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Tully Marshall ACTOR


Tully Marshall was born on April 13th, 1864 in Nevada City, California with the birth name William Phillips.  He originally planned after high school to proceed with a career in the legal field, however while studying at Santa Clarita University, he happened upon a drama class and immediately changed his career goals. 

In 1883 he began working as a stage actor in San Francisco, California and then made the move to New York City in 1887 where he began working on a number of Broadway productions.

After gaining quite a bit of stage experience he decided to give the film industry a chance with some of his early appearances being on, "Paid in Full" (1914) co-starring Caroline French and William Riley Hatch, "The Painted Soul" (1915) with Bessie Barriscale, Charles Ray and Truly Shattuck, "The Fatal Glass of Beer" (1916) co-starring Jack Brammall, Elmo Lincoln and Teddy Sampson, "Oliver Twist" (1916) starring with Marie Doro, Hobart Bosworth, W.S. Van Dyke and Raymond Hatton and "A Child of the Paris Streets" (1916) with Mae Marsh, Robert Harron and Jennie Lee.

As his career progressed, he began to appear in more prominent films with a move to Hollywood such as, D.W. Griffith's "Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages" (1916) starring alongside Lillian Gish, Erich von Stroheim, Monte Blue, Tod Browning, Vera Lewis, Mae Marsh, Constance Talmadge, Eugene Pallette, Josephine Crowell, Fred Turner, Elmo Lincoln, Miriam Cooper, Bessie Love, Douglas Fairbanks and a host of other silent film stars, "The Covered Wagon" (1923) starring J. Warren Kerrigan, Lois Wilson, Alan Hale Sr. and Ernest Torrence, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1923) starring Lon Chaney Sr., Patsy Ruth Miller, Norman Kerry, Nigel de Brulier and Brandon Hurst, "Along Came Ruth" (1924) starring Viola Dana, Victor Potel and Walter Hiers, "Torrent" (1926) starring Greta Garbo and Ricardo Cortez, "The Cat and the Canary" (1927) starring Laura La Plant, Forrest Stanley, Creighton Hale, Gertrude Astor and Flora Finch, "Tiger Rose" (1929) with Lenore Ulric and Forrest Stanley, "The Big Trail" (1930) starring John Wayne, Marguerite Churchill, Ward Bond, Iron Eyes Cody, Tyrone Power Sr. and El Brendel, Howard Hughes' "Scarface" (1932) starring Paul Muni, Ann Dvorak, Osgood Perkins, George Raft, Karen Morley and Boris Karloff and "Two-Fisted Law" (1932) starring Tim McCoy, John Wayne, Walter Brennan, Alice Day, Wheeler Oakman and Wallace MacDonald.
He had no issue making the transition from silent films to sounds and over the course of his career as an actor, he added over 150 credits to his resume.  His final film roles were in 1943 in, "Ten Gentlemen from West Point" starring George Montgomery, Maureen O'Hara, John Sutton, Ward Bond, Harry Davenport, Douglass Dumbrille, Ralph Byrd, Laird Cregar, Shepperd Strudwick, Esther Dale, Victor Francen and Louis Jean Heydt, "Behind Prison Walls" with Alan Baxter, Gertrude Michael, Tully Marshall, Edwin Maxwell and "Hitler's Madman" with Patricia Morison, John Carradine, Alan Curtis, Ralph Morgan, Ludwig Stössel and Edgar Kennedy

Tully Marshall married only once in 1899 to Marion Fairfax and they remained married until he passed away on March 10th, 1943 in Encino, California after suffering from a heart attack at the age of seventy eight.  His remains are interred in Hollywood Forever Cemetery in California.

