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Virna Lisi ACTOR

Virna Lisi was born on November 8th, 1936 in Jesi, Ancona in Italy with the birth name Virna Pieralisi.  She was blessed with beauty and took advantage of her looks becoming involved in the film industry as a teenager with her first film role in, "La corda d'acciaio (1953) (The line of steel), when she was discovered by two Neapolitan producers, Antonio Ferrigno and Ettore Pesce.
Some of her early film roles were appearances in, "The Doll That Took the Town" (1958), "Don't Tempt the Devil" (1962), "Eva" (1962) and "Duel of the Titans" (1961).  As her film career continued she was seen on such Hollywood films as, "How to Murder Your Wife" (1965) and "Not with My Wife, You Don't!" (1966) and alongside of Frank Sinatra in "Assualt on a Queen" (1966).
When she returned back to Europe she was only being cast in 'B' rated films and also appeared on a number of television shows that aired in Italy.  She also did some commercial work such as promoting a toothpaste brand which increased her popularity even more in Italy. 
It took a couple decades for the public to realize she did indeed have a talent for acting and was not just a pretty face.  By the mid 90's she was appearing on such Italian television movies as, "Cristallo di rocca" (1999), "Le ali della vita 2" (2001), "A casa di Anna" (2004), "Donne sbagliate" (2007) and the Italian television series, "Il sangue e la rosa" (2008).
She began to appear in more successful Hollywood films as well such as, "Queen Margot" (1994) and her latest role was just announced for, "Boogie Woogie" (2011). 
Lisi has married only once to Franco Pesci in 1960 and they have one son, Corrado and remain married today. 


2011 Boogie Woogie
2011 La donna che ritorna
2005-2010 Caterina e le sue figlie
2008 Il sangue e la rosa 
2008 Fidati di me
2007 Donne sbagliate
2006 L'onore e il rispetto 
2004 A casa di Anna 
2003 I ragazzi della via Pál 
2001-2003 Il bello delle donne 
2002 The Best Day of My Life 
2001 La memoria e il perdono 
2001 Occhi verde veleno
2001 Piccolo mondo antico 
2001 Le ali della vita 2 
2000 Un dono semplice
2000 Le ali della vita 
1999 Balzac: A Life of Passion 
1999 Cristallo di rocca 
1997 Deserto di fuoco 
1996 Va' dove ti porta il cuore 
1996 Uno di noi
1994 Queen Margot 
1993 Passioni
1991 I misteri della giungla nera
1989 Merry Christmas... Happy New Year
1989 I ragazzi di via Panisperna
1989 E se poi se ne vanno?
1988 E non se ne vogliono andare!
1988 Cinema
1987 I Love N.Y.
1986 Se un giorno busserai alla mia porta
1985 Christopher Columbus
1984 Amarsi un po'... 
1984 ...e la vita continua 
1983 Time for Loving
1982 Miss Right
1980 La cicala
1979 Ernesto
1979 Bugie bianche
1977 Beyond Good and Evil 
1974 Challenge to White Fang
1974 Philo Vance
1973 Zanna Bianca 
1973 The Serpent 
1972 Bluebeard
1972 Les galets d'Étretat 
1971 Roma bene 
1971 Love Me Strangely
1971 The Statue
1970 The Voyeur
1970 The Heist 
1969 The Secret of Santa Vittoria 
1969 The Christmas Tree 
1969 If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
1968 Better a Widow 
1968 The Girl Who Couldn't Say No
1968 Anyone Can Play
1967 Arabella
1967 The Girl and the General 
1967 The 25th Hour
1966 Not with My Wife, You Don't!
1966 Assault on a Queen 
1966 A Maiden for a Prince 
1966 The Birds, the Bees and the Italians
1965 Kiss the Other Sheik
1965 Made in Italy 
1965 The Possessed
1965 Casanova 70 
1965 The Dolls 
1965 How to Murder Your Wife
1964 Coplan prend des risques 
1964 La tulipe noire 
1963 Don't Tempt the Devil 
1963 The Shortest Day 
1962 Eva 
1961 Duel of the Titans 
1961 5 marines per 100 ragazze 
1961 Il caso Maurizius
1961 Sua Eccellenza si fermò a mangiare 
1961 Cenerentola 
1960 Toto, Peppino and the Fanatics
1960 Un militare e mezzo 
1959-1960 Ottocento
1959 Caterina Sforza, la leonessa di Romagna
1959 Il mondo dei miracoli
1959 Il padrone delle ferriere 
1959 Lost Souls
1958 The Doll That Took the Town 
1957 Ripudiata 
1957 Orgoglio e pregiudizio
1957 Il conte di Matera
1956 Eighteen Year Olds
1955 The Bachelor
1955 Cavalrymen 
1955 La rossa 
1955 Addio Napoli!
1955 New Moon
1955 Vendicata! 
1954 Il vetturale del Moncenisio 
1954 Il cardinale Lambertini 
1954 La corda d'acciaio
1954 Lettera napoletana 
1954 Desiderio 'e sole 
1954 Violenza sul lago 
1954 Piccola santa

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