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Virginia Bruce ACTOR


Virginia Bruce was born on September 29th, 1910 in Minneapolis, Minnesota with the birth name Helen Virginia Briggs.  She was raised in North Dakota and after high school, she relocated to California to attend college.
While living in California she developed an interest in acting and began finding work as an extra in a number of films.  Soon she was beginning to really get noticed in Hollywood and more prominent film roles began to come her direction such as, "Fugitives" (1929), "The Mighty Barnum" (1934), "Here Comes the Band" (1935), "Born to Dance" (1936), "The Bad Man of Brimstone" (1937) starring with Wallace Beery, Lewis Stone, Dennis O'Keefe, Noah Beery Sr., Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Guy Kibbee, Bruce Cabot, and John Qualen, "Yellow Jack" (1938) starring Robert Montgomery, Lewis Stone, Andy Devine, Henry Hull, Buddy Ebsen and Charles Coburn, "Flight Angels" (1940), "Hired Wife" (1940), "Pardon My Sarong" (1942) starring Abbott and Costello, "Love, Honor and Goodbye" (1945) and "Strangers When We Met" (1960).
Along with mostly film work she did add a couple television appearances to her resume such as, "Studio 57", "Lux Video Theatre", "The Ford Television Theatre" and "Science Fiction Theatre".      
She married four times throughout her lifetime, first to actor John Gilbert in 1932 and they had one child before the marriage came to an end in 1934.  She then married J. Walter Ruben in 1937 and they also had one child together and remained married until he passed away in 1942.  Her third time to marry was to Ali Ipar in 1946 and after divorcing in 1951 the couple wed again in 1952 but ended their marriage for good in 1964. 
Virginia Bruce did not re-marry again and after completing her final film role in 1982 on, "Madame Wang's", she passed away on February 24th, 1982 in Woodland Hills, California from cancer. 


1981   Madame Wang's

1960   Strangers When We Meet 
1952-1957  The Ford Television Theatre

1953-1956  Lux Video Theatre 

1956   Studio 57
1955   Science Fiction Theatre 

1955   The Loretta Young Show

1955   Two Grooms for a Bride 
1954   Istanbul 

1953   G.E. True Theater

1950   The Silver Theatre 
1949   State Department: File 649 

1948   Night Has a Thousand Eyes

1945   Love, Honor and Goodbye 
1944   Brazil 

1944   Action in Arabia 

1942   Careful, Soft Shoulder 
1942   Pardon My Sarong

1942   Butch Minds the Baby 

1941   Adventure in Washington
1940   The Invisible Woman

1940   Hired Wife

1940   The Man Who Talked Too Much
1940   Flight Angels

1939   Stronger Than Desire 

1939   Society Lawyer
1939   Let Freedom Ring

1939   There's That Woman Again

1938   There Goes My Heart
1938   Woman Against Woman 

1938   Yellow Jack 

1938   The First Hundred Years 
1938   Arsène Lupin Returns 

1937   The Bad Man of Brimstone 

1937   Wife, Doctor and Nurse
1937   Between Two Women

1937   When Love Is Young

1937   Women of Glamour
1936   Born to Dance

1936   The Great Ziegfeld

1936   The Garden Murder Case
1935   Metropolitan

1935   Here Comes the Band

1935   The Murder Man 
1935   Escapade

1935   Let 'em Have It

1935   Times Square Lady
1935   Shadow of Doubt

1935   Society Doctor

1934   The Mighty Barnum 
1934   Dangerous Corner

1934   Jane Eyre

1932   Kongo
1932   A Scarlet Week-End

1932   Downstairs 

1932   Winner Take All
1932   Sky Bride

1932   The Miracle Man

1931   Hell Divers
1930   Whoopee!

1930   Follow Thru

1930   Let's Go Native 
1930   Raffles

1930   The Social Lion 

1930   Safety in Numbers 
1930   Paramount on Parade 

1930   Young Eagles

1930   Only the Brave
1930   Slightly Scarlet 

1930   Lilies of the Field 

1929   The Love Parade 
1929   Why Bring That Up? 

1929   Woman Trap

1929   Illusion
1929   River of Romance

1929   Fashions in Love

1929   Blue Skies
1929   Fugitives 

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