1943         Hitler's Madman
1943         Behind Prison Walls
1942         Ten Gentlemen from West Point
1942         This Gun for Hire
1942         Moontide
1941         Ball of Fire
1941         Sergeant York
1941         For Beauty's Sake
1940         Chad Hanna
1940         Go West
1940         Youth Will Be Served
1940         Brigham Young
1939         Invisible Stripes
1939         Blue Montana Skies
1939         The Kid from Texas
1938         Hold That Kiss
1938         College Swing
1938         Making the Headlines
1938         Arsène Lupin Returns
1938         A Yank at Oxford
1938         Mr. Boggs Steps Out
1937         Hold 'Em Navy
1937         Stand-In
1937         She Asked for It
1937         Souls at Sea
1937         Parnell
1937         California Straight Ahead!
1935         A Tale of Two Cities
1935         Diamond Jim
1935         Black Fury
1934         Murder on the Blackboard
1934         Massacre
1933         Laughing at Life
1933         Fighting with Kit Carson
1933         Corruption
1933         Night of Terror
1932         Merry-Go-Round
1932         Red Dust
1932         The Cabin in the Cotton
1932         Klondike
1932         Exposure
1932         The Hurricane Express
1932         Two-Fisted Law
1932         Strangers of the Evening
1932         Night Court
1932         Grand Hotel
1932         Scandal for Sale
1932         Scarface
1932         Arsène Lupin
1932         The Beast of the City
1932         The Hatchet Man
1932         Broken Lullaby
1931         The Unholy Garden
1931         The Millionaire
1931         The Virtuous Husband
1931         Fighting Caravans
1930         Tom Sawyer
1930         One Night at Susie's
1930         The Big Trail
1930         Common Clay
1930         Dancing Sweetie
1930         Numbered Men
1930         Murder Will Out
1930         Redemption
1930         Under a Texas Moon
1930         Mammy
1930         She Couldn't Say No
1930         Burning Up
1929         Tiger Rose
1929         The Show of Shows
1929         Skin Deep
1929         The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu
1929         Thunderbolt
1929         The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1929         Redskin
1929         Queen Kelly
1928         Conquest
1928         Alias Jimmy Valentine
1928         Perfect Crime
1928         The Trail of '98
1928         Mad Hour
1928         Drums of Love
1927         The Gorilla
1927         The Cat and the Canary
1927         Beware of Widows
1926         Jim, the Conqueror
1926         Twinkletoes
1926         Her Big Night
1926         Old Loves and New
1926         Torrent
1925         Clothes Make the Pirate
1925         The Pace That Thrills
1925         The Merry Widow
1925         The Half-Way Girl
1925         Anything Once
1925         The Talker
1925         Smouldering Fires
1924         The Ridin' Kid from Powder River
1924         He Who Gets Slapped
1924         Reckless Romance
1924         Along Came Ruth
1924         Passion's Pathway
1924         For Sale
1924         Hold Your Breath
1924         The Right of the Strongest
1924         Pagan Passions
1924         The Stranger
1923         Her Temporary Husband
1923         Let's Go
1923         The Dangerous Maid
1923         Ponjola
1923         Richard the Lion-Hearted
1923         Thundergate
1923         Defying Destiny
1923         The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1923         His Last Race
1923         Barefoot Boy
1923         Broken Hearts of Broadway
1923         Temporary Marriage
1923         Law of the Lawless
1923         Fools and Riches
1923         The Covered Wagon
1923         Dangerous Trails
1923         The Brass Bottle
1922         The Beautiful and Damned
1922         The Marriage Chance
1922         Only a Shop Girl
1922         Deserted at the Altar
1922         The Super Sex
1922         Good Men and True
1922         The Village Blacksmith
1922         Without Compromise
1922         Fools of Fortune
1922         The Ladder Jinx
1922         Is Matrimony a Failure?
1922         Too Much Business
1922         The Lying Truth
1922         Penrod
1922         Any Night
1921         Lotus Blossom
1921         Hail the Woman
1921         Silent Years
1921         The Cup of Life
1920         The Little 'Fraid Lady
1920         Her Beloved Villain
1920         Honest Hutch
1920         The Slim Princess
1920         Sick Abed
1920         The Dancin' Fool
1920         The Gift Supreme
1920         Excuse My Dust
1920         Double Speed
1919         Everywoman
1919         Hawthorne of the U.S.A.
1919         The Life Line
1919         The Lottery Man
1919         Her Kingdom of Dreams
1919         The Grim Game
1919         The Crimson Gardenia
1919         The Lady of Red Butte
1919         Daughter of Mine
1919         The Girl Who Stayed at Home
1919         Maggie Pepper
1919         Cheating Cheaters
1918         The Squaw Man
1918         Arizona
1918         Too Many Millions
1918         The Man from Funeral Range
1918         Sic 'Em, Sam 
1918         Bound in Morocco
1918         We Can't Have Everything
1918         Old Wives for New
1918         M'Liss
1918         The Whispering Chorus
1918         The Things We Love
1917         A Modern Musketeer
1917         The Devil-Stone
1917         The Countess Charming
1917         Unconquered
1917         A Romance of the Redwoods
1917         The Golden Fetter
1916         Joan the Woman
1916         Oliver Twist
1916         The Devil's Needle
1916         Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
1916         Skirts
1916         A Child of the Paris Streets
1916         Martha's Vindication
1916         Let Katie Do It
1916         Everybody's Doing It
1916         The Fatal Glass of Beer
1915         The Painted Soul
1915         The Sable Lorcha
1914         Paid in Full

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