger on the Run

1967   Rango
1967   Double Trouble

1967   Laredo

1967   Lost in Space
1964-1966  Death Valley Days

1966   The Fugitive

1966   The Lucy Show
1966   The Plainsman

1959-1966  Perry Mason 

1966   The Legend of Jesse James 
1966   Hogan's Heroes

1966   Batman

1965   I Spy
1965   The Smothers Brothers Show

1965   Branded 

1965   The Munsters
1965   Bewitched 

1965   Diamond Jim: Skulduggery in Samantha

1964   Mickey
1964   Dr. Kildare

1964   My Fair Lady 

1964   The Outer Limits 
1964   Arrest and Trial

1964   The Great Adventure 

1964   Grindl 
1963   The Wheeler Dealers

1963   Temple Houston 

1963   Maggie Brown 
1963   Vacation Playhouse 

1963   The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze
1963   The Lloyd Bridges Show 

1961-1963  The Untouchables

1963   Empire
1960-1963  77 Sunset Strip 

1962   Fair Exchange

1962   The Wide Country
1962   Ben Casey 

1962   How the West Was Won 

1962   Beauty and the Beast
1962   Jack the Giant Killer

1962   Thriller

1962   Follow the Sun
1959-1962  The Jack Benny Program

1962   King of Diamonds

1961   G.E. True Theater
1959-1961  Lawman

1961   87th Precinct

1961   The Lawless Years
1961   Outlaws

1961   The Best of the Post

1959-1961  The Detectives
1961   Shirley Temple Theatre

1959-1961  Have Gun - Will Travel

1961   Hawaiian Eye
1961   Two Faces West

1960   Klondike

1960   The Islanders
1960   Let No Man Write My Epitaph

1960   Assignment: Underwater

1959-1960  The Alaskans
1960   Bourbon Street Beat

1959-1960  The Man from Blackhawk

1960   Rawhide 
1960   Twilight Zone 

1960   Tombstone Territory 

1960   Mr. Lucky
1958-1960  Peter Gunn

1960   This Man Dawson 

1960   Shotgun Slade 
1959-1960  Black Saddle 

1959   Johnny Staccato 

1959   Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond 
1959   Law of the Plainsman 

1959   The Crimson Kimono 

1959   The Lineup 
1959   Zane Grey Theater 

1959   Goodyear Theatre

1959   Mike Hammer 
1959   Rescue 8 

1959   The Thin Man

1959   Tales of Wells Fargo 
1959   Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

1959   Sugarfoot 

1959   Yancy Derringer 
1958   Never Love a Stranger 

1956   The Alcoa Hour 

1956   Kraft Theatre 
1955   Star Tonight

1955   The United States Steel Hour 

1954-1955  The Jackie Gleason Show
1955   The Elgin Hour 

1954   Danger 

1953   Robert Montgomery Presents 
1952   Armstrong Circle Theatre 

1951   The Guy Who Came Back

1951   M 
1951   Martin Kane 

1950   Double Deal 

1950   Lux Video Theatre
1950   The Killer That Stalked New York 

1950   Dark City 

1950   Mystery Street
1949   All the King's Men

1948   The Naked City

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