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Tristram Coffin ACTOR


Tristram Coffin was the nephew of journalist, Tris Coffin.  He was born on March, 26th, 1909  in the gold and silver mining community of Mammoth, Utah to parents Alice Coombs Coffin and James William Coffin.  He grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and began acting in High School.  He began his acting career traveling with stock companies.  Tris earned his college degree in speech from the university of Washington and was working as a new analyst and sports cater until a Hollywood talent agent scout approached him with an offer to put him in films. 
By the year 1939, Coffin was becoming one of the screens most prolific character actors.  In 1940, Coffin appeared as Phillips, along with Milburn Stone and I. Stanford Jolley, in "Chasing Trouble", a comedy espionage film. 
Majority of the roles he played were crooked lawyers, business executives and gang bosses in B rated pictures.  In his A rated films he portrayed soft spoken doctors and professors.  He played in serials like "Perils of Nyoka" (1942) and Spy Smasher (1942), but there were occasional hero roles, too, as in the feature The Corpse Vanishes (1942).  His only one starring film was, "King of the Rocket Men" (1949) which was a republic movie serial in twelve chapters, notable for introducing the "Rocketman Character".  This character reappeared under various names in a later serial, "Radar Men from the Moon", "Zombies of the Stratosphere" and the semi-serial "Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe".
Coffin's career was mostly on television.  In 1955, he was cast on the episode "The Man Who Tore Down the Wall" of NBC's Hallmark Hall of Fame.  He also had a regular guest role on, the, "Superman series" starring George Reeves and he also starred as Captain Ryning of the Arizona Rangers in the weekly syndicated Western, "26 Men" ( 1957-1958).  He even appeared in comedy, including the 1956-1957 CBS series, "Hey, Jeannie!", starring Jeannie Carson.

He also had a role in the very first TV episode of, "The Lone Ranger" starring Clayton Moore, as Captain Reid of the Texas Rangers.  He appeared eight times as Colonel Culver in the Bill Williams syndicated television series, "The Adventures of Kit Carson".  He appeared nine times as Tom Barton in the half-hour color western series, "Cisco Kid" starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo.  In 1956, Coffin appeared in different roles in six episodes of the syndicated series, "Judge Roy Bean" starring Edgar Buchanan.

He passed away on March 26th, 1990 in Santa Monica, California from Lung cancer at the age of eighty.  His ashes were scattered.

1970   Clum's Constabulary
1970   The Duke of Tombstone
1969   Boom at the Top 
1969   Collard Greens An' Fatback  
1967   Visitors from Beyond the Stars
1966   Vacation in Las Vegas
1966   A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away 
1966   When the Rat's Away, the Mice Will Play   
1965   The Quest
1965   The Book
1966   Hugh Glass Meets the Bear
1966   The Hat That Huldah Wore
1966   Sense of Justice 
1965   That Old Black Magic
1963   Mirror of a Man
1962   Money from Heaven
1961   The Joe Muharich Story 
1961   Yankee Tornado 
1961   The Man in the Mirror  
1961   The Unremembered
1960   Kiz
1960   A Noose for Nora
1960   Family Skeleton  
1960   The Fanatics
1960   The Valley Caper    
1960   Calico 
1960   The 10% Blues
1960   The Kamehameha Cloak 
1961   The Classic Cab 
1958   Trail of Darkness 
1958   Panic at Bisbee  
1958   Insurrection  
1958   Slaughter Trail  
1958   Gun Hand   
1958   Cattle Embargo
1958   Badge to Kill
1958   Hoax at Globe   
1958   Bounty Hunters   
1958   Legacy of Death   
1958   The Bells of St. Thomas   
1958   Idol in the Dust
1958   Wayward Gun 
1958   Shadow of Doubt   
1958   The Last Rebellion 
1958   Judge Not
1958   My Brother's Keeper
1959   Ranger Without a Badge
1959   The Unwanted
1959   Live and Let Die
1959   Cave-In
1959   The Tiger
1957   Jeannie the WAC
1957   Whatever Goes Up  
1956   The Throwback
1956   The Fleeting Years
1956   The Martins and the Coys
1956   In Times Like These
1956   Crisis in Kansas   
1956   The Refugee
1956   Halley's Comet  
1956   The Judge of Pecos Valley   
1956   The Horse Thief 
1956   Family Ties
1956   Border Raiders
1956   The Cross Draw Kid
1956   The Wedding of Old Sam
1956   Second Chance
1956   The Conspirators
1956   Jeannie the Cook   
1957   Wyatt and the Captain
1957   Dragoon Patrol  
1957   And the Birds Still Sing
1957   Louise
1957   Trouble at Pinnacle Peak 
1957   The Wild Bunch  
1957   Border Incident
1957   Destination Nowhere
1957   I  ncident at Yuma   
1957   The Slater Brothers
1957   Dead Man in Tucson
1957   Man on the Run
1957   The Big Rope
1957   Valley of Fear
1957   Indian Gunslinger 
1957   Emergency
1957   The Avenger  
1957   Canuck
1957   Lucy Misses the Mertzes 
1957   Country Club Dance   
1957   The Countess and the Convicts
1957   The Commander and the Kid 
1957   Trade Me Deadly
1957   Violent Land 
1957   The Recruit 
1955   Salted Ground 
1955   Canyon of Wanted Men 
1955   Desert Story   
1955   P.J. and the Lady  
1955   Commercially Ever After 
1955   The House Always Wins  
1955   Squeeze Play
1955   Make Up Your Mind
1955   Trail's End for a Cowboy 
1955   The Well
1955   Patrick Henry
1955   Clark Kent, Outlaw
1955   The Man Who Tore Down the Wall 
1955   The Case of the Wild Wind 
1955   The Case of the Deadly Homburg 
1955   The Case of the Phoney Paper
1955   Escape from Fear
1955   The Boy and the Hound Dog  
1955   Outlaw's Portrait
1955   Witness 
1955   New York's Finest 
1954   The Long Goodbye
1954   Model for Murder
1954   Jose's Inheritance
1954   Term Paper
1954   Star of Khyber
1954   The New Neighbors
1954   The Gatling Gun
1954   Not Guilty   
1954   Horseless Carriage 
1954   Powder Depot
1954   Frontier of Challenge
1954   The Glass Thumb
1953   Savage Outpost
1953   Marshal of Gun Town  
1953   Jack of Hearts
1953   Mysterious Decoy  
1953   Hang the Jury 
1953   The Indians and the Delegates 
1953   The Woman Mayor 
1952   Surprise
1952   The Case of the Talkative Dummy
1952   Mystery of the Broken Statues 
1952   The Baron of Black Springs
1952   Mojave Desperados
1952   Quarter Horse   
1952   Hideout
1952   Civilian Clothes 
1951   The Old Bum  
1951   Water Rights 
1951   Hidden Valley  
1951   The Devil's Daughters
1951   Homer Atchison  
1951   Outlaw Flats
1950   Dog Story 
1950   Mission Bells
1949   Enter the Lone Ranger
1949   Cannonball McKay  
1939   The Scuttling of the Graf Spee   

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