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Ursula Andress ACTOR


Ursula Andress was born on March 19th, 1936 in Ostermundigen, Bern Switzerland to a family of seven children total.  At the age of seventeen she ran away with an Italian actor until her parents intervened and made her return home.  She always expressed an interest in seeing the rest of the world outside Switzerland.  She was a beautiful woman and wanted to have a career in entertainment.
Her acting career began working on Italian films and was soon signed with Columbia Pictures.  She relocated to the United States and in 1957 married John Derek which actually put a halt to her acting career.
In 1962 she gained popularity from critics when she was cast in the film, "Dr. No" making her one of the most desirable woman in the film industry.  Her accent was so strong that many of her films dubbed her voice.  The success of this film opened up a number of film roles for her such as "4 for Texas" (1963) starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, "What's New Pussycat" (1965), "The 10th Victim" (1965), "The Blue Max" (1966), "Casino Royale" (1966), for which she won a Golden Globe Award and "The Sensuous Nurse" (1975).
Her marriage had ended to Derek in 1966 and in 1979 she began a relationship with Harry Hamlin whom she worked with on the set of the film, "Clash of the Titans" (1981) and with whom she had her only child at the age of forty three.  

After giving birth she put more focus towards her family and less towards her career mostly working on European films.  Her last film role was in 1997 in, "Cremaster 5".  She had ended her relationship with Hamlin in 1982 and never remarried but did spend the remainder of her life living with a man named Lorenzo Rispoli.
Andress was chosen by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history and was voted "Best Bond Girl of All Time" by the readers of British newspaper Daily Mail in 2008.        


2005 The Bird Preachers 
1997 Cremaster 5 
1996 Alles gelogen 
1994 The Cave of the Golden Rose 4 
1993 The Cave of the Golden Rose 3 
1992 Primero izquierda
1989 The Dame Edna Experience
1989 Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders 
1988 Big Man - The Diva 
1988 Falcon Crest 
1988 Klassäzämekunft 
1986 Peter the Great 
1985 Liberté, égalité, choucroute 
1983 The Love Boat
1983 Manimal  
1982 Krasnye kolokola, film pervyy - Meksika v ogne 
1981 Clash of the Titans 
1979 The Fifth Musketeer 
1979 Tigers in Lipstick 
1978 The Mountain of the Cannibal God 
1977 Double Murder 
1976 The Loves and Times of Scaramouche
1976 Africa Express 
1976 Spogliamoci così senza pudor
1976 Safari Express 
1975 The Sensuous Nurse 
1975 Colpo in canna 
1973 Stateline Motel
1971 Red Sun 
1970 Perfect Friday 
1969 The Southern Star 
1968 Anyone Can Play 
1966 Once Before I Die 
1966 Casino Royale 
1966 The Blue Max
1965 The 10th Victim 
1965 Up to His Ears 
1965 What's New Pussycat 
1965 She  
1965 Nightmare in the Sun 
1963 4 for Texas 
1963 Fun in Acapulco 
1962 Dr. No 
1962 Thriller 
1955 Sins of Casanova 
1955 La catena dell'odio
1954 An American in Rome   

